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3 People Told Me Today That This Toxic Substance Might Be The Reason I’m Feeling So Bad!



Feel Good Project day 118

The past two days have been pretty enlightening to me.

After having eliminated so many foods from my diet and still feeling quite crappy digestive-wise most of the time, I have decided two things.

  1. This may not be about food at all, but rather environmental factors that have made this chronic problem so severe.

  2. I will TELL my body what I think is beneficial and helpful to eat instead of it bossing me around anymore and see how it responds.

So, I think my house has mold. You know how it is when something that grabs your attention once in a day you entertain it in your brain? Then when it comes up a second time you pay closer attention to the subject, and when it happens a third time you REALLY stop in your tracks and give it the attention it deserves?

Well that’s what the deal is with this mold issue. THREE time sit came up in a day, after Justin and I had been throwing around the idea that we needed to get our home tested for this toxic substance.

Genuinely bizarre.

So, we should have a mold inspector paying us a visit hopefully this week to help shed some light on this possible (and very probable) problem. If this is the case, then my chronic mystery symptoms would make a HECK of a lot more sense to me.

Second, I decided that there is something to being happy and joyful around our meals, and I have not been delighting in this space for such a long time now that it’s put a giant strain on my relationship with my food.

It seems the more and more I give up foods, the worse my symptoms seem to get which perpetuates this sick cycle. If the majority of my challenges stem from an issue like mold, then I will be relieved that I can improve drastically if we had to make an immediate move from our place.

I have decided to tell myself that I am the director of my body and I can decide what will make me feel good-and HAPPY eating and digesting it.

As far as I have experienced in the past, almonds and nuts have not been my friend. BUT the past two days I have decided that eating certain raw deserts with almond products in them make my heart so happy that not eating them is almost worse, that my emotional state revolving around the limited diet almost makes them toxic to my system. So I have told myself that these foods are actually GOOD for me and the happiness my body gets eating them negates the ill effects they have given me in the past.

I have no idea if this will continue to work or not, but for the past 2 days it totally has. Another new experiment. See if this mind over matter indeed is what it’s cracked up to be!

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Reveling in my Hail Merry chocolate miracle tart from whole foods and LOVING every bite without telling myself I’d pay for it later!!!! YUM!

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