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LaShanda-Greene-bio-picLaShanda Greene joined us today for an in studio show. She was on her way down to San Diego for a fruit fest and stopped by to hang out for the day and do a recording.

We talked about many different subjects that we hope you enjoy. I will say (as I mentioned in the recording at the beginning that I accidentally forgot to turn on her mic at the very beginning so please bear with that.

We talked about detoxification, cleansing, iridology along with being intentional with your diet while at the same time being very flexible.

Many times we get attached to labels of a particular thing. We think that we are a man or a women. We think we are our gender. We think that we are a vegan or a vegetarian which cannot be true.

Our true core and essence is spirit and soul. Our non corporeal being cannot be any of those things.

So we talked about the evolution of her dietary habits and what particular diet has been helpful and useful to her.

We also discussed spirituality and personal development. In actuality if you follow health to its fullest extent, you’ll always be led back to the emotional and spiritual connections and causes of our diseases.

We talked about how all diseases are invisible in nature in terms of their cause. The actual cause of all disease is something we cannot see. We can only measure levels of minerals, vitamins, hormones and other things that can shed light on what “might” be going on inside the body.

Our health, vitality and longevity (or lack thereof) are intimately connected to our emotional and spiritual well being. There’s no way around it.

We had a fun time hanging out with LaShanda today. We hope you enjoy the show and please pass it on to your friends by clicking the like and share buttons to the left. Kate, Lashanda and I would really appreciate your support in that way!

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Show Date:

Saturday 6/13/2015

Show Guest:

LaShanda Greene

Guest Info:

My name is LaShanda and I am a Holistic Health Practitioner Certified in Detoxification, Corporate Wellness Instructor, and Raw Food Chef, Passionate Health Educator, and a Longtime Yogi & Meditator. I’m currently available for detox consultations via phone and Skype.

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Iridology, cleansing, detoxification, enemas

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