10 Inspirational Natural Cancer Survivors You Should Follow
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The 10 Most Inspirational Natural Cancer Survivors You Should Follow


CancerCuredHeadlineI’d like to introduce you to a few people. Some you may know about and some you may not. I realize that this list is 100% completely subjective. My aim here is to let you know about 10 inspirational natural cancer survivors.

I’m highlighting these wonderful people because of what they’re doing as a result of their recovery and how they’re impacting the world.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some people I could have added to this list that aren’t here but I’m choosing this specific list of people not only because of what they overcame but for their bravