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The Business of Blogging – A Behind The Scenes Look At Extreme Health Radio

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Recently I watched an interesting interview with Mark Sisson from Richard Nikoley over at Free The Animal. I was inspired to write this blog post about the business of blogging and hopefully inspire you to start something you can call your own.

I’ve written a few times about how this blog makes money and the business of blogging. Some people aren’t really wired to start their own business while others seem to be hardwired to do that from the beginning.

I for one never really resonated with the stuffy corporate environment. I’ve had a few corporate jobs. I worked for the IT department for a mortgage company and another IT job in a debt collection company, along with a few others.


Something about standing next to the water cooler talking with people about the Dow Jones didn’t quite woo me to that type of lifestyle. Some people love it and that’s great. I wanted to do something different. I’ve been building websites online for many years and have a background in marketing and a passion for health and learning. I figured why not combine all 3 into an online radio show?

Online business can be challenging. You never really know who your readers or listeners are. You don’t know if people love your material or just think it’s okay. Before I started I thought, “What if I’m a horrible interviewer?” or “People might think my writing sucks.” As the list of questions grew I felt like what if people I know find out. Will they think I’m out of my mind for some of my beliefs? There were so many questions but I just knew I needed to start this site. I figured I can always learn how to write better and I can always learn how to ask questions in a more clear and concise manner.

So why not jump right in man?

What I Like About Having This Show


I feel like time is the new currency. Having your own business allows you to be able to be more in control of your day. It also allows me to work from home so I can have the freedom to eat the way I want and spend my time the way I want.

But the real freedom comes from being more self reliant. Being self reliant is really what Extreme Health Radio is all about. You are in charge of your health, not your doctor. You. You are in control of supporting the system by working for a Fortune 500 business or not. You have all the freedom you want, right now. In the early 1900’s over 80% of adult males were in business for themselves. After the manipulated crash of 1929, people bought into the corporate dream of working for a company for 40 years and retiring with a huge pension.

Today’s economy is different. We can’t rely on government handouts and here-today, gone-tomorrow corporations. You just never know when you might get handed the proverbial pink slip on a Friday afternoon. I’ve had it happen when I worked for a Surf company and I know how it feels.

If you are working for a company right now, I highly suggest you start building a business in your free time (if you have free time and are so inclined) and treat that as like an insurance policy.

Imagine if you start now and continue working your job for the next 5 years and get laid off one Friday afternoon. If that side business was bringing in 50 or 60% of the income you were making at your desk job (hopefully more), then that buys you a little time to search for a more fulfilling job. Or if your side business does really well, you can simply do that full time.

For more information check out this post, 10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job.

If you decide to wait until you’re laid off to start your business, you’re doomed. Most likely it’s not going to happen. Guys like Pat Flynn have done it but it’s not the norm.

Get started now and treat it like a hobby…


The other thing I like about having your own business is the fact that you can help people and make their lives more rewarding. It’s a win/win for everybody. Earning money doing what you love in a way that helps people, shoot man, who can ask for more than that?

You might find fulfillment building things in the garage or helping people accomplish certain things. Whatever the case, you have gifts and abilities that should be explored.

Personally I like helping people improve their health and open their minds. That’s my thing. If I can promote products I really believe in along the way to help me be financially sustainable, then all the merrier.

I love this site and doing our radio show. I’m striving to get better at it and deliver even better content as much as I can. Right now we’re not sustainable but we’re working on it. Our model is put out high quality free content, ask for donations and promote high quality products you really believe in and the money will follow.

I really believe that.

It’s my goal to encourage you through this site by the blog posts and interviews. If you’d like to support us in some way, I wrote a whole post about that here.

Question of the day

Are you looking to start a business soon? If so, tell me about it below!

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