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The Power of Cansema For Use On Topical Skin Cancers

As many of you know I got initially interested in alternative health when my mom had cancer (non hodgkins lyphoma with a less than 1% chance at survival – according to doctors) back in 1995.

When I saw her going through chemotherapy, radiation and a bone marrow transplant my heart broke. I loved my mom so much and felt like we had so much more to experience in life together. Thank God she made it through and today she’s still going strong. She eats a high raw diet, rebounds, works out at the gym and juices 4 to 5 times a week.


Fast forward to about a year ago and my wife’s friend’s dad was diagnosed with skin cancer. I think it was some kind of melanoma. He was a famous surfboard shaper named Terry Martin. You can see a video about him by clicking here if you’re interested.

It seemed like there were more and more people popping up in my life that had cancer. It felt like every other day I heard of some new person dying of cancer. Recently a girl I went to high school with passed away and it just broke my heart.

So when I come across natural treatments for cancer (there are many) I like to share them with you. So this particular product has more to do with skin cancers than anything else.

I first heard about them from an interview I heard on Natural News.

I realize that Greg Caton, founder of Alpha Omega labs at Herb Healers cannot make any kind of medical claims because he is the one creating and manufacturing that product.

But let’s just put it this way, I’m going to buy a few bottles of Cansema (also known as Black Salve) just to have on hand in case the FDA tries to put him in prison again. I’ve already purchased their bloodroot paste and used it on my warts with amazing results.

I’ve listened to multiple interviews with Greg Caton and read lots of 3rd party information regarding his work and his products that he’s creating with ingredients deep in the Amazon.

If you have skin cancer or know somebody that does, please get yourself some of the Cansema product and try it out. I don’t get any kind of kick back from Alpha Omega labs, I just want you to know there are options out there.

I would buy a few bottles even if you’re healthy to have “just in case”. I say just in case because you may have a family member that gets diagnosed with skin cancer or the FDA might shut down the entire operation like the did with Project Green Life that was selling MMS (Master Mineral Solution) developed by Jim Humble that ALSO helps the body to get rid of many many ailments that the drug companies don’t want you to know about.

If you’re interested in MMS you can read Jim’s book called The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century if you’re interested.

The point is that you don’t know how long these ground breaking products will be allowed to be sold. The FDA can be quite ruthless in terms of shutting down operations that are developing natural products that help people overcome their health conditions.

Go get some Cansema and stock up for a rainy day!

If you want some cutting edge information about how to treat cancer in a natural way, you should really look at the book by our first guest Ty Bollinger called Cancer Step Outside The Box.

That’s a must read if you’re interested in tons of natural treatments for cancer!

  • extremehealthradio says:

    HI Kaz! Wow what a story. So sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this! Can you share any links if you have them for the Facebook group and where you were able to purchase the salve? I think I know where you got it but I just want to make sure. I know what they’re doing with chemo and radiation is criminal! Thanks for sharing.

    • kazspence says:

      Justin can you please give me your email and I will forward you the info. Cos it is banned in Australia there are huge fines if caught giving out info … I know really dumb! THANKS 🙂

      • extremehealthradio says:

        Hi Kaz! I’d love to. It’s I’ll look forward to hearing from you with that info. I don’t know if you know but I’m half Aussie (minus the accent! ;( My mom’s whole family is there and it’s my second home! Talk soon.

        • kazspence says:

          Ha Ha Justin I did not know that – well I am a kiwiaussie gal 😉 Where is home when you come back to Oz?

          • extremehealthradio says:

            Manly is where my family lives but they’re moving up north a few hours. So next time we visit we’ll be visiting a new place! Enjoy the rest of your summer. 🙂

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