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Updates On Kate’s Silent Retreat, Tumors Coming Out During Coffee Enemas, Inspirational Information, Listeners Call In & More!

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It was nice to have my partner in crime back!

Today we had another Free For All Friday show which was a lot of fun. We had our first caller call in and that was a lot of fun also. Stella from New York shared some of her experiences with different things she’s been learning from our shows as well as elsewhere.

It was truly a blessing to have her call in and we hope we can start taking more and more callers. I imagine that we’ll be getting more callers as time goes on and if that’s the case we obviously won’t be able to spend as much time with each person as we did with Stella because we want to make sure we are able to connect with everybody.

We started off the conversation talking about Kate’s silent retreat she had for 3 days while in the hills north of Los Angeles. I think it was really necessary for her to get away from the rat race of doing hair and the unhealthy atmosphere and toxic environment. She was able to get away, start dreaming again, walk in a labyrinthine in a very spiritual and calm manner. She was able to release her fears and start dreaming again about what direction she wants to go with her life.

We also talked more about the coffee enemas she’s been doing and possible tumors coming out of her. For those that don’t know coffee enemas are some of the most detoxifying things you can do for your body. It helps the liver create the master detoxification hormone called glutithione which assists the body in getting rid of toxins, chemicals, heavy metals, poisons and anything that could cause disease in the body.

There’s a reason why cancer patients at the Gerson Clinic do them with tremendous success as they’re coming back from cancer naturally. Kate’s been doing them a lot lately because of the toxins she’s exposed to while cutting hair in the salon.

If you have never done a coffee enema (don’t feel bad it took me 10 years to get the courage to finally start doing them!) before I HIGHLY encourage you to make them a part of your weekly health and healing protocols. I do them once a week and Kate does them almost daily at this point.

Other items mentioned:

“Surround yourself wtih the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers but most of all, surround yourself with those show see greatness within you, even when you don’t see it in yourself.”– Anonymous

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Show Date: Sunday 11/17/2013
Topic: Cleansing, coffee enemas, silent retreats and more
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Podcast Transcript:

Episode 179—Updates On Kate’s Silent Retreat, Tumors Coming Out During Coffee Enemas, Inspirational Information, Listeners Call In & More—11/17/2013

Shawn: This is Shawn Stevenson from TheShawnStevensonModel.com and you’re listening to Justin and Kate at Extreme Health Radio, bringing cutting edge fitness and nutrition information right into your eardrums. So buckle your seatbelts and listen in.

Justin: Well, we apologize, everybody, for being a little bit late today on the Free For All Friday Show here. I hope you’re having a good day. We just got done walking Maggie in the park.

Kate: We ran Maggie through the park.

Justin: Sure did.

Kate: She had so many wiggles to get out of her little ten-pound body.

Justin: She’s running around in circles.

Kate: She does. She does figure eights. She’s funny.

Justin: Chasing crows and God knows what.

Kate: Imaginary friends.

Justin: Oh man. So this is Episode… What episode is this? 178?

Kate: Let me look here. Golly.

Justin: 179?

Kate: 179.

Justin: 179. So you can check out the show page if you’d like, for any links, and you can also make comments on this show page at any time, ExtremeHealthRadio.com/179, and that would be a great way to add your comments to the show. And for reference, today is…

Kate: November 17, 2013.

Justin: November 17. And you were busy this morning, weren’t you, with making…?

Kate: I’m making rustic gluten-free grain-free Paleo-style apple tarts. Gonna put a turkey in after the show. We’re having Thanksgiving here tonight.

Justin: You had quite a mishap though. You wasted all my almonds, didn’t you?

Kate: You’re going to bring that up? Gosh.

Justin: You had quite the mishap.

Kate: I did waste all your almonds. You went to all this trouble…

Justin: I spent about 40 minutes last night making almond milk and I soaked the almonds and took the skins off and everything.

Kate: It wasn’t my fault. I didn’t… I should try recipes out days in advance, before I have a bunch of people over, and I wasted your time, I wasted my time, and almonds. But I learned something.

Justin: What did you learn?

Kate: Never to bake again, never to have Thanksgiving.

Justin: Oh man. What were you making, an apple pie?

Kate: Apple tart, like a rustic tart. Didn’t work out for me so much.

Justin: Can we use that crust for something?

Kate: Oh, I don’t think so.

Justin: Oh, you don’t think so?

Kate: I mean you might be able… You might want to save it as like a little treat, but…

Justin: Yeah. Okay.

Kate: You can try it after the show and tell me what you think.

Justin: Yeah, maybe I can put it in my smoothie. Eh? My smooth-ays?

Kate: Your smooth-ays. Oh, I don’t know about that.

Justin: Yeah, not so good, huh?

Kate: No.

Justin: So you just got back from a silent retreat and hit the ground running.

Kate: Yeah. I had three and a half wonderful days of solitude and silence and beauty all around me.

Justin: How was that?

Kate: It was amazing.

Justin: Was it?

Kate: Yeah, it was much needed. It was really nice. And yeah, I came home and of course you just get hit left and right, more than you ever get hit in your life because “it” knows. And it was a test all week since I’ve been home.

Justin: Has it been? Yeah.

Kate: Yeah, it’s been hard.

Justin: What did you like the most about the silent retreat?

Kate: Being silent, having no one talking to me. I felt like…

Justin: Or how about no one talking at you?

Kate: At me. That’s the big problem, the bigger issue. No, I feel like overall, the biggest part was probably doing what you want to do when you want to do it, without feeling guilty, like you should be doing something else. You know, at 2:00 in the afternoon, if you felt like taking a bath, you just go take a bath. If you felt like walking through the orange orchards and just “Oh, I have time. I’m going to stop and pick an orange and eat it and not be in a hurry,” you could do that. And you’re looking at your clock like, “What else do I have time to do?” And then all of a sudden time just fades away and you end up just having these days full of nothing but what you want to do all day. It’s pretty amazing. And really a lot of time to reflect and just go really internal and…

Justin: Yeah, it’s…

Kate: It was really good for me.

Justin: I think there’s something about just having a slow day with no obligations, isn’t there?

Kate: Mm-hmm.

Justin: Like you can just kind of do whatever you want, and like you said, you can take a bath or a nap in the middle of the day and not feel guilty about it.

Kate: Yeah, you always feel like you should be doing something else, you know?

Justin: Yeah.

Kate: And not only did I have that part, but the area where I stayed, I mean there are just orange groves and lavender on the property. I’d go cut a bunch of them and just clip them off and put them in my bath and it’s just so amazing to live off the land like that. We don’t have the luxury right now of having a lot of land at all, so it’s just really… It was really good for my soul.

Justin: Yeah. Yeah, it’s good. And you did the… What are those lab…?

Kate: A labyrinth.

Justin: Yeah.

Kate: Yeah, there was a labyrinth on the grounds and you walk in and I just put on my meditation music and just was real thoughtful, one foot in front of the other, just looking down at the ground, just really… It’s almost trance-like. You get into this really amazing space in your mind that’s really free of other mental chatter and I walked to the center of it.

Justin: Are you supposed to go around in the maze and look down the whole time or…?

Kate: I don’t know really what you’re supposed to do, but that’s what I did. I just wanted to focus on… I made it my focus to slow down and just live one moment, one foot at a time, you know? Not looking ahead, not looking in the future, not looking to see where I was even going; I was just focused on where I was at that moment and it was such a spiritual, really neat thing for me.

Justin: Yeah.

Kate: And then when you get to the center, it was neat because a bunch of people just leave their shrines. There is like a shrine and you can leave your stuff in the middle. There were notes, there were feathers, there were painted rocks. People had left all kinds of things—pictures.

Justin: Was that the thing that you filled out a piece of paper of your fears and you put it there?

Kate: Mm-hmm. Yeah, I left all my fears in the center of it.

Justin: That’s cool.

Kate: It was pretty cool.

Justin: So you write down whatever… Are you supposed to put fears in there or just anything?

Kate: Oh, I don’t… There are no rules, just do whatever the heck you want, and that’s what I felt like I needed to leave up there in the center and walk away and not look back at it.

Justin: That’s cool.

Kate: It’s pretty neat. It was a really neat time for me.

Justin: During that show, Episode 177, I talked about that. I think that was the show I did where you called in.

Kate: Oh, right, when I was driving home?

Justin: Mm-hmm.

Kate: You had a plan—doing stuff without me—and I did not know.

Justin: Well, I figured it was… What day was that? A Thursday, and I figured we normally should have shows scheduled that day and we didn’t because I didn’t want you to miss a guest, you know? So I figured I’d do something. But at the beginning of that show, I talked about how people and their to-do lists are just…

Kate: Out of control.

