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The #1 Most Powerful (and EASY) Way To Improve Your Health In 2018 (More Important Than Food)


Today we talked all about light, frequency and vibration which all have a HUGE impact on our health. Is it possible that the most important area of health to focus on is how to mitigate blue light and how to enhance red light?

People will often ask me, Steve Jobs ate a really clean diet how come he got brain cancer? Or people will often ask me why a person who is relatively healthy got some kind of catostrophic degenerative disease when they had a good diet and ate well.

Is it possible that the cause of degenerative diseases is blue light? Can it be that easy? Are shoes, sunglasses, computers and cellphone radiation the main cause of over 80% of all chronic diseases like people have been saying?

Is there a way to block blue light and get the real full spectrum light we need from the sun that will help our bodies heal? How does light affect the mitochondria of the cell?

Should we be looking at the role of the mitochondria instead of food? Are our lifestyle choices, lack of light exposure and excess blue light causing us to break down, age and get diseases faster than we should?

From the research that I’ve done, the answer is 100% yes.

How can light be more powerful than food in terms of keeping a healthy body?

One word: photosynthesis

Food is basically a light supplement and when you realize that we our light beings, why not go straight to the source and get light directly from the sun?

What does this mean?

  • We need to spend as much time grounded on the earth with no sunglasses on in the sun daily
  • When we’re indoors (during day or night) we need to protect our eyes and skin from blue light
  • We need to protect ourselves from wireless radiation and cell phone tower radiation as much as possible
  • We need to get back to nature and learn about light, magnetism and water

It’s so simple guys. Spend more time outdoors without sunglasses or shoes on, drink lots of high quality water and protect yourself from EMF radiation through grounding and other practices.

We need DHA and light to create electricity and voltage in our cells and the best way to do this is to consume high quality water and go out in the sun every chance you get.

Some Listener Questions

My wife wants to give our child the flu shot. Do you have a certain episode in mind or an article you recommend that can help me change her mind? Please let me know thanks!

Gary C


Hello, I have been listening to your show for a while now. I have a question. I live in Houston and understand the mold in the air is extremely high. I’m certain I have mold wreaking havoc in my body. Do you have suggestions of how I can get it under control? Thanks so much.

Heather G


Hello Justin,

I listened to EP 11 and am quite confused and would like you to look to this email.

Do I understand well that EMF towers are not for functioning for mobile phones and internet but are weapons?
Weapons against who and weapons used by who?
All over the world we see these towers, are these all weapons to use by all these countries?
To me it sounds unbelievable that all the different countries in the world use these weapons against all the people in each country??

Like I also hear that in each flatscreen tv there should be a camera in use by the CIA? This would easy to be made clear by checking this. I do not believe that this is true. Why you do not take care that if a person you interview has prove about the things they say? This is so confusing.

I am not happy with the radiation of these towers, but do you have information how to stop that radiation? I hear something about a zapper, can you give me a link to get more information where to buy this product?

I love the information you give, but about weapons/EMF towers and CIA in tv’s I have my doubts.

What are your thoughts about that?

Thank you for an answer.

Ben Thailand

Justin, Kate, Charlee and Coco Puff

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