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We’re Finally Going To Live Shows!

20090313-radio1Kate and I are really excited to announce that are shows are now going to be live. As with most technology these days live means there is about a 7 second delay to prevent bad words from happening.

This is standard in the radio business.

Having a live radio show has been something I’ve been thinking about doing since the show began in August of 2012. When we first started I didn’t even know if the show would be something I would enjoy doing or if I would even be good at it. On top of that I was unsure whether or not we could put together a show that would sound good and have professional quality audio.

Turns out we’ve been able to achieve all of that and more. Personally I don’t consider myself a great radio show host by any means but having a passion for learning and having the background that I do, I feel like as long as I can keep working at being more articulate, I’ll be able to ask some good questions for you all.

The Vision For The Live Show

You might be asking what the heck do I want to accomplish for the live show? Well at this point I first want to get my bearings underneath me and figure out if we like doing a live show and if you guys enjoy it.

If that’s the case then the main reason of doing a live show is to increase audience interaction and build a sense of community around what we’re doing.

The interview shows will be live and you’ll only be able to ask questions via voicemail, email or through our live chat room. The reason why this is the case is because we haven’t been able to figure out a solution yet for being able to accept calls during an interview, put them on hold so they can hear the show while it’s happening and when the time is right allow them to ask the guest a question.

The way it works right now is that because we don’t have a second phone line, all of our potential incoming calls would come through on Skype. And as such there’s no way to put somebody on hold on Skype.

Until we can figure out that end of the technology we’re going to only allow listeners to ask questions via chat. We’ve had lots of people email in and say they’d prefer that better because it wouldn’t disrupt the flow of the conversation.

How Will A Live Show Affect The Free For All Friday Shows?

With that being said, our Free For All Friday shows are going to be moved soon from Sunday to 9am Pacific on Friday mornings. All of our shows are going to take place at 9am Pacific Monday through Friday. Right now we’re not doing a show on Tuesday but that’s going to change soon. Tuesday’s are going to be devoted to issues other than health like finance, “conspiracy theories”, alternative views on history and what’s going on in the world today.

I’m really looking forward to the Tuesday show coming soon.

But the Friday show we’re going to do a recap of the week of shows we had and take listener questions via phone (skype), chat, email and voicemail. It is our hope that many of you will call in during our Friday show to talk with us about your health and anything that’s on your mind.

I envision it being a place where there are hundreds if not thousands of people listening live and in the chat room. If somebody calls in with a particular health question that Kate and I are unable to answer, people in the chat room will be able to help the caller find a remedy.

Then we can talk about the answers coming in from the chat room on the show and people who listen 3 years or 30 years into the future will be able to benefit.

I’ve realized that the Extreme Health Radio community is very knowledgeable and very informed. You guys are much more informed than Kate and I. So why not pool all of our resources together and really affect some change in the world?

Doesn’t that sound good?

And obviously the chat room will be available 24/7 for you guys to use at your convenience and desire.

So that’s our goal!

We want to create a space for all of you amazing listeners to share your knowledge and help people as one big happy community.

Thanks for sharing in what we’re doing and we hope to help as many of you as we possibly can.

It’s only been a little over a year and it’s been a wild ride. Kate and I are loving every minute of it!

To even bigger and better things!

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