Justin: Yeah, it’s killing them, you know? They have these things where… I mean I’m sure all of us have done this, where you’ve written things on there just to cross them off. I mean it’s just crazy…

Kate: Yeah.

Justin: …what people… The bulk of their feeling like they’ve had a good day is what you have accomplished. Isn’t that weird?

Kate: Yeah. Most of the world… I mean probably half the world lives like that, you know?

Justin: You know what’s weird? I was trying to think during that show, when I was talking, that when people have these to-do lists and things, it’s almost stressful on a lot of different levels, because if you have a to-do list and you feel like you need to knock things off of it and cross things off simply just to do that, that’s stressful because you want to get things crossed off that you didn’t get to, but then it’s also stressful because you have that list hanging over your head all day long. You know what I mean?

Kate: Oh, I know what you mean.

Justin: But then on the flip side, it’s weird because we don’t want to sit around and be lazy all day.

Kate: No. I think there is just a balance, you know?

Justin: Mm-hmm. Yeah. Let’s see. What else are we going to get to here?

Kate: No, I do think there is a balance though of you have to get stuff done, but… I don’t know. I’m still finding my balance because I have to make lists and I have to live like a normal person in this world, but I also don’t want to hold myself so strict to it that I’m going to freak out at the end of the day if I don’t have it crossed off, you know? That’s how I live.

Justin: No, but you don’t even have a list though. Like some people make lists every single day.

Kate: Yeah, I don’t do them every day, but I do them a couple times a week.

Justin: But some people, those lists will kind of dominate their whole day, every single day.

Kate: Yeah. I don’t live like that.

Justin: Yeah, I know, but a lot of people do. And it’s pretty crazy.

Kate: Yeah.

Justin: And so you didn’t hear the show we did with Emil DeToffol, did you?

Kate: Oh no, I heard it.

Justin: Oh, that’s right, you listened.

Kate: I was listening live. I was checking out how it was sounding when I was up in my little hermitage.

Justin: That’s right.

Kate: Yeah, it was good.

Justin: Did you catch the end of it?

Kate: I didn’t catch the last 15 minutes, but I caught the first 45.

Justin: That’s cool. And it came through okay?

Kate: Mm-hmm. Yeah, it sounded great.

Justin: Yeah, that’s cool.

Kate: Yeah, it was a good show. It’s always enlightening to hear about products about… I mean the EMF thing is such a huge deal these days, you know?

Justin: Yeah, did you see where I did that search on AntennaSearch.com?

Kate: Mm-hmm.

Justin: And there was 100-something towers within four miles?

Kate: Four miles or something? Yeah.

Justin: How crazy is that?

Kate: You mentioned that Antenna Search a couple episodes ago as well. It’s kind of a cool tool, AntennaSearch.com; we’ll put a link to that.

Justin: Yeah, but he mentioned something… What did he say about that? He said something about how it didn’t list Wi-Fi; I think is what he said also. It didn’t list something else, or some other Wi-Fi towers or something that it didn’t list. And so…

Kate: Yeah, that’s coming back to me.

Justin: Like it left out some key things. And so I figure, wow, if you have… I mean we have 176 towers within four miles and 200-something antennas within four miles. As if that’s not bad enough.

Kate: I know. We’ve all go to be so aware and do what we can do on our part to protect ourselves, clearly. I mean we’ve had two guests in the last week—him and…

Justin: Dr. Jack Kruse.

Kate: Yes, exactly, where they’re talking about that so clearly. It’s like a really big deal.

Justin: Yeah. Yeah, he was really good. Have any of you guys tried the Leptin protocol or the Cold Thermogenesis Prescription yet? Episode 174? You can check that out if you go to… We don’t have any financial interest in this, but just to make it easy, we put these links together. ExtremeHealthRadio.com/JackKruse. I’m curious if any of you guys have tried the Leptin Prescription and the Cold Thermogenesis Protocol.

Kate: It’s for the hardy.

Justin: I know, right?

Kate: I would love to hear if people have done that because it’s something I’m interested in, but ooh… it seems like it takes a lot of guts to work up… But I know you work into it. It’s not like you just go plunge yourself into a cold ice bath tomorrow.

Justin: I know, right? Crazy. So you have had quite the experience with your enemas lately.

Kate: Are we getting into that?

Justin: I think we should talk about that.

Kate: Okay.

Justin: Because it’s pretty incredible, isn’t it?

Kate: Yeah. Oh, I don’t know if you’re going to bring that up or not.

Justin: No, I think people like to hear, you know? I mean it’s gross but we talk about that here.

Kate: We talk about gross things?

Justin: Our listeners are…

Kate: Pretty tuned in? We’re being real, just like real people. But yeah, I had an experience where I got home from my time away on my solitude retreat and that night, I felt… I felt a nagging draw to do an enema that night and I hadn’t been doing the coffee ones while I was gone. I continued to do them throughout the three days I was gone—water ones—but not the coffee. And I think it was like 7:00 at night and I thought, “Oh man, I really want to do a coffee one but I don’t want to get wired. I don’t want to get that extra energy. I’m just tired from driving and I want to go to sleep.” But I kept feeling the push so I said, “Screw it. I’m just going to go do it.” So…

Justin: So you had your enema kit.

Kate: Had my enema kit and my coffee. I marched myself on into that bathroom and it was a pretty wild experience. I’ve had all kinds of things in the last few months come up through the enemas, like the expelling of worms and gross things like that.

Justin: Yeah.

Kate: Things that were little round, fleshy things—I’ve mentioned those before. But this time, I think I actually got rid of a tumor.

Justin: Really?

Kate: Mm-hmm.

Justin: That’s huge.

Kate: That’s huge.

Justin: That is crazy.

Kate: I had a broken up tumor come out during an enema.

Justin: And we’re trying to figure out where the heck this thing was. I guess it’s got to be in your liver, right?

Kate: I think it either was liver, bowel… I mean somewhere in the digestive because I had a uterine fibroid… I don’t think I have it anymore—I could. But I had written to a doctor that we’ve been talking to and he said, “I don’t think that a fibroid could exit that way,” you know? You’d think it would exit the other way.

Justin: Right.

Kate: Being with your reproductive system versus your digestion. So that makes me think yeah, it was hanging up somewhere. Stella just wrote in.

Justin: I saw that.

Kate: I love you, Stella. We’re going to talk to her in a few minutes, I think. But yeah, so I scooped it up, I fished it out, I washed it off—all the pieces—and took pictures and if I get brave enough where people want to see it, I’ll post it on my blog. But I sent it to a lab and they’re going to put it under a microscope, I think tomorrow, and then send it in for a biopsy and find out what the heck that thing was. Pretty eye opening. When you see something like that happen, it’s pretty wild.

Justin: So how many pieces were there do you think? There were like six pieces?

Kate: I think there were like six quarter-sized, roughly, pieces of this thing.

Justin: But some of them were bigger than a quarter, right?

Kate: Some were… Yeah, there were a couple that were bigger than a quarter. Yeah, it was pretty wild.

Justin: Yeah.

Kate: It was frightening. I mean it wasn’t that frightening. I didn’t freak out, but I was like, “Huh…”

Justin: They were flesh-colored?

Kate: Oh yeah. I mean it’s so gross, but I mean they look like raw pieces of chicken. That’s what they look like.

Justin: Okay.

Kate: One had tentacle things coming off of it. I mean it clearly was like a monster inside my body. I think the thing that I am getting the most, like out of this whole thing since I’ve been doing the enemas… Why are you laughing?

Justin: This is just crazy.

Kate: It’s just listen to your body because I’ve been telling people for three years, “My liver hurts,” and my family’s like, “It’s not your liver. How do you know it’s your liver?” Friends will be like, “I don’t know. Cut out gluten.” So I cut out gluten. It gets worse. And I do something else. This thing has been plaguing me for years and years. And so I feel like I just was able to get to the point where I just took it into my own hands and I was like, “Screw it. Who cares? I’m going to do these coffee enemas. I don’t care what people think of me.” And that, honestly… When I started the coffee enemas—even though I’d cut out all the processed food, even though I’ve been doing all these other things—that has made all the difference in how my stomach and digestion has been feeling on a daily basis.

Justin: Okay, so let’s get into this a little bit. It took a while for you to even change your diet, first of all.

Kate: Yeah.

Justin: Because you had a lot of fear and stuff.

Kate: Yeah, it took a good year. Mm-hmm.

Justin: And so you got that taken care of and then you did that…

Kate: Which helped.

Justin: Yeah, you changed your diet. You did a little cleanse a couple of years ago, I think.

Kate: That helped.

Justin: And that kind of stepped up the game a little bit. And then you took out gluten out of your diet and you took out all this stuff.

