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5 Reasons I Love Being A Late Bloomer



Feel Good Project day 103

Confessions of a ‘Late Bloomer’

Hey all!

I was struck with the idea this morning before we recorded today’s AWESOME interview (with Dr. Kevin Conners from Upper Room Wellness Center), to touch on a subject that is very near and dear to my heart these days, that often comes up in conversations between Justin and myself.

And this is the subject of being possibly labeled by some as a “late bloomer.”

From the outside, some might slap this label on me/us for a few reasons.

Things like these:

  • Not being a homeowner/living in a tiny apartment
  • Just now ‘finding’ what it is we want to do ‘when we grow up’
  • Not having children yet
  • Not having a credit card (if you can even believe THAT!?)
  • Not having an official studio outside our home

Some of the above have been by choice, while others might be the consequences of poor decisions in the past. WHATEVER the reasons might be or where we find ourselves today-I have come to view as a total GIFT from above.

I am EXACTLY where I should be in this moment.

The mind is so powerful to either give in to the negative voices OR to combat them, and I have decided to choose the latter.

For example, I am used to hearing fear and anxiety rise up in people when they talk about having to hurry up and have kids because once you reach age 35, you are pretty much screwed. My take is- thank GOD I have yet to have children, as I am I FAR cleaner on the inside than I was years ago, and I have done so much internal spiritual work to raise my awareness and consciousness…which will assist in raising more aware and free children.

As much as I look forward to having children and how they will add to the fullness of our lives, I can tell you that I would NOT have been part of the dream and experience of Extreme Health Radio, as I would most definitely been stretched way too thin with time.


It would have worked out just fine I am sure had we been parents before this point in time, but I am SO thankful for the opportunity to be much further along in my journey.

As far as being a homeowner goes-sure, one day I’d love that!!! BUT, I am so so grateful that we have not gone deep into debt and ended up house poor. Staying put (regardless of the really challenging times in this place) has allowed me to actually be able to quit my job and free myself up to actually follow my life’s passion for the first time in my life, which would not have been possible had we lived in a larger, more expensive place.

The list of ‘late bloomer’ labels go on an don I am sure in some people’s heads, but I have decided to not buy into that LIE anymore. In fact, I am just realizing what a gift it is to BLOOM at all….there is NO SUCH THING as LATE!

How FREE! How WONDERFUL! What a gorgeous journey when you look at it this way!

My world opens up continually when I take a different perspective on all I have been told is ‘true’….

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: LOVING where I am at in life; contentment continually spilling over from yesterday into today.

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