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Why Do We Humans Get Disease? Am I A Member Of The Illuminati? Updates On Natural Doctors Being Killed, Recall Healing, Listener Questions & Much More!

Today’s show was a lot of fun. I talked about many different subjects and took listener questions. I talked about the direction of the show and if I’m a member of the Illuminati (believe it or not, I’ve been accused of being a card carrying member).

Maybe I should try to attend a Bilderburg meeting one time on camera and you’ll see how quickly they kick me off the premises proving I’m not a member of either of those elite groups. 🙂

The question originally came in because somebody listening, thinks our good friend Daniel Vitalis is a member of the Illuminati. They think it’s because of his involvement in Find A Spring (links below) where all the nation’s fresh water springs are now documented.

Personally I don’t believe it but it’s interesting that there are people who do.

I also talked about the direction of the show. As I explained on today’s Free For All Friday show I’m less interested in debating whether people should be eating vegan, raw vegan, paleo, vegetarian, primal or be a breatharian (somebody who allegedly lives on sunlight without eating food).

My interest isn’t in promoting any type of diet. Diet in my life is secondary. It’s a part of my human experience but it in no way dominates my thoughts. Do I do cleanses? Yes. Do I detox my body? Sure. Do I eat meat right now? Yes for now I do. Might I revert to being a raw food vegan? Maybe.

I’m not interested in diet as much as I am in finding answers and solutions to the health issues people are facing today. I’ll let others debate vegan vs paleo while I figure out how to reverse cancer naturally or get rid of type two diabetes using specific protocols.

So for those of you that were wondering, the direction of the show is going to be focused on answers and solutions to our health challenges.

We are currently working behind the scenes on a a huge project that will be released in the coming months. You’ll be the first to know!

I also talked about all of the holistic and natural doctors that are being either killed or murdered. Is this a coincidence? Is there a relation there between them dying, autism, heavy metals and reversing cancer? I linked to an article below you’ll definitely want to read if you think there are no connections between those things.

So that’s about it.

I hope you enjoyed this solo show I did. Kate was on a retreat at the time and I had so much to share I couldn’t wait for her to come back to put together this show for you.

We love you all. Thank you for watching, listening and sharing our shows with your friends. We cannot thank you enough.

I appreciate you.

Anyway I hope you enjoy this show we enjoyed making it for you. Thank you all for being in our lives and supporting what we do by bookmarking our Amazon link as well as visiting our store frequently or even donating to us.

We love you all and thanks for helping us help others! 🙂


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Show Date:

Thursday 2/22/2016

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Free For All Friday

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Illuminati, why we get sick, natural doctors being murdered

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