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The Myth Of Ownership, How To Honor Your Father & Mother, Carrying The Burden Of Others, Questioning Truth, Listener Questions & Much More!

I don’t know about you guys but these Free For All Friday shows #FFAF421, are the most fun shows I do. I love talking about all kinds of interesting topics with Kate.

I know I’ve said this before but I really wish we could record all the awesome conversations we’re blessed enough to have throughout most days. What you hear on these shows are only about 10% as good as those other conversations! We’ll have to get some mics to wear when we’re having fun conversations like that!

In today’s show we talked about the myth of ownership. I shared an analogy of being in the gym and using equipment for specific goals. For example, I might use the bench press machine to build a bigger chest. If I go up to use that machine and somebody else gets to it before I do, I’ll get angry (if I’m not living consciously in that moment).

I get angry and annoyed because I feel like I have some kind of “right” or ownership over that machine. In actuality I float around the gym, using different weights for different goals I have. This is much like life. We think we own our personalities. We think we own our opinions and thoughts about things. We think we own things in the physical world like our cars, our houses and even people.

And it doesn’t stop there. We think we own our organs or our spouses. Have you ever heard somebody say, “I have cancer in MY liver” or “meet MY husband”.

Language has trapped us and we’ve become entangled into the web of identity, labels and ownership. We think we are the things that end up owning us.

We also talked about an interesting concept of honoring your father and mother. But we didn’t talk about it from the normal typical boring way you heard in church growing up. Humans are almost encoded with not just our desire to honor our parents but we actually do it, whether we’re conscious or not. We will honor them even if it means poor health.

We think we’re rebelling against them but in fact we’re honoring them. When you listen to the show you’ll know more about what we mean! 🙂

Then we talked about carrying other people’s burdens and how some people don’t have a filter and try to force you to carry their burden when you never asked for it. All of these emotional challenges cause us to not just lose our life for energy but to start breaking down physically. Our health becomes compromised as a result of all of this toxic stress going on.

I really believe that all physical health challenges first show up in the mental, emotional and spiritual realms first.

I hope you like our ramblings. Kate and I do it because we enjoy talking to one another. If you like it that’s great but we’re going to keep doing it anyway!


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Show Date:

Thursday 3/11/2016

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Free For All Friday

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Honoring mother and father, spirituality, carrying burdens etc

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