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We Saw A UFO! Thoughts On Lyme Disease, Candida, Removing Parasites & Much More!

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Kate and I really enjoy creating these Free For All Friday Shows with you and have so much fun doing them. We hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoy creating them.

We Saw A UFO!

Today we covered lots of topics. First and foremost I forgot to mention this to many people but we saw a UFO! And by UFO I mean exactly that, an unidetified flying object. I’m not saying it was aliens or anything but it sure was strange. I was taking out the trash in the evening and I looked down south and saw these lights in the sky that blew me away. I called Kate to come out and see them as well and after about 15 seconds it disappeared.

It wasn’t until the video of the news story that I actually remembered what happened a week or so after. I just figured it was something explainable and I’d hear about it soon enough. Ha! Perhaps these were the Annunaki, Nephilim, Elohim from the book of Genesis? You can see the video below if you’re interested.

Lyme Disease

I also have been learning a lot lately about autoimmune disease and whether or not that actual term is even scientific. The lady I was listening to Amy Proal doesn’t seem to think that that word is even accurate when it comes do describing what the body is doing.

Amy Proal has been doing some pretty interesting work with low dose antibiotics (we’re talking 1/4 of a low dose pill every 10 days) based on the work of Trevor Marshall (see links below). They have some pretty strong things to say about vitamin D and how it turns off (or on I can’t remember) the receptor sites of the cell and actually suppresses the immune system in the long term. So if you have any “auto immune” diseases like scleroderma, arthritis (osteo or rheumatoid), lyme disease you might want to look into The Marshall Protocol to see if any of it makes sense to you!

Our job is to give you options for healing and ultimately leave it for you to decide.

Candida, Yeast Infections and Fungal Overgrowth

Michael King from Vitality Herbs and Clay (tell him we sent you to get 2 weeks of free product!) talks alot about how improper food combining (fats with sweets and carbohydrates) actually causes yeast and fungus to grow. But we talked about a couple options like Syclovir from World Health Mall as well as a great ebook I highly recommend called Yeast Infection No More.

We also answered a question regarding toenail fungus and fungus on your feet commonly called athletes food. For toenail fungus David Wolfe recommends doing a Pau D’Arco tincture on the joint or knuckle along with some DMSO after that to drive that substance into the body. If you’re interested in our interview with David Wolfe you can listen to that here. Also this entire protocol is outlined in the Longevity Now Program if you want more details.

We just had a great time talking about all kinds of health related topics, doing recaps of last weeks shows, answering questions and talking about what’s going on in our lives.

We want to stress that we don’t have all the answers. We’re on the same journey as you are and trying our best to get healthier each and every day.

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Today was a fun show and we hope you enjoy it! 🙂

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Items Mentioned / Show Notes:

“Whatever it is you’re holding onto that no longer serves your greatest good, shed it, just like your winter wardrobe, and leave it in last season.”Terri Cole

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Show Date: Thur 7/28/2013
Topic: Lyme disease, UFO’s, Candida, Natural Health
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