Danny Roddy – Reversing Hair Loss Naturally & Boosting Your Thyroid & Hormonal Health With Diet


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Danny Roddy – Sugar Is Healthy, Reversing Hair Loss Naturally & Boosting Thyroid & Hormones Health With Diet

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Danny Roddy talked with us today about his work (Hair Like a Fox, The Peat Whisperer) on hormones, the thyroid glad and how that relates to issues like low metabolism, hair loss (both men and women) and low libido. Hormones are the master switched to every function in the body and if your hormones are off you’ll start to notice a slow decline in health and possible rapid aging.

We talk a lot about male pattern baldness but that’s only one aspect of having hormones that aren’t working correctly. This interview is for everybody, men AND women!

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We discuss the following and so much more:

  • How hormones relate to hair loss
  • The real story behind DHT (dihydrotestosterone)
  • How carrot salads help control estrogen levels
  • The dangers of Propecia
  • The genetic predispositions related to hair loss
  • How hormones effect all of your bodily functions

Danny Roddy breaks down the real truth about hair loss, hormones and thyroid health in this interview. Click to tweet this!

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Show Date: 10/28/2012
Show Guest: Danny Roddy
Guest Info: When Danny saw that he was losing his hair, he went on a mission to learn how to reverse his hair loss — and he succeeded! Learn how he did it, why popular hair loss problems are dangerous, and how the mainstream’s view on hair loss is complete wrong.

Danny Roddy is a health researcher, writer and motivator. He runs a hugely popular blog on the topics of sexual health, hormones and hair loss. Having studied under many different health experts and experimenting for long periods of his life with all kinds of different diets (paleo, low carb, veganism, vegetarianism) he’s settled on a different type of diet all together. He’s a big fan of Dr. Ray Peat and is currently writing and doing research going deeper into the areas of hormones, the thyroid, health and disease prevention.

He is the author of over 2 books.

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Topic: Thyroid, hormones, hair loss, sexual health
Guest Website(s): http://www.dannyroddy.com

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