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Supplies You Need For Your First Coffee Enema

starterkitAs many of you know each year Kate and I like to add in brand new protocols into our lives to get even healthier. Sometimes the motivation for doing these is to prevent disease but most of the time the motivation is to have more energy, more vitality and generally feel better.

These protocols have included sitting in our sauna, lying on our BioMat, rebounding every day, doing colonics, collecting our own spring water and the list goes on.

If you want to start adding these types of disciplines into your life, I suggest doing them slowly. Get comfortable with one of them for a month or more and then add another one in.

If you add too many in right on top of one another you might lose motivation because it’s hasn’t integrated itself yet into your “new norm”.

The most recent thing we’ve added into our lives is coffee enemas.

Talk about life changing.

If you’ve been listening to our shows lately you’ll know we’ve been talking about them a lot actually. I even wrote a post a while back talking about my very first experience doing them.

Kate has been telling her clients at her salon all about them as well as her friends and co-workers. I can imagine the reaction many of them had when hearing about the tumors, worms and parasites coming out of her. Kate is crazy, she actually takes pictures and people even want to see pictures of these worms.

She’s been getting these flesh colored balls that look like marbles with tentacles connected to them. Maybe they’re pieces of a tumor or fibroid that’s been breaking up, who knows.

In any event coffee enemas are POWERFUL. Maybe that’s why Dr. Patrick Vickers from The Gerson Therapy uses them in his practice to get rid of cancer in people naturally.

When Kate tells her clients and friends about how powerful they are, some of them actually want to do one. Now that’s amazing to me because it’s not common for people these days to be interested in preventative medicine. It’s easy to prevent cancer and heart disease, and much more challenging to get rid of them once you’ve been diagnosed.

Be that as it may maybe some of them are doing it for purely aesthetic reasons like losing weight and “looking” thinner on the outside.

I guess sometimes vanity can be a doorway that can be used to get people into healthy practices.

The people who do want to do these want to know how to do enemas and what supplies they need. Many people have been asking, “What kind of coffee do I use?” “Where do I buy it?” and so forth.

So I’m going to list off some enema supplies that we use below. I’ll give a couple options of different styles and explain why personally I like what I use.

The Ultimate Enema Supply List…

I hope this is helpful to you.

Organic Unroasted Coffee

It’s very important to get high quality coffee. You want to make sure that the coffee is not roasted as this produces chemicals that can be carcinogenic if used in the colon during enemas. You also want to make sure the coffee itself is not flavored and organic. I can’t imagine why you’d want to use flavored coffee to stick up your butt! We recommend this brand >>


Enema Bag or Enema Bucket

When you’re doing an enema it’s important to have some kind of container or vessel to hold your coffee that has a long tube connected to it.

Personally I like the clear bucket because I can see exactly how much coffee is being used with each round.

The downside to the bucket is that the part that you insert is a little bit wider so it takes more finesse and care when inserting into your rectum.

As long as you have enough coconut oil on the end and you take it slow it’s not a big deal. Kate likes the red bag better.

You can find both of these by clicking here. >>

Organic Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

You’re going to need some kind of lubricant to put on the end of the tube for your enema. I recommend something that’s high in saturated fat so it melts at room temperature. Coconut oil can be used for cooking, skin care and there are tons of uses for it. Again it must be the top quality coconut oil you can find.

We recommend this brand you can get at your local health food store or by clicking here.>>

Distilled Water

Distilled water is the type of water used in The Gerson Therapy because it’s sterile, filtered and clean. It’s also a “male” water which means it’s aggressive. Water is a very strong solvent which means it’s pulls energy and particles into it.

Distilled water has lots its structure and its minerals resulting from the cooking process. This means it’s more aggressive in terms of pulling substances into itself (exactly what you want for a coffee enema). This pulls more of the acids and oils from the coffee when you brew up your coffee on the stove. You can get distilled water at your local store or by clicking here. >>

You can take this a step further and even do enemas with ozone, wheatgrass, yogurt, baking soda, sea salt and lots of other interesting substances. We are not giving medical advice and if you choose to do these, do them at your own risk. With that said I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until I start trying other substances in my enemas.

If you’d like more places to get enema supplies feel free to visit this site sent in by one of our listeners.

I hope you found this post helpful to you! If you did would you mind sharing it with your friends using the buttons at the top of this page?

Kate and I would be very grateful!

Thanks 🙂

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