You'll Never Believe What Happened When I Started Getting Rid Of Things


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You’ll Never Believe What Happened When I Started Getting Rid Of Things



Feel Good Project day 69

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: While walking Maggie up the street to buy toilet paper of all things, (I spied this sweet boy) around the age of ten with his backpack on just off the school bus) picking flowers that were growing wild along the sidewalk. I said hello and he looked up and smiled. I told him I thought his flowers were lovely, to which he smiled hugely and said he was gathering them for his grandmother. His eyes sparkled when he spoke of her. He went on his way, and I watched him as he neared toward the apartment complex he lived in and his grandma was walking up the street toward the place as well, and they embraced and he handed her the bouquet. She kissed his sweet head, and they held hands and walked inside. I witnessed true love today.

I just HAD to write my feel good moment first tonight as it’s been seared into my mind all day, almost making me cry thinking about its sweetness. Of all the things a little boy could be doing on his way home from school, and he chose to give. I won’t forget that scene ever. It pricked my heart in a way that a scene from a really touching movie does that you can’t erase from your mind.

I witnessed a second miracle tonight while holding my very best friend’s baby on this day he came into the world. Welcome sweet, perfect baby. You are LOVED beyond belief. Imagine how much life is waiting for you, just ripe with adventure and greatness.

Made me think: when do we lose this sense of wonder and excitement of our lives unfolding with every possibility in the world? Is it the moment we first sense fear? Is it when we witness anger or loud voices? Is it feeling alone or unheard?

Stops to make one think.

2015 is unstoppable. One full week in and I stand absolutely amazed and astounded at what is transpiring. BIG things. It’s strange to say, while things on the outside look pretty much the same, to know and FEEL things on the inside are VERY different.

Change is bubbling up, brewing around me. There is no other way to describe it other than RIPENESS. I have no idea how things will play out or in what time, but change is coming friends.

I am aware that a giant part of this Feel Good Project is just waking up and screaming a giant YES to whatever comes my way that particular day.

This looks different one day to the next.

Today out of all things, it yelled at me to keep getting rid of the things that hold me back!

I yelled YES and then went out to our patio, recruited Justin to join me and we spent the next few hours ditching everything we own on that deck, all but two lounge chairs which we love to lay in the sun on in summer.

Talk about freeing.

My goal has been to get this place down to minimum so that WHEN (and I am claiming that word ‘WHEN’) we move out, we can do so in one day. Might sound like a silly goal, but that is my goal nonetheless and it means something huge to me.

Having moved about 7 times in 9 years, I became immensely aware of just how much crap I had, and how LONG it takes to move. I decided when we moved into this place five years ago that I wouldn’t let this get out of control again and have badly failed.

Until now.

I am reclaiming my freedom and my territory.

The more I continue to get rid of everything I have been holding on to for the idea of ‘some’ day I will need it, the more I am beginning to feel ‘unstuck’, and things seem to be shifting.

The even better part of all this clutter clearing is that I had the idea of a garage sale to make a little extra money since I am quitting my main income here in just a matter of days now.

This is how living in Easy World continues: run into my friend Kelly and randomly mention I am having a garage sale this weekend because she looked at my packed car! She mentions that SHE is having a garage sale as well the same day, and I am welcome to join hers. This is amazing on two levels: I don’t have an actual driveway, so I had no idea how this would even look for me, and secondly she already advertised for it on craigslist AND made signs.

AWW, I love you Easy World.

I pretty much just love you world in general. You are amazing. 🙂


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