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Our Business Model – Create Value By Helping People

I wanted to talk a little bit about our business strategy and business model in this post.

Having worked on web sites and having been exposed to lots of flashy and tricky internet marketers since 1995, I feel like I’ve seen many different business models online.

There are people online, namely aggressive Internet marketers who are so concerned with earning a dollar that they lose sight of adding any value to the Internet. Some will even go so far as to create a program that will hijack your computer in order to make money online.

I’ve seen lots of shady tactics over the years. Years ago I came to the conclusion that we’re here to add value to people’s lives.

That’s what we’re aiming to do here at Extreme Health Radio. This is what we love. We love helping people. I was personally touched by my mom having cancer that originally started me on the path to health and natural healing. You can read more about that story in our about us page.

My goal is to help as many people as possible to realize that they can heal from disease naturally. They don’t need harsh pharmecutical medications in order to heal from disease.

When we all start realizing that no doctor is going to heal us, we’ll start to understand that it’s our bodies that do the healing.

I don’t care what disease you have, if you work hard enough to find the answers they are out there. I have friends with rumatoid arthritus, cancer and all kinds of diseases. Some are utilizing natural methods while others are undergoing western medicine.

There are so many incredible people running natural healing centers (mostly in ohter countries thanks to the FDA) and helping people do what’s impossible.

Our goal is to give these incredible people a voice so they can spread the word.

But perhaps you’re already done your healing or cleansing, now you want to take this body out for a spin and see what it’ll do. That’s the other side of the coin. We want to get you feeling stronger than ever so that you have the energy to live your dream. What good is health if you’re not helping others live their dream right?

How We Make Money

Rather than charging people for admission, I’d rather leave a tip jar on the way out.

We don’t want to charge for ANY of the information on this site. It’s all brought to you entirely for free. We’ve done a lot of work setting up this site so we can bring this life changing information to you 100% free.

We don’t want to sell advertising to 3rd party companies who aren’t creating the best products that can be made. If we did that we’d be biased in our reviews and our opinions. Plus we don’t want to be strong armed by our “sponsors” in the event that we say something they disagree with. When that happens we start censoring our message and we’re not down with that.

Charging you for this information is not an option either. I respect you too much for that.

We do run Google ads on the site. For now it’s an expiriment. I’m not entirely happy with their output. You see we don’t control which ads show up, they do that based on the content of our articles. We’re not sure where we’re going to end up on that front.

The best option we can think of to earn money to keep things rolling around here is to do simple affiliate advertising. We simply review or mention products that we feel are extremely high quality. If you decide to purchase something, we’ll get a small commission. You’ll notice we have a thriving store with high quality products.

When a podcast page goes live, you’ll notice links to the books written by the guest on that page. If you buy from Amazon we’ll get a small commission from your order.

The other way we earn money from this project is simply by the kind donations of people like you who help make this cutting edge content free for their brothers and sisters.

It’s that simple really.

If you feel the desire to donate, we’d be extremely grateful. If not, no pressure at all. We’ve put together a list of some other ways to support us that aren’t based on money.

If you are looking to do something in your life that’s online, the biggest tip I could give is to be 100% geniuine, transparent and have a desire to really help people. If you do these 3 things, you’ll be creating so much value for people, the money will eventually follow.

It’s all about creating something of extreme value and genuinely wanting to help people.

I’d like to end with this quote as I think it nails our vision perfectly.

“Find something you love so much, that you would be willing to do it all day for free, then become so great at that one thing that people would be willing to pay you to do it.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself…

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