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Biohacking Light For Better Health, Where To Get Started On Your Health Journey Listener Questions & Much More!


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Originally we were supposed to have Angel Howerton to come on the show to talk about her journey and victory over cancer.

She had stage 4 cancer and was given 3 weeks to live. 7 years later she’s here and healed herself of cancer naturally with no chemotherapy and no radiation. I don’t know if she had surgery or not but that’s pretty impressive given her state.

She wrote me late Thursday night saying her son is very sick and in the hospital and she wouldn’t be able to do the show.

Then I was going to have Nathan Walz on the show to talk about censorship, vaccines, the media control and so much more.

As we were testing the audio, his audio died and I just couldn’t hear him. I was sad about that because I was looking forward to a fun conversation.

So at the last minute I had a ton to share so we had another “Free For All Friday” show and had a really great time.

We talked about iron, PUFA, lipid peroxidation, fatty liver disease along with copper minerals, vaccines and mostly all about light.

So I hope you enjoy this episode my friends!

Thanks for listening and sharing!

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Organic Bedding
Benefits of Ozone therapy (check out Marcus’s ozone machines)
Glyphosate home test kit
Plants that clean air
Butter is good for you
Cholesterol is good for you

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Blue light, mitochondria, vaccines

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