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2 Things I Would Have Done Differently After 16 Years Of Working In A Toxic Salon



Feel Good Project day 84

This day I thought would never arrive.

Here I am-the countdown behind me now.

Many people have ended their careers and I know I am not unique in this. Feels unique though as it’s something I have never done before. It’s a first. And like all firsts, many times I never know exactly HOW to feel until I sit with it awhile. I can guarantee that I will never look back though. 🙂

Tomorrow I am hosting my thank you/meet and greet party at salon to thank all of my clients throughout the years for supporting me financially and also introduce them to Kelly who will be taking my place and taking great care of my their future hair needs.

Until I lock the door behind me tomorrow, it will still not seem real and that’s okay. Just knowing though that I finished my last client at a salon EVER again today feels absolutely euphoric and freeing.

My very last client tonight was my mother in law (whom you can hear at the end of our radio shows talking about signing up for our newsletter), and I did that on purpose because I wanted to end with someone who energetically feels right to me.

Nobody better than family to close a book and turn to a new page with.

Laying in bed last night I did in fact do some searching my memory bank of these past 16 years to see what really stuck out and was highlighted along the way.

During my past 16 years while in the styling business SO much life has happened.

This is what I came up with:

  • I met, fell in love with and married my best friend
  • I moved apartments 8 times
  • Worked at 5 different salons
  • Have done thousands of haircuts
  • Offered up my hair cutting abilities to friends in need at hospitals, backyards, living rooms, garages, and church parking lots (I even washed my friend’s hair once in a barf bucket at a hospital as she was too sick to make it to the shower!)
  • Styled for and been to over 300 weddings
  • Met hundreds of new babies
  • Lost over 20 clients and friends way too early to either cancer, accidents or suicides
  • Had a few breakups and broken hearts, one of which was majorly defining life shaping
  • Went blonde
  • Returned to a brunette after a few very awkward years of thrashed and badly damaged hair
  • Met my very best friends
  • Traveled to many countries and adventured
  • Lost one of my best friendships and got it back again (this time BETTER than it was before) over FIVE years of not speaking!!!
  • Started Extreme Health Radio with Justin
  • Become the proud owner of our dog Maggie

They are just a few slices of the pie called life that came to me when falling asleep last night.

So many things feel so very distant and then some feel like just yesterday.

If I could do it all again, there are things I would most definitely change-toxic chemical intake being among the top!

Another is toxic people I have allowed in my life as well.

BUT-the saving grace is that this is all a part of the story I have chosen. The story of ME. It wouldn’t hold the same meaning if I hadn’t gone through all of these things, so for that I am grateful beyond belief.

What is it I hope for this next book? (my friend Robin and I call them ‘books’ not chapters in our lives, as it’s a BRAND new period so we don’t refer to them as a part of the same old book-it’s a NEW one altogether!)

Peace. Healing. Freedom. Tranquility. Adventure. Newness. Productivity.

That is just the beginning.

Watch out 2015-I warned you I was coming for you! You ain’t seen this side of me yet…


Image: sheknows.com

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