Kate: Took out nuts, took out seeds, took out a lot of the wine I had been drinking. I cut out so much stuff. I tried to lower the sugar, but that’s kind of iffy with the fruits and things. Yeah, I mean I cut all that out and that helped, but I still would have these times where I would just eat and ten minutes after eating, I felt like a tightening in my stomach, and I think it was my parasites wanting to be fed. I feel like they were tightening and therefore my stomach was hurting. I mean I can’t explain the feeling I felt for so long and ever since I… I mean I’d have that every time I would eat, no matter what I cut out of my diet, no matter how good I was eating. And it made me not want to go to the gym because you don’t want to wear something tight around your stomach because your stomach always hurts. And then I’d have stabbing pains up in my liver, under my rib cage, and then I’d have the gallbladder attacks and I was just a mess. And I’m not saying I’m in the clear, but I’m a lot better. But these coffee enemas, since I’ve been getting things out, that has been when I’ve started to feel a lot better.

Justin: So it’s interesting because the coffee enemas, I’ve known about them since 2003.

Kate: And you didn’t share it with your wife.

Justin: I didn’t share it with you. And I didn’t do any. I sat on it for about ten years. And it’s interesting because I sat on them for about ten years I had heard about them, but unless you’re with… It’s one of those things where if you don’t have someone in your life that’s kind of motivating you to do it or you don’t have any…

Kate: Why would you do it?

Justin: Yeah, I mean it’s such an aggressive thing, doing that, that it’s like you don’t really have the motivation. But I’m trying to figure out… Because we started doing them together… What was that? About six…?

Kate: Three months ago?

Justin: Three months ago?

Kate: Oh, I tried one about four or five months ago.

Justin: I’m trying to figure out what was the catalyst that made us do it? Was it something going on with you or was it me or…?

Kate: Gosh, that’s a really good question. I kind of don’t remember. It’s like I kind of just blocked… I don’t know if I blocked it out. I just kind of felt like… I mean the first time I did one, I didn’t feel very good at all and I didn’t want to do it ever again. I waited a couple weeks and then it was like… I don’t know what happened between that first time and then the time I started doing them regularly, like what switch flipped, but something happened to me and I think it was my… I think it was God, clearly, in my intuition just said, “Just start doing them.” And when started doing them… I mean I did them for a good month before I saw any kind of parasites come out anyway, so I don’t know why in that month… I guess it’s just because I started feeling better. I didn’t have as much tightening in my stomach, even though I wasn’t seeing the things come out yet.

Justin: Right.

Kate: We just got a question. Did you see that in the chat room?

Justin: I did, yeah.

Kate: A guest wrote in, “Do you find the water enema as effective as the coffee enemas?” Here is the thing, for me… Have you done a water enema?

Justin: I have not, no.

Kate: Okay.

Justin: Yeah, I have not done… I figure I might as well just go for the gusto.

Kate: For the coffee? That’s how I felt and I’ve been doing the coffee so solid and about two months into it, you had said that a guy named Matt Monarch that we kind of know a lot about, had been doing the water ones and really was a big fan of just the water ones.

Justin: He loves the water.

Kate: So I thought there were times when it was later at night and it was by default, like I didn’t want to get that rush, like I said. So I was just like, “Hey, if I have the time, I’m just going to do a warm water one.” And I have to say, the warm water ones have gotten just as many crazy things out as the coffee.

Justin: What was it that got out the little tumor things?

Kate: The tumor was the coffee.

Justin: That was a coffee?

Kate: But I am talking I have had liver flukes—which are gnarly if you Google an image of a liver fluke… I mean what the heck were those things?

Justin: Liver fluke? Is that what you said?

Kate: I’ve had tons of those and that is when I get the most, honestly, the most worm looking things out is during the water ones. So yeah, I think they are as effective, if you… I think the water ones alone would get a lot out, but I think if you rotate it with the coffee, you’re probably getting it the best between the two; you’re getting the best of all.

Justin: You know what’s cool is we’re going to be talking to Dr.… What’s his name?

Kate: Yeah, what is his name?

Justin: Patrick Vickers.

Kate: Patrick Vickers.

Justin: From the Gerson Institute and he is a enema expert.

Kate: Yes.

Justin: So we’re going to be talking a lot about that and that’s going to be good.

Kate: And we’ll ask that question because the water ones have definitely helped immensely, but I’m not sure if you had the choice of doing a water and a coffee, I don’t really know what’s the most effective. I’d think coffee, but gosh, from what I’ve seen, I don’t think you can go wrong either way. It’s moving stuff that probably wouldn’t have been moved out, you know?

Justin: Yeah, isn’t that weird? Because when you did a water one, you talked about how like… How is it that just some water sitting up there for ten minutes or five minutes can bring out stuff like that?

Kate: That wouldn’t normally come out? That’s where I get confused.

Justin: I know. I was telling my mom to do these. I was trying to convince her to get into them. For those of you who don’t know, my mom had cancer twice—lung cancer and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, so we’re trying to add in these different protocols. And she was averse to it, like most people would be. But I was trying to explain to her, like you could completely go to the bathroom and expel what you think is everything and do a coffee enema and then you get rid of just as much, if not more. I mean it’s crazy.

Kate: That’s the trippy thing. That’s what I’m saying.

Justin: Where is that stuff? What’s it doing?

Kate: That makes you scared because when you see it, you’re like, “I didn’t feel like I had to go and yet three rounds of whatever…” I hold… Stella just asked, “How long do you allow the coffee to stay in?”

Justin: Oh, in the chat room?

Kate: Mm-hmm. And I try to get it up to stay for 15 minutes, but sometimes, like the other night with that tumor situation, I couldn’t even hold each… I try to break it into threes and hold each for five minutes or ten minutes, but I couldn’t even hold it for more than two minutes and that still was enough to work it out of my system. And the stuff is clearly just hanging out in the lining of your intestines. It’s opening the bile duct. I have to say though, that tumor… I told you it’s concerning, but I’m not freaking out at all.

Justin: We don’t know that it’s a tumor yet.

Kate: We don’t know it’s a tumor. It had all the earmarks of a tumor. Whatever it was, I did have a session with Chris Kehler and he told me that he sensed a tumor in the liver and he was working on it and I felt so much energy and movement in that area of my body, and this was about two months ago, so it’ll be interesting if that’s what it was and it comes back as a tumor.

Justin: So you felt that energy, you said, when…

Kate: When he worked on it and said, “We’re going to clear that on out.”

Justin: I see.

Kate: So that would be interesting if that was its way of… it took all that time to kind of die off and detach itself and make its way down.

Justin: Because yesterday we were talking about it. What do we think was the actual mechanism that caused this to come out? And we were talking about “Is it the B-17 that we’re taking? Is it the selenium?”

Kate: “Is it the zeolite?”

Justin: “Is it the zeolite?”

Kate: The sweating, the BioMat?

Justin: Yeah, Vitality Herbs and Clay, the rebounder? Like what’s causing this? And my guess is just that all of these things together caused it to weaken along with the Chris Kehler work, identifying it and weakening it, and then somehow it couldn’t attach itself to the walls of your liver or your colon and then when you did the coffee enema, your liver probably just squeezed and then it just boom—came out, you know? That’s crazy.

Kate: It is by far the weirdest thing I’ve ever experienced.

Justin: I mean think about if you hadn’t done that coffee enema. I mean if that is a tumor… So we’re going to get the results back, aren’t we?

Kate: Yeah, I’ll share about it this next Free For All Friday. I’m really curious. I’m okay with whatever it is. I’m not worried. It’s going to be fine. But I’m so curious to see what it was and then be like, “See? I told everybody I wasn’t crazy.” Whatever it was, it was hanging out up there and causing me problems, so clearly I wasn’t crazy that I kept complaining about my digestion for all these years.

Justin: You know what would be cool though is if it were… It would be such a cool thing to actually tell people…

Kate: If it were cancer, you mean?

Justin: Yeah, you would be like, “You know what? I was told by Chris Kehler that…”

Kate: That I had a cancer tumor in my liver.

Justin: “…that I had a cancerous tumor” and people would be like, “Who is he? What does he do?” and then you’ll tell them and then they’ll think he’s crazy, right?

Kate: Of course.

Justin: Because most people think stuff like that is crazy. So you’ll tell them and then you’ll say, “Hey, I did a coffee enema and sure enough, this thing came out of my liver and that’s what it was.”

Kate: Totally. Yeah, it’s a story. I mean it’s already a story, whatever it was, that it would have hung out up there had I not done the coffee enema. That’s a crazy story in itself.

Justin: Right.

Kate: But I cannot wait to find out what it was and I think half of it is because I believed. I believed when Chris Kehler was working on me, I believed so much so that I felt energy moving around in my body. I felt things that I never…

Justin: You just kind of make yourself get into a state of…

Kate: Of belief. I mean I believed him, I trusted him, and he’s helped me a lot with other things, so this is just one more example. I can’t wait to see what it actually is.

