Man Photographs Every Stage of His Wife’s Battle With Breast Cancer


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Man Photographs Every Stage of His Wife’s Battle With Breast Cancer


I wanted to share with you a heart wrenching story about breast cancer and why Kate and I do the work we do. It’s our goal to prevent this from happening ever again. The husband here is an honorable man as well as the young lady.

They both seems like amazing people. Read the excerpt from his blog below and then below the photos you can read my comments about it.



















The link above is simply an image if you’d like to visit the original blog you can do so by clicking here.

My Thoughts…

Today I read this story orginally from Chris Wark’s blog (a guest on our show a while back) and spent a good amount of time reading the original blog itself. As I was reading it and looking at the pictures a flood of emotions came into my being.

First I was just sad. I was sad that this woman had to go through this horrible disease. I’m sad for the husband that his beautiful wife had to go through this and imagined what his life is like now. It’s pretty obvious how much he loved his wife and cared about her.

Then I was upset that people have to endure such diseases. What made it particularly worse is how young this amazingly strong girl was. To be able to go through that with as much grace as she did was mind blowing. And to have a husband that is so devoted to you is something awe inspiring.

As many of you know I’ve had my own experience with cancer. I haven’t had it directly but my mom was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma back when I was a kid and that event changed my life.

Also recently a friend I went to high school with died of colon cancer.

I know I’m not the only one who has been directly affected by cancer.

When I see stories like this it just kills me. When people are diagnosed with cancer they’re told that they almost immediately need to be rushed into surgery to have a massively invasive procedure. They get scared by their doctors that unless they get surgery to get rid of this tumor that they’re going to die.

What they don’t realize is that this tumor has been growing in their body for perhaps years. Waiting a few weeks (in my opinion) isn’t going to change anyhing.

Remember though, it’s your body and don’t follow my advice as I’m not a medical doctor. Because we all know, only medicines and drugs can cure people right? 😉

Often the doctors will scare the patients into getting some kind of radical surgery which creates all kinds of problems in the body. Often times tumors will spread after the surgery because the cancer cells end up being broken off and being circulated in the blood stream to other parts of the body that are energetically weak (as in the case with most biopsies).

Then the surgery itself creates a scar which radically prevents the energetics of the body from working properly. If you want more information about the plasma energy field of the body and how scars absolutely damage our health listen to our interview with Dr. Robert Marshall.

Then what’s most disturbing is that these patients are often told (after they’ve had a “successful surgery” of removing all the cancer) to undergo chemotherapy and radiation.

If they’ve removed the cancerous tumors why do we need to have chemotherapy or radiation? Why? Because each cancer patient is worth approximitely $300,000 to the pharmecutial industry.

Anybody wonder why it’s called an industry? A “for profit industry” is going to always be more concerned with their bottom line than your health or livelihood that’s for sure.

As Chris Wark said, everybody is ignoring the elephant in the room. This precious girl didn’t die from cancer (I’m only guessing here) but she died of the toxic and poisonous treatment of that cancer, namely chemotherapy.

If you want to learn more about how to prevent cancer listen to our shows on the subject or listen to a show I did about what I would do if I were diagnosed with cancer. God knows the last thing I’d do is chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.

My heart breaks for this noble woman who went through this incredible ordeal and now for her late husband who is an honorable man to be with his wife through this ordeal.

My hope is that people do what they can to prevent cancer in the first place and if they’re ever faced with having to deal with it, they have the awareness to know that there are many alternative treatments out there that are MUCH more effective than chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.

The question is when are people going to wake up to understand this?

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