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Kate’s Mercury Journey, Understanding Karma, The Beauty Of Hiking, Mediation & Much More!

We started off this show talking about Kate’s journey back to health. We originally started off thinking her health challenges could be related to mercury poisoning.

You see back in 2002 before we knew any better (or anything about health) we went down to Mexico to have some dental work done for 90% off. The office was nice, the staff was professional and it was clean. It wasn’t as if they were using dirty instruments or anything.

It was basically like going to any dentist here in America.

So the issue was they extracted her mercury fillings without rubber dams, without fans and without all the regular equipment that a top notch holistic dentist would use. If these protocols are not used mercury can be breathed in during the extraction procedure and this can wreck havoc on the entire body.

The late Dr. Hal Huggins once said that one atom (you read that right) of mercury is enough to cause damage. How much damage and what kind or how long it would last, he didn’t say.

So we were surmising a few options.

1. During the procedure no mercury got into her body
2. What Dr. Hal Huggins said isn’t true
3. Or she was exposed to it and it’s not affecting her or…
4. The multiple tests she had weren’t 100% accurate

Sometimes you have to question even what the natural doctors have to say. We cannot take everything hook line and sinker. Something is off. Perhaps she has some other issue completely unrelated to mercury.

One Youtube commenter mentioned perhaps Lyme disease. We don’t know yet. We’re still investigating everything. The work she’s doing with Nikki Moses (link below) has been helping TREMENDOUSLY.

We also discussed what Karma means and how it applies to our life. Karma is an interesting concept. There’s a great chapter on Karma in the book The Seat of The Soul which I highly suggest you check out (link below in the show notes).

We talked about being out doors and why Kate has been so keen on reconnecting with nature through hiking.

We took listener questions and so much more.

We hope you enjoy this show! 🙂

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Friday 4/1/2016

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Free For All Friday

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Meditation, Karma and Mercury

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