Justin: I know.

Kate: And you know, people though—like I’ve shared it with just a few friends and stuff, and people do not… They say, “Wow, that’s crazy” and I say, “Yeah, it’s crazy” and even I forget, until I look at the pictures again. It just… It trips me up all over again. Like that is crazy when you look…

Justin: What pictures?

Kate: The pictures I took on my cell phone of it. It’s wild. It’s wild. So yeah, I mean I don’t know if people want to see it on my blog, but it’s pretty gnarly. I’d post them, so…

Justin: You know what? I think you should because I just think that part of our culture is we’re so detached from everything, you know? We’re so detached from the very things that make us human.

Kate: Yeah.

Justin: You know? The very things that we do privately, when no one is around, like go to the bathroom or any of these things—I mean these are the things that make us human. I mean it’s funny because I remember Constantine, we were talking about an article on his website and I don’t know if he said this on the air or off the air, but he told us that the highest trafficked article on his site is something he wrote about anal sex.

Kate: Really?

Justin: Yeah.

Kate: No way!

Justin: Mm-hmm.

Kate: I don’t remember that.

Justin: Yeah, he said it’s the highest traffic. Now I think he mentioned it… He was talking about how it disrupts the colon and all this kind of stuff and how it’s really damaging.

Kate: Yeah.

Justin: But I think he gave it kind of a unique title that was kind of…

Kate: Catchy?

Justin: Catchy, yeah. And he said that that article is the most… And it’s because we all find this stuff interesting.

Kate: Yeah.

Justin: But it’s just like…

Kate: It’s all taboo for some reason.

Justin: Yeah, it’s all taboo. So I say just post it. I mean you never know if people can help, you know?

Kate: Okay, I’m going to post it.

Justin: So how many pictures of worms do you have?

Kate: Four or five. And those are from different times.

Justin: Did you take them with your iPhone camera?

Kate: Mm-hmm. Yeah, I’ll get them up and I’ll email them to you and you can put them on my blog and I can write about them.

Justin: I just did a search on Google Images for liver flukes.

Kate: Oh no. Let me see.

Justin: Not so hot.

Kate: Let’s see if that’s what mine look like. Oh yeah.

Justin: Yeah?

Kate: Yeah, I have things like that.

Justin: See, I do the enemas and I don’t get anything.

Kate: Well, you know what the thing is though? I think you don’t do them… Like it’s great you’re doing them and it’s great you’re doing them once a week, but I think you have to consistently do this a ton in order to start seeing the results. I think you have to do it every day for like a month at least.

Justin: Really?

Kate: Mm-hmm. That’s when I started seeing stuff.

Justin: And so when you first started, did you do them every day or…?

Kate: Yeah. Well, I had that one and then I was like, “Oh, I don’t feel so good” and I didn’t do it for like two weeks, and after I restarted them, I mean I think I only missed one day or two days that month. I did them so consistently and then I have been pretty consistent for like three months now.

Justin: Wow.

Kate: This is when the good stuff’s coming out.

Justin: Oh my gosh. That’s crazy.

Kate: Yep. So that’s my experience. I’ll let everybody know what it ends up being.

Justin: Wow, that’s crazy. Well, we’re going to take a little break here. We’ve got a lot to get to. Let’s see. I’m going to do an ad for our sauna. Love our sauna. Have you done the sauna yet today?

Kate: No. I’m too busy making Thanksgiving, remember?

Justin: That’s right. Okay, we’ll be right back after this break.


Justin: Kate and I have had our sauna for about a year now, I’d say, when we first got it from Phil Wilson. It’s an incredible machine. We use ours about every single day. Kate sits in about 20 minutes and I sit in there for about a half hour, usually watch a documentary, and it’s extremely relaxing. It’s a really, really incredible machine. And if you go to ExtremeHealthRadio.com/Sauna, you can learn all about it. We did an entire hour interview with Phil Wilson. You can check that out. You can look at the pictures of us with it. Then you can watch videos on that page. It helps you to sleep really, really well. You can lose a lot of weight with it. You can burn, I think, around 600 calories in about 20 minutes or so. It improves your skin, increases circulation all over the body and circulation is critical for your health. You can prevent and reverse diseases with it. If you have a cold or a flu, it’s incredible; it heats you down to the core. It heats four to six inches inside your body, so it’s really incredible. A lot of people use it for cancer as well, so if you have any kind of “incurable” disease, you can use it for that. And Dr. Shade is the foremost authority on detoxification and listen to what he says about it.

Shade: How do I detoxify from plastics? I mean you guys are using a sauna and what does a sauna do for us? A sauna is great. It’s moving a number of different toxins. Remember we talked about the mice that if you put PCBs in there, then that made the mercury all that much worse? And sweating moves out a lot of plastics, volatiles, fat-based toxins. It’s really good at moving those out, sweating those out. So that’s how you’re getting those out and those are contributing to this synergistic soup inside the body, and so that’s why they’re good is they’re taking out a bunch of the different things in the soup.

Justin: And Daniel Vitalis, one of our favorite guests, what do you have to say about the sauna?

Daniel: When you go into the sauna, like a far-infrared sauna like you discuss, your body goes into a deep relaxation mode and your sympathetic nervous system shuts down and your parasympathetic nervous system turns on. And when that’s active, that’s the nervous system—part of your nervous system—that’s active when you meditate. That becomes active and your detoxification pathways open up wide. Why is this important? It’s important because when you go running and you sweat, you’re not necessarily eliminating very much toxicity from your body. But when you sweat in the sauna, you eliminate a lot of toxicity from your body. So sweating in a relaxed state is how we eliminate. The other thing is that what’s wonderful about the sauna is that it puts you in a parasympathetic nervous system response as if you were meditating. So it’s almost a hack. It’s like a trick to get yourself into a meditative, relaxed state, to decompress stress, to reverse the effects of stress, and to get your body eliminating deep, deep toxicity that’s stored in your body fat because it can come out in the oils of your skin. So I think sauna is one of the most crucial detoxification… really health practices that we can take on, especially in this era of heavy toxicity, particularly fat-soluble toxins.

Justin: This sauna is really, really great. They offer payment plans because if you buy it through PayPal, it’s 100% secure; you don’t even need a PayPal account. I think you can do a payment plan through PayPal. It’s got low EMF electromagnetic fields coming off it. It’s portable, so that means you don’t have to knock down a wall in your house. You can just move it from room to room. It sets up in about two to five minutes. It’s super easy to clean. All you’ve got to do is wipe it down when you’re done and wipe the neck down. It produces energy and heat inside, very, very evenly throughout the whole machine. All you have to do is sit in there for about 15 minutes a day. And the great thing I like about it too is it requires zero preheating. So you turn it on and you’re starting to get warm and you’re starting to detoxify with that far-infrared light almost immediately. So it’s really great. It comes with a one-year warranty. It’s about $990 plus $25 shipping and that’s really, really a good deal because if you look at most of the regular saunas out there, they are in the $2,000-4,000 range, so this is really, really a good deal so check it out at ExtremeHealthRadio.com/Sauna.


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Justin: You know what I think we should do?

Kate: Keep eating tart like I was at the…?

Justin: At the break?

Kate: Yeah. No, what?

Justin: I should try that after the…

Kate: That grain-free tart actually wasn’t bad. It didn’t look that great, but it wasn’t half bad.

Justin: I know. It’s funny when food looks horrible. Sorry to say your food looked horrible.

Kate: It’s okay.

Justin: But it tastes good.

Kate: Yeah, it doesn’t usually look that ugly, but that didn’t turn out that pretty, did it?

Justin: No.

Kate: That tasted really good and considering it’s grain-free and yumminess—mmm.

Justin: Yeah, nothing wrong with that.

Kate: No.

Justin: I think we should start like a little project or something for all the listeners to do coffee enemas.

Kate: Ooh.

Justin: You know what I mean?

Kate: Yeah.

Justin: Like do a thing where we can get as many listeners as possible…

Kate: To get onboard with an experiment?

Justin: To get onboard with an experiment of doing coffee enemas maybe once… I don’t know. Maybe like pick a number where it works for you. Like I do them once a week but maybe I can do them twice a week and some people can do them, if you can, do them every day, and then we can—on our Free For All Friday Shows—talk about our poop.

Kate: We could call it The Great Enema Experiment.

Justin: Yeah, what do you think about that?

Kate: I like that idea. I really do.

Justin: You know?

Kate: Just do it.

Justin: We should just start like a research lab, you know?

Kate: Let’s do it.

Justin: We all just…

Kate: Send in our crap to people and see what’s going on.

