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Chris Kehler – Can Mineral Imbalances Be Related To Fertility Issues, Lyme Disease and Spiritual or Physical Attachments?

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Today we had our 3rd interview with energetic practitioner Chris Kehler.

There are many people who are close minded to energy healing. Personally I believe that everything vibrates at the energetic level and that most of our physical problems are a result of spiritual or energetic “blockages” that happen to our “etheric template” or our “plasma energy field” as Dr. Bob Marshall calls it.

Chris Kehler is truly a unique individual doing some really interesting work helping people world wide with not only their health problems but with emotional blockages, success issues and helping people take their lives to the next level.

We began the conversation talking in general about his work with energy medicine and how he’s been helping people for many many years. He uses all kinds of unique instruments like the energy ring or as he calls it the nutrilization ring which we have. He also uses tools like the Sun Ring, Shungite water stones, Triple pyramid with sun ring, Krystaline beamer with shungite and even Quantum Point Technologies Energy Bracelets which seem pretty interesting. At the end of the show we talked about some of these products in greater detail.

We also talked about Lyme’s Disease and how Lyme can mimic over 200 different illnesses and healthy symptoms in the body. It’s pretty fascinating how this disease creates a calcium shell and actually hides itself from your immune system and it can show up as various different illnesses.

There’s also an interesting correlation between Lyme Disease and mineral deficiencies or mineral imbalances in the body. Not only can people be low in certain minerals but they can be too high in other minerals. It’s all about the ratios of how these minerals interact in the body. Not only do you want to avoid being too low in certain specific minerals like magnesium, selenium and boron, but you don’t want to be too high in copper, calcium or phosphorus. Keeping your minerals balanced is the key to good health.

Minerals are more important that vitamins and we discussed this during this show.

Something else that’s directly tied to mineral imbalances is fertility. Chris has been working with many women and men who have had a challenge getting pregnant. I personally believe that more and more people are going to have a hard time getting pregnant. I believe this because of the radical amount of EMF radiation that we’re being exposed to along with a diet that’s not only low in vitamins and more importantly minerals but we’re exposed to fluoride in our water and all manner of chemicals being sprayed on us in the air.

We also talked about how some people have physical attachments and even spiritual attachments that they hold onto which can cause all kinds of health issues and other emotional issues in their lives. It’s important to take the first step and realize where we have these emotional or spiritual attachments in our lives and begin by recognizing them.

Once we recognize how we’re attaching to certain things (our bodies, our thoughts, our careers, our loved ones etc) we can begin to detach from them and use them as tools given to us by God so that we can live the life we’re meant to live and not wrap our entire being around these attachments that aren’t even us.

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Show Date: Tuesday 10/22/2013
Show Guest: Chris Kehler
Guest Info: Chris Kehler is a holistic energy practitioner who uses pendulum dowsing, sacred geometry such as pyramids to first find the area in the body where the health problem exists, and then use sacred geometry to “neutralize” the stressor in the area. Chris is certified in Quantum touch, live blood analysis and Radionics. Chris is also the owner of “Quantum Point Technologies” the maker of energy wrist bands such as the “sleep” band.

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