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Trina Thornhill – Medical Kidnapping – Avoid Hospitals At All Costs!


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  • Trina Thornhill joins us to share the story of her daughter McKenzie. Trina believes that McKenzie was misdiagnosed with cancer and as a result was forced to go through traumatic medical “treatments” that ended up ending the life of her beloved 12 year old daughter.

    This is a story of how the medical system is killing people with their treatments.

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    Show Guest:

    Trina Thornhill

    Guest Info:

    Trina Thornhill is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, a graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. She is the creator and owner of Food Fueled. After struggling with various illnesses in her family Trina need to find a way to help and support them and through learning the basics of food, she found her way. Since then Trina’s mission has been to empower those she works with to transition from illness management to wellness management through food/supplemental based supports and reap the long-term health rewards. Her intakes are comprehensive in-depth root-cause assessments, as unless we get to the root there will only be a band aid. Her objective is to support her clients to get to the root of their nutritional health issues and provide personalized nutrition uniquely designed to help her clients to experience measurable improvement based on their specific needs & goals.

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