Justin: Share pictures. Pretty gross, huh?

Kate: Who would have thought five years ago we’d be sitting here talking about things like this?

Justin: I know, right?

Kate: Yeah.

Justin: But it’s really cool though too, because when you are doing these types of things… Like do you think it’s affected your ability just to be more open-minded and…?

Kate: I do.

Justin: And less fearful and things? It has, hasn’t it?

Kate: Yeah, there’s something going on with me—something big—where I feel like it’s just so connected. The cleaner I get… I mean something… I’m not kidding. This has been the biggest year of my life and I feel like it’s just all connected in a way that I can’t even comprehend right now. But yes, it has completely changed me and I think I’m able to think about things differently. It’s clearing out my brain and it’s clearing out my body and I’m feeling all these things going on. It’s quite amazing, actually.

Justin: Yeah. You know what? It would be cool to add in an herbal cleanse. Like we’re going to do the Ejuva again after we get back from our trip we’re going to take here pretty soon.

Kate: We should talk about that later too.

Justin: Yeah. But we’re going to do the Ejuva and then maybe during that month that we do the Ejuva, we’ll do some colonics as well.

Kate: Oh, I’m just going to keep charging this thing until I have all the monsters out of my body.

Justin: MonstersOutOfMyBody.com.

Kate: MonstersOutOfMyBody.com.

Justin: So as the lady said, if you’d like to join us on Skype, you can do that. You can always call from your phone, preferably a landline if you can. We had Kate call in on her cell phone. What it does is it patches through Skype, so it’s a little bit less of a good quality if you use your cell phone, but if you have a landline, you can call 949-505-9585, as the lady said, and you can join the show if you have any questions. And part of the Friday shows is we’re going to be building this community into a platform for people to get their questions answered and the questions are going to be answered by people in the chat room or people calling or us or other listeners, and so if you have a health issue, either Kate or I or people in the chat room or other callers will be able to help you out. And so that’s kind of the goal here with this Free For All Friday Show. It looks like we have a call here. Let’s see here. Let’s see if we can fix this. Okay. Hello? Who is this?

Stella: Hi, this is Stella.

Justin: Hey, Stella.

Kate: Stella!

Justin: How is it going?

Stella: I’m good. How are you?

Justin: I’m doing great. You know what? We just… Are you on a cell phone?

Stella: I am, yeah.

Justin: Let’s see. We’re going to have to…

Kate: Barely hear you.

Justin: We can’t hear you too well. Let’s see.

Stella: Can you hear me now?

Kate: Oh, that’s better.

Justin: Much better, yeah.

Stella: Better? Okay, that’s good. I was just listening to you guys and I find it so fascinating how Kate was talking about her coffee enemas and what was coming out. I was like, “Oh my God.”

Kate: It’s pretty wild, isn’t it?

Stella: It is. It’s just crazy how unclean we are, I guess, inside. Definitely wow. Really crazy.

Kate: Have you done them, Stella, as well?

Stella: I’ve done like water enemas but I haven’t done coffee enemas, but I’ve never seen tumors coming out or anything so dramatic.

Kate: You haven’t? I’m just kidding.

Stella: I haven’t. No.

Kate: It was pretty bizarre. I can only tell you it was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen, like a mental and physical thing all connected. It kind of messes with you, but at the same time, it’s so neat to see that you’re actually making ground, you know?

Justin: Yeah. So Stella, you’ve done water ones?

Stella: Yeah. Yes, I did do a water cleanse. I did it, I think, for three days. On the fourth day, I had to break it because I just felt so weak and just like no energy at all. I almost fell. So yeah, so I had to have like a piece of fruit or something, but definitely a good cleansing, emotionally and physically and everything. I got rid of a lot of emotional baggage. I actually vomited on the first day, which was just such a good release to get everything out of my system and I felt like I was beginning on a brand new season, sort of, because it’s not really January, so I don’t [inaudible 0:39:51.1], but kind of like a new beginning after I cleansed and it felt really, really good. It felt very, very good.

Justin: Wow, that’s crazy. So did you say earlier, via email, that you had kind of a crazy story about your amalgam fillings or something?

Stella: A root canal, yeah.

Justin: Oh yeah, a root canal.

Stella: Yeah, my root canal. So when I was around I think 17 or 18, I had a cavity filling and the dentist kind of touched my nerve and I had to kind of get a root canal done. So here I am at 17… I think I was 18. I had my first root canal and I was just like, “I don’t like this.” I started to get a lot of health problems. I had really, really bad dry mouth. I had really, really bad heartburn. And I was like, “What’s causing all of this?” You know? Like I’d been fine before I had this root canal. So it took years and months of really figuring out what it really was ultimately, and I think… When did I get it out? January of this year I took my root canal out and I felt really, really good. Like the first thing that went away was my dry mouth. Like the heartburn, I still had to work on it, still have to make a lot of like dietary changes, but the dry mouth completely, completely went away.

Justin: Really?

Stella: Yeah. But the second thing that really helped with my heartburn, I noticed, was gluten, but wow—it’s so fascinating how such small changes can really impact your body on such a extraordinary level.

Justin: Oh yeah. Where did you get your root canal taken out? What was the dentist?

Stella: He was a holistic dentist, yeah, out here in New York—it’s actually on Long Island—and I went to him and I’m like, “I have this and that.” He goes, “Okay, I would recommend taking out the root canal.” He did tell me my options of doing like a bridge or like a cap or something like that, but I was like, “Yeah, just take it out. It doesn’t really matter what is on the space that I have” because I just wasn’t feeling well, you know? So I ultimately just wanted it out. I didn’t want the root canal because it’s like a dead tooth is under the cap. It’s like why would I want a dead organ in my body? That’s how I thought of it.

Kate: Yeah.

Stella: You know? So yeah, so I mean I just felt really, really good after taking it out and actually, after I took it out, I was taking the zeolite cleanse that you guys take—that one from Touchstone Essentials—and they’re a really, really great company. They are really, really good.

Justin: I know. They have some really great stuff, don’t they?

Stella: They really do, and I was taking the Zeolite Pure Body and the Extra Pure Body Strength.

Justin: Oh, you did both?

Stella: Yeah, I took both of them for a couple of months and I even took the Vitamin Essential that they have with the vitamin line and that was very good as well, but the two of them combined, I was just… Wow. I felt so light and just so energetic and just so clean every time I woke up. It was just such an amazing cleanse.

Justin: Wow.

Kate: Wow.

Justin: Yeah, I’ve heard big things. We have… Kate, do you have…? I think you have a root canal, right Kate?

Kate: I do have one, yeah.

Justin: I have one as well and we’re going to get those out here pretty soon. But you say that you felt really, really… Did you feel like a Herxheimer effect, Stella, after you had it removed? Did you feel down for a while and then you started feeling better or how did that work?

Stella: I did feel down. You know what? I was just like, “Oh my God,” you know? It’s like I just lost a tooth and I’m like, “I’m so young and not even in my mid-20s,” you know? And it’s like… I was a little sad. I was down. But then it’s like look at the positive side, you know? I mean you’ll get better. You’ll get your health back, because my number one thing was always I struggled a lot with heartburn and dry mouth. Like I would drink tons and tons of water to not just get such a dry mouth. It would be very, very horrifying at some points.

Justin: Wow.

Stella: Yeah. So I had to take it out and I got home and like I don’t have dry mouth anymore. Like I don’t know what it was, but if it was the root canal, which I certainly do think it was, then wow. I mean what an incredible journey it was. And you know, I’ve been following Hal Huggins. Have you guys heard of him?

Justin: Yeah, we’re trying to get him on the show. He’s a hard guy to pin down there, but yeah, he’s awesome.

Stella: Yeah, he is really, really inspirational. I’ve heard a couple of his interviews before I got my root canal out, just judging on whether to do it with the holistic dentist and the difference of taking a root canal with a regular dentist and I’m like, “Ah, I’ll just stick with the holistic dentist. It’s not worth getting like a jaw infection or anything that will contribute to me having like gum surgery from this mistake or something,” because I don’t really trust these dentists or doctors anymore.

Justin: You and us both, for sure.

Stella: Yeah. But yeah, Justin, I did want to mention how I really, really enjoyed the show with Drew Canole and David Wolfe.

Justin: Oh gosh, aren’t they great?

Stella: Oh my goodness. I mean I could really resonate with David Wolfe and how he was talking about he doesn’t want to waste his qi energy and his qi life force on negative people. Like literally I was just like fascinated how he threw the person out of his home when the person started to tell him negative things. So I just thought…

Justin: That was just so cool. It was interesting to me. When I heard that I thought, “Wow, it’s weird that David Wolfe would even bring someone like that into his home to begin with” but then I thought, “That’s a really cool thing” because it’s kind of representative of how we could look at maybe not necessarily someone who’s in our space but just a negative influence through the media or through TV or something.

Kate: What we’re allowing in, really.

Justin: Yeah, it’s like really a cool thing to just kick that stuff out of our lives, isn’t it?

Stella: Yeah, for sure. And you know, I’ve come to realize that I’ve tried to save some people, but it’s like I’m not the source of saving anyone, you know? And it’s like everyone has their own journey to go through and everyone has their “Aha!” moments and epiphanies, so it’s like why not just give them the space of doing whatever they want to do and you not meshing in and go have their own journey? And I was listening to Ralph Smart. I think I sent you a couple videos of his. And he goes on to say how you do your thing and I do my thing, and it’s like if by chance we someday meet, that’s beautiful, but if not, then it’s okay to part. And I felt so much better because I’ve got into a lot of interesting situations in the past summer and it helped me to let go and not care. Not like to be selfish, but selfless and carefree and just focus on myself and focus within. So once I started doing that and just concentrating on myself, it’s just so amazing how other people’s energy could be so profound on us and once you get them out, it’s so liberating, to say at the very least.

Justin: Yeah, I know. I completely agree and I think that it’s really, really, really important—I think—to make sure that you and all of us protect our inner garden or our inner space. It’s really important to make sure that we only allow certain things that we want that are positive in because as you know and as we all know that when we are surrounded by people and negative media influences and all these circumstances in life, it’s really easy for things to get you down, and so only allow things to come in that are positive.

Kate: And I realized from David Wolfe and talking about that too, it might take some drastic measures. I mean it sounded so harsh, but at the same time, it’s like you have to fight for your space, in a good way, and not in a selfish way like Stella, you were saying. Like it’s not a selfish thing to do. It seems like a hard thing to do, but I’ve realized in my own life I have no boundaries sometimes, and setting up those boundaries is what it’s all about. And so that might piss some people off sometimes or it might seem harsh, but I think there is a way to do it out of a way that you can try to be as loving as possible, but when you do that, I feel like every time I continue to close down a situation that’s not serving me anymore, I just get this total emotional freedom, you know?

Justin: Because you want to say something like, “Hey, you can’t talk about that kind of stuff around me or here in my house” but you can say—you’re thinking that—but you can say like “Hey, let’s talk about this or let’s focus on the positive. So what good do you think can come out of this?”

Kate: Yeah, or “I am on a negative fast right now.”

Justin: Yeah.

Kate: That’s a good one. I’ve tried that with clients at work and what can they do? They’re like, “Oh” and they don’t know what to do with it, but at the same time, they’re not going to drag you into their negativity because they know. You put it right up front.

Justin: A negative fast—I love that.

Kate: Yeah, you like that?

Justin: Yeah.

Stella: Yeah. Also, when listening to Ralph Smart, he talks a lot about how we must remember that we must never allow someone else to give us value because once you put someone on a pedestal, you basically lose your confidence in your self worth. So staying true to yourself and just staying grounded is ultimately the best thing because doing your thing and the other person doing their thing and going two separate ways could ultimately be the best thing and not allowing that negativity influence you to bring you down. So the quotes also that you guys have towards the end of the show, I really, really enjoy them and it’s like the quote that I think was on the last show that Justin did with “If someone insults you, don’t take it personally; it’s just a reflection of how they see themselves,” and that was just like, “Oh my goodness! Yeah!”

Justin: Yeah.

Stella: It was just… Yeah.

Justin: Yeah, that was so true, wasn’t it? Because you start seeing that when people are insulting you, that’s who they are, right?

Stella: Yeah. 100%. Like I kind of realized that, like if someone calls somebody—because I had this done to me—but if someone calls you something, it’s not really directed to you; it’s just a reflection of themselves because we’re all mirrors to each other, so if someone doesn’t like something about you, it’s something they don’t like within themselves.

Kate: Right.

Stella: So yeah. So when I started to understand that and just kind of listen to audios that made me realize that it was never about me. I think in The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz, he says, “Don’t take anything personally because nothing people ever do is because of you; it’s because of themselves.” So yeah, so I was just like, “Wow, this is just so insane here” because it’s just so fascinating, because it’s just so cool to see how what people do, it’s never about you and once I understood that and just to keep within my own thing, then that just changes your whole world.

Kate: I hear you, Stella. Breaking through, like knowing it and then putting it into practice are two different things. I feel like you. I get so excited when it actually starts to hit home and you’re like, “Oh, now I get it and I’m doing it” and it’s like your whole world opens up. It’s such a neat feeling, isn’t it?

Stella: Yeah, for sure. And it’s like sometimes the best thing, like what I realize, is you may not realize it now, but if you are going through like a bad situation or something like that, you may not realize it at this time, but it ultimately is for your best. I mean the universe or God takes care of the birds and the bees. What makes you think God won’t take care of you? So I learned once I could trust in God that I’ll be okay and give my hands into the hands of God, I started to read a lot of like spiritual things and just getting grounded and going out to nature and just being connected to me, not listening to any outside influence or sources, I’m starting to finally find my inner balance because… It’s just so amazing how in this movie I watched, “Eat Pray Love,” I think it’s one with Julia Roberts, how she had her job, she had a husband, she had everything but the one thing that she was lacking was her inner self balance. Like she couldn’t find her peace.

Kate: Exactly.

Stella: Yeah, so I found it so fascinating how in the movie, she basically divorces the husband and literally quits her job and goes to India and [inaudible 0:55:33.3] and different parts of the country to basically meditate and try different foods and just to find her inner self and inner self love.

Kate: Yes, exactly.

Stella: It was just so beautiful.

Kate: Yeah. I remember reading that and doing a book club and everyone in the book club, interestingly enough, was so judgmental about her. Like hardly anyone resonated with what she had done to that situation with her husband in the beginning and at that point in my life I was like, “Yeah, who does that?” but as I’ve kind of evolved and on this journey of my own, you look back and it’s like who’s to say whether or not that wasn’t her path and whether or not that was the right or the wrong thing for her to do? But then her journey through it and what she gets from it, obviously there was a reason and I just wish that people could look at it a little less judgmentally because I know she got a lot of heat for that. But it’s beautiful how the story ends up and she never would have achieved that had she not done a drastic measure, you know? Like David Wolfe was talking about. So I think you’re right.

Stella: Yeah, for sure. And the thing towards the end of the movie, which I really enjoyed, was this quote that she presented of “If you take everyone that you meet in life as a teacher and someone that you can learn from, as a lesson, and to just grow, then…” I forget how the exact quote is, but you basically take everyone as a teacher and just allow people to come in and out because you can’t own anyone—you can’t control anyone—because nothing is ever yours, so I basically learned how it’s okay to let go and part and it’s just such a freeing experience, just an interesting thing. And if I may, can I read you guys this one interesting quote that I found? I have this book by John McCabe, Igniting Your Life. Have you guys heard of it?

Justin: No. Igniting Your Life? No. We’ll put a link to it on this page. That’s great.

Stella: Yeah, it’s a fascinating book. It has all these cool quotes and one of the quotes that I really enjoy is “Bad things do happen. How I respond to them defines my character and the quality of my life. I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, immobilized by the gravity of my loss or I can choose to rise from the pain and treasure the most precious gift I have—life itself,” by Walter Anderson.

Justin: Oh wow, that’s awesome.

Kate: Wow, Stella. That is a great… Could you also send that to me in an email—that exact quote? I would love to have that.

Stella: Yeah, for sure.

Kate: Thank you.

Stella: I’ll send you guys the quote. The book is really, really good. I highly recommend it to everyone. He has another one here—“Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value. And self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.”

Justin: Oh, that’s awesome. Yeah, send us a link to the book if you could.

Kate: Igniting Your Life by John McCabe. We’ll put a link to that too.

Justin: Yeah. Well, thank you, Stella. Thanks for being a fan of our show and for listening and calling in.

Kate: Thank you for everything.

Justin: Yeah, thank you so much.

Stella: Yeah, for sure. I love you guys. Very, very good shows out there, and I’ll continue to listen and call in whenever I can.

Justin: Awesome. Thanks, Stella.

Kate: Love it. We love you. Hang in there and let’s definitely talk again soon.

Stella: Okay. Have a good day.

Kate: Thanks, Stella.

Justin: Thanks, you too. Bye-bye. Wow, that was cool, wasn’t it?

Kate: Stella is so cool.

Justin: Yeah.

Kate: Oh, she’s got passion, man. I love girls with… I love anybody with passion, but she’s just… Between her and Leonard Caldwell, they could change the world.

Justin: I know. We should put Stella, Leonard Caldwell, David Wolfe and Drew Canole on a show together and just see what happens to the stage.

Kate: It would probably light on fire. It would combust.

Justin: I know.

Kate: Oh, I love people that are passionate about… And talk about for such a young… We’ve talked about Stella before, but just to have so much interest and just investing in her health and her life at such a young age, she just is a poster child for the generation that’s rising up and what people are starting to return to the roots of caring.

Justin: Maybe she is an indigo child.

Kate: Maybe she is an indigo child.

Justin: Eh?

Kate: Look at you.

Justin: Could be. But you know what’s great is that when you get on this path of health and healing, it’s so awesome because it carries through and it’s not like, “Oh, I’m just a health nut for the rest of my life.” If you let it, it carries through to everything that you do and it makes life… So here you have Stella reading these books about personal development and that kind of thing—spirituality—and you get every sense of your whole life awakened when you start cleaning yourself out. It makes this whole journey of life… I mean for us, it’s not even about the food anymore.

Kate: No, it’s not. It was for so long, right?

Justin: A whole show on health and food, but it’s really not even about food anymore for us, you know?

Kate: Well, it’s so mind-blowing that five years ago you could have told me that maybe your journey started with your mind being blown by getting a root canal, I would have thought you were nuts.

Justin: I know, right?

Kate: And now it’s so interconnected that nothing surprises me anymore. I mean I think that’s, again, why I’m probably thinking more clearly and evolving of sorts is because I’m cleaning out my intestines. I mean who would have ever put this all together?

Justin: I know, it’s…

Kate: Some people, but it’s new to me and it’s the most fascinating thing, so…

Justin: It’s a fun journey. We’re going to take a little break. We’ll be right back right after this.


Justin: I have to say I have been absolutely loving this product by Tristan Truscott and Peter Ragnar called Good Morning Good Evening Qigong. If you want to listen to the interview we did with Tristan, you can go to www.ExtremeHealthRadio.com/127. And Qigong is a great way to distress the body and as you know, there is a huge component to disease caused by stress and stress is a huge factor in how we live our lives and the amount of energy we have and the amount of vitality we have. And so Dr. Shade, what do you think about Qigong?

Shade: People come to me and they’re really sick and they’ve got this blown-out neurological system and all this toxicity and I tell them “You need to do Qigong Tai Chi. You need to do these things that settle down and restore your neurology because it puts together all the parts. It puts you back into that state where you can start to detoxify. And so I highly, highly recommend all that.

Justin: And what about you, Kit Campbell? What do you think about Qigong? Do you like it as well?

Kit: Qigong is amazing and the reason that I believe it to be amazing is everything here is energy. That is a scientific fact if there ever is one. So when you’re practicing Qigong, you’re actually drawing energy into your body. Your intention—whatever your intention is behind any action—will determine the level of energy… type of energy… that you absorb into your body. So your intention behind you is very important, just like thought. So when you’re practicing Qigong, you’re actually bringing energy in and you’re bringing out the stuff that might be a bit stale. With Tai Chi it’s totally different. The energy runs underneath the skin because it’s more of a—this is a Chinese understanding, by the way—it’s more of a martial art. So Qigong is very, very good for bringing that energy into the body and just fantastic.

Justin: If you’re interested in picking up this Qigong course by Tristan Truscott and Peter Ragnar, go to www.ExtremeHealthRadio.com/Qigong and you can learn more about it. There is a great video on that page and you can learn more about it on that page and I highly, highly recommend this product. I love it myself, so go ahead and check that out at www.ExtremeHealthRadio.com/Qigong.


All free shows, all the time, on Extreme Health Radio. Opening minds and transforming lives worldwide. Join our community today. Call using Skype at Extreme Health Radio or call 949-505-9585.

Justin: All right. We’re having a great time here on this Free For All Friday Show that we are recording live on Sunday. That makes not much sense, but that’s the way it works.

Kate: One day it will.

Justin: One day we’ll get our Friday shows actually happening on Friday. We’re working towards it.

Kate: Absolutely.

Justin: You’re got to take these things in chunks, right?

Kate: Right.

Justin: You’ve got to take them in stages.

Kate: Yes. Yes, you do, actually.

Justin: Yeah. So we had a great time talking with Stella from New York. That was awesome.

Kate: She’s so great.

Justin: Gave us a link in the chat room to a book by John McCabe. That’s really cool.

Kate: Yeah, we’re going to post a link to that. I want to get that book. It sounds amazing.

Justin: Yeah, good, good stuff. Let’s see here. What do we have to get to? We’re kind of running out of time here. Let’s see. Let’s see here. What do we have to get to? Do you want to do a “Fun Facts With Kate” or do you want to do one question really quick or…?

Kate: Let’s do one question. You want to read one?

Justin: Yeah, I’ll do one question really quickly and then what we might do is do another Free For All Friday Show, like on a Tuesday or some other time, and if you are interested in finding out when we go live, follow us on Twitter, ExtremeHealthRadio.com/Twitter, and you’ll be able to see when we’re going to go live. But typically, our shows are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, at 9:00 Pacific, and then you can join the chat room, you can listen live at that time, and then if it’s a Friday show, you can call in, calling 949-505-9585 and that will be a great way to join us, or you could ask a question in the chat room too.

Kate: Yeah, we have so much more to get to that we’ll probably do a second segment this week.

Justin: Yeah, let me do a little question on… Let’s see. Let’s see here. I’ve got lots of questions here. Oh, so Jeremy writes in about the maltodextrin that’s in the vitamin C powder.

Kate: Oh, wondering about that.

Justin: He says, “Maltodextrin is usually derived from corn here in the US and that corn is very likely to be genetically modified. Unfortunately, it’s finding its way into a lot of health food and even organic food without people knowing it’s GMO.” So that’s the stuff that’s in the Health Force…

Kate: Yeah, vitamin C powder.

Justin: But I don’t know… He says it’s usually derived from corn.

Kate: But it doesn’t mean that it has to be all the time?

Justin: Yeah, so I guess it doesn’t have to always be derived from corn.

Kate: We’ve got to get to the bottom of that though because that keeps coming up and I want to know the real story behind that because I know he’s so good about his products that that would really surprise me.

Justin: Yeah. I know, right? So we’ll get to the bottom of that. And let’s see. What else do we have to get to? Want to do a “Fun Facts With Kate?”

Kate: I would love it.

Justin: Okay, let me just queue up the old sound music for that—your favorite.

Kate: Oh, the old creepy laugh—the witch laugh?

Justin: You like it?

Kate: Eh.

Justin: Whoops. That’s the wrong one.

Kate: What?

Justin: I was wrong. This is the right one.


And now join us for Fun Facts With Kate—oh, man—where you never know what the heck is on her mind or going to come out of her mouth.

Kate: That is just so creepy. We have to remedy that.

Justin: I know.

Kate: Okay, we’re going to take care of that.

Justin: But I have to say, Kate, that’s on the very bottom of my to-do list.

Kate: My creepy laugh isn’t concerning you as much as it is me? If it was your creepy laugh, you would be more concerned, wouldn’t you? Selfish. Okay, here we have a Fun Facts about some food, titled…

Justin: Food—we all love food.

Kate: We all love food. Titled “God’s Pharmacy Is Amazing.” And this is actually really neat. It shows all these pictures of this food sliced into pieces, and I’ll give you an example. It shows a slice of a carrot. It said, “A sliced carrot looks like a human eye and it greatly enhances blood flow to the eyes.” Isn’t that kind of cool?

Justin: Wow, it enhances…? I’ve heard they’re good for the eyes, but I didn’t know it enhances blood flow to it.

Kate: Apparently.

Justin: Wow. That’s cool, because the eye—the capillaries and the blood vessels going to the eyes—are really, really small, so that’s probably…

Kate: Isn’t that kind of cool—when you slice a carrot though and you look, it’s true—there’s like a center to it that looks like a pupil and then it goes out, like as you watch the layers kind of fade out toward the end, it does resemble an eye.

Justin: I love it.

Kate: I heard this one before but “A tomato sliced has four chambers and it is red like the heart. It is loaded with lycopene and that is pure heart and blood food.”

Justin: Oh, okay.

Kate: I knew it was good for the heart.

Justin: They call that… I think they got this from the Indians and it’s called the doctrine of signatures.

Kate: You’re told me this.

Justin: Yeah, the doctrine of signatures and that’s that a food—the way it looks—is typically how they understand it to work in the body, so like carrots for the eyes and there are lots of different foods, like ginger, I think, is really good for the intestines and your stomach and things because of the way it looks like your intestines.

Kate: Right. That’s cool, isn’t it? I think they were onto something.

Justin: People should look it up—doctrine of signatures.

Kate: Doctrine of signatures. Did you know that a walnut looks like a brain?

Justin: Yes. Yeah.

Kate: Which is so true. “And it helps to develop more than three dozen neurotransmitters to enhance brain functions”—a walnut.

Justin: Wow.

Kate: Right?

Justin: Three-dozen neurotransmitters?

Kate: Yes, three-dozen in one walnut.

Justin: I bet they would be good to take if you’re getting older and you’re starting to have some senility or something like that. I bet that would be a good thing to add in.

Kate: That’s actually a really good point. Hmm.

Justin: Walnuts, good for the brain.

Kate: And beans are “shaped like kidneys and they help to maintain healthy kidney function.” That’s so true.

Justin: Wow.

Kate: Pretty neat stuff though. I mean it’s everywhere in nature and the way God set all this up. It’s pretty bizarre.

Justin: Fun Facts With Kate.

Kate: Right?

Justin: Fun Facts With Kate. And I think you have another one too, don’t you?

Kate: You want me to do another one or do you want to save it for the next one?

Justin: Nah, let’s do it.

Kate: “Ten Plants That Provide Powerful Immune Support,” because we’re all going into that season where we could use major immunity.

Justin: There you go.

Kate: The Chaga mushroom, Astragalus…

Justin: Oh, these are all like mushrooms or…?

Kate: No, they are just powerful foods to support the… Didn’t I say powerful… yeah, plants.

Justin: Plants, okay. So what was the first one?

Kate: Chaga mushroom.

Justin: The first one was Chaga?

Kate: Mm-hmm. Astragalus, Maitake mushroom, Pau D’Arco, Echinacea, Cat’s Claw, Schizandra berry, which isn’t Daniel Vitalis a big fan?

Justin: Yeah, I think he sells that.

Kate: Korean Red Ginseng.

Justin: Ah, were you part of the interview with Daniel Vitalis where he talked about the Red Ginseng?

Kate: I was not.

Justin: Okay, I think you had to cut out.

Kate: I had to cut out for an appointment.

Justin: He talked about how he is… The show is not posted yet. We’re going to be posting that soon, but it was all about hormones and he said that a Chinese doctor had told him that when he turns 50, he needs to start taking a powerful Red Ginseng every day.

Kate: Really?

Justin: Because he was… At the time, we were talking about how it was really, really important for people to come up with a hormone strategy, a hormone protocol, because if you’re going to be 40 years old or 50 years old and you’re going to start trying to work on your hormones at that time, like you’re going to have to bring yourself up from a negative ten to a zero…

Kate: Right, to zero and then build from zero up.

Justin: Then build from zero up and it’s going to take a long time to get from negative ten to zero.

Kate: That makes sense.

Justin: And if you start early—if you start in your 30s or whenever, like that—then it makes the transitional change of your hormonal cycles much less drastic. And so he was saying an ancient Chinese doctor told him that in your 50s, you need to start taking a powerful Red Ginseng.

Kate: But you can always take it way before?

Justin: Yeah.

Kate: I’ve never heard of that. I had to duck out before that.

Justin: Yeah, it was really good. So we’ll post that show soon.

Kate: And the last two are Goldenseal and Ginger.

Justin: Goldenseal and Ginger.

Kate: There you go—ten powerful plants that provide powerful immune support.

Justin: You know what you could do if you’re interested in buying these things? If you wanted to go through our link—I didn’t think about this—but you could buy them from Mountain Rose Herbs. That’s where we get ours.

Kate: Oh, right. That’s a great company.

Justin: Yeah, if you go to ExtremeHealthRadio.com/Mountain

Kate: Maggie just jumped off my body. Okay.

Justin: Maggie. Wow.

Kate: I saved her. /Mountain, okay?

Justin: /Mountain—that will redirect you to Mountain Rose Herbs. That’s where we get all of our bulk herbs. But yeah, you could make an herbal tea out of that stuff.

Kate: Yeah, you can. You’ve been a lot better about making teas than I have. I want to start making the Essiac. I’m going to get this thing going.

Justin: We had a guy… Who did we have? We had someone who told us how to make the Essiac. Oh, he sent us a product on Amazon.

Kate: Oh, that’s right.

Justin: The pre-formulated Essiac teabags.

Kate: That’s right. Yeah.

Justin: That’s what we’ve got to do.

Kate: Gosh, we have so much going on. It’s so hard to keep up here. We’re trying.

Justin: It’s a challenge just to stay afloat here.

Kate: Yeah. We’re trying.

Justin: I’d like to find that link again somewhere.

Kate: We’ll find it.

Justin: Essiac tea on Amazon. So I think that about wraps it up. We have a ton of questions to get to, but I don’t think we’re going to be able to get to these, Kate.

Kate: Oh, I know. I’ve got to go make a turkey. Sorry.

Justin: Maggie just got back from protecting our home.

Kate: Thank you, Maggie, for protecting us—all ten pounds of you. Very good job there.

Justin: So I think it’s time for the final inspirational quote, right?

Kate: Yeah.


Before we will say goodbye, let’s leave you with something to ponder throughout your day. Here is the inspirational quote for this episode.

Justin: That’s okay. We can carry it.

Kate: Oh man. I just closed it out.

Justin: Did you forget about the inspirational quote?

Kate: I totally did. I was feeling very uninspired.

Justin: You’re feeling uninspired?

Kate: I want to end with two quotes.

Justin: You’ve got two?

Kate: I’m going to read Stella’s again.

Justin: Oh, do you have it?

Kate: She just sent it to me.

Justin: Oh, nice.

Kate: “Bad things do happen. How I respond to them defines my character and the quality of my life. I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, immobilized by the gravity of my loss or I can choose to rise from the pain and treasure the most precious gift I have—life itself.”

Justin: Ooh.

Kate: So good, Stella.

Justin: That’s good.

Kate: That’s such a good quote. And I’ll close out with one more as well, if you want to hear it.

Justin: I do. You know what? Before you do that, let’s close out with that, as the final thing.

Kate: Okay.

Justin: And I’ll just kind of wrap up the show. I want to thank all of you for joining the show and for those in the chat room, for joining and listening. It’s so great that you guys are a part of what we’re doing and what we’re trying to do, like I said before, is just develop a whole community here to help as many people as we can. So thank you for joining in the chat room and thank you for listening live, on our live show page, and just being a part of what we’re doing. We really, really appreciate it. We couldn’t do this show without you and it’s really, truly an honor to be here, being able to provide a platform, hopefully for you guys and for our guests, to help all of us live healthier and more inspired lives. So that’s our goal. And if you found this show to be particularly helpful for you, if there’s anything that was shared during this show that you found helpful and resonated with, could you do us a favor? We would be so grateful if you’d share it on Facebook. This is going to be Episode 179, so if you go to ExtremeHealthRadio.com/179, you can get the link to share on Facebook to your friends and that would be really helpful. It would just be so helpful because we don’t have really a marketing budget; we don’t have a marketing team; we just rely on all of you amazing listeners to share it with your friends and hopefully we can help more people that way. And if you’d like to take it a step further and support us…

Kate: We need it.

Justin: Yeah, we need it. We graciously accept your donations if that’s something that you’re interested in doing and we’d be so humbled if you would like to do that; even $5 or $10 would help. You can go to ExtremeHealthRadio.com/Donate and that would help keep the shows free fro everybody. Then also, if you want to check out our store, we’re going to be working on our store more and more here in the future. We’ve got lots of products on there that I think you might like—good stuff for Christmastime for people—saunas and rebounders and stuff.

Kate: It’s upon us, the holiday season.

Justin: Yeah.

Kate: Wow.

Justin: So if you want to purchase something like that for them, we would get a little commission. That would also help us. And also—I forgot to mention at the beginning—if you do purchases on Amazon ever, for the holiday season or for any time, if you go to our website, ExtremeHealthRadio.com/Amazon and bookmark that page, that would be a great way to make your Amazon purchases and we’ll get a little commission that way. So lots of different ways to support us and keep the show free, but we don’t really want to ask and keep making a big deal about money, but if you can, that would be super helpful to us. It really does mean a lot. So with all that said, it’s time…

Kate: Time for the quote.

Justin: Time for the quote.

Kate: “Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and the thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself.”

Justin: I think both of them call for another…

Kate: Another round?

Justin: Another round, yeah.

Kate: “Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself.”

Justin: I like it.

Kate: Greatly put.

Justin: Okay, everybody. Thank you so much for listening and we’ll catch you guys on the next episode.


Thank you for listening to this episode. It’s time to go for now, but our mission does not end with this show. Justin and Kate will be back with another interview, packed full of ideas, discoveries and unique ways to regain your health. Head on over to ExtremeHealthRadio.com/Subscribe and instantly download our free gift to you that contains cutting edge strategies to start making healthy lifestyle changes today.


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