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Mysterious Deaths Of Natural Doctors, End Of The World Fear Mongering, Killing Biofilms, 911 Conspiracies, Listener Questions And Much More!


Holistic-Doctors-MurderedKate and I had another really fun show today. We talked about so many subjects it’s actually really difficult to come up with titles for all these shows.

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Have you heard about all the holistic and natural doctors that have been dying lately? Many of these alternative health practitioners have died under extremely strange and shady circumstances.

In this episode Kate and I weigh in on what we think is happening.

We also talked about fear mongering and how alternative news outlets propagate fear much like the regular mainstream media. I mean fear is fear right? Just because it’s “alternative” does it make it okay to always see the negative side of things?

When we’re afraid we feel dis empowered in our lives. We feel like we have no control over own health, our circumstances our personal relationships and more.

Fear is the number one seller in the world and I don’t care if it’s from alternative media or not, I choose to opt out of it all.

I always ask myself after watching something news related, movies or anything if it makes me feel fearful and disempowered or not. If it does I just choose to avoid it.

We took tons of listener questions as well and talked about killing biofilms in the body and much more.

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Show Date:

Monday 9/11/2015

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Free For All Friday

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Natural doctors dying, killing biofilms, listener questions and more!

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