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Duccio Locati – Reprogramming The Subconscious Mind – How Our Belief Systems Affect Our Health

Duccio Locati joined us to talk about all things mindset. Specifically Duccio talked about how our subconscious mind plays a HUGE role in whether or not we’re healthy.

Have you ever wondered why seemingly healthy people come down with disease and sickness? How could a health nut come down with some kind of illness or cancer? Perhaps it has a lot to do with our subconscious mind.

We talked a lot about reprogramming the subconscious mind on the show with Dr. Bruce Lipton quite some time back which you will want to hear.

On top of learning how the subconscious mind affects our actions and attitudes we also talked about the unconscious mind and the super conscious mind.

What people don’t realize is that the belief systems, our attitudes and emotions (which directly affect our health and physiology) are controlled by our subconscious mind. Some people say it’s has high as 80 to 90% of what we think about is subconscious programming.

That’s why people will get sick yet their conscious mind (which Duccio Locati says only runs the mind 5% of the time) doesn’t want to be sick. Their body is following orders from the subconscious mind.

It’s a weird concept but our will power and logical mind is run by the conscious mind. What we really want to do is to get rid of negative, dis-empowering thought patterns from our subconscious mind.

Since the subconscious brain controls up to 95% of our brain, we should place most of the emphasis there instead of trying to increase will power.

Duccio Locati works with something called PSYCh-K. It’s an entire system that’s designed to help people get rid of limiting beliefs and reprogram your subconscious mind.

Reprogramming your subconscious brain isn’t just applied to health and healing, it can be applied to self esteem, success principles, earning more money, improving relationships and so much more.

It’s our subconscious brain that’s causing all the issues in our lives whether they be physical, spiritual or emotional.

I hope you enjoyed this show with Mr. Duccio Locati. Visit his site below!

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Show Date:

Friday 9/12/2016

Show Guest:

Duccio Locati

Guest Info:

Duccio Locati is the Director of the PSYCH-K Health and Well being program. He graduated from the Higher Institute of Osteopathy in Milan he obtained the B.Sc. Ost. Bachelor of Science in Osteopathy, issued by the University of Wales, UK. Studied 2 years of Biological Medicine.

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The subconscious mind and health

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