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Dr. Lawrence Wilson – Why Fruit Is Too Yin, & How Nutritional Balancing Through Hair Testing Can Help You

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Dr. Lawrence Wilson had our head spinning. Now after this show I’m even more thoroughly confused as to what we should be eating. Dr. Wilson talked about nutritional balancing through a unique hair testing analysis he does.

It’s interesting because he doesn’t promote much dogma or give dietary platitudes. For example he says that fruit (among other foods and supplements) are too yin for the body and therefore unhealthy. He doesn’t say that fruit itself is bad. It’s only bad because our bodies are ALREADY too yin.

He says the same thing with organ meats. Organs tend to concentrate toxins and are therefore unbalancing. It’s not that they’re inately unhealthy for us it’s just that because animals are higher up on the food chain they might be eating grass or other plants that have been affected by chemtrails or nuclear fallout from Fukishima.

Paleo people might say that too much raw food is unhealthy. Raw food advocates might argue that eating animal meat is not what we’re designed for. Dr. Wilson’s approach is unique in the it takes into account our toxic world before determining if food is healthy or unhealthy for you.

Even if something is healthy but filled with toxins like mercury (like larger fish) he doesn’t advocate it.

We also discussed thoughts on yin foods and which foods they are and how yin foods affect the body. We talked a bit about sauna therapy, sweating and how much he advocates coffee enemas to promote optimum liver health and function.

Dr. Lawrence Wilson is truly a fascinating guy. If you would like to schedule some hair analysis tests with him you can contact him on his website. I think it would be very fascinating to see where we’re all at with our health.

Remember that which doesn’t get measured, doesn’t get managed.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Dr. Lawrence Wilson. If you contact him for an appointment tell him we said hi! 🙂

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Show Date: Monday 8/26/2013
Show Guest: Dr. Lawrence Wilson
Guest Info: Dr. Lawrence Wilson works with nutritional balancing and has been doing so for over 30 years. He comes up with a specific protocol for people through a unique hair test he does.Read More…

Topic: Nutritional balancing, hair testing, enemas, cleansing, detoxification and more!
Guest Website(s): http://www.drlwilson.com

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Podcast Transcript:

Coming soon. Thanks for your patience!

  • Roman says:

    Dr. Mercola has recently interviewed Professor Thomas Seyfried, and in that interview (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-_UY-WnH1k) the professor has said that cancers are severely weakened by low-carb-high-fat diets. This contradicts what Dr. Wilson predicts.

    • extremehealthradio says:

      I know. Thanks for the lead on this doctor. It seems as if everybody has such differing opinions on just about every subject.

  • Roman says:

    Would you please get Paul Jaminet’s take on what Dr. Wilson said about fat, organ meats, etc.? One of Paul’s main priorities is to minimize toxins in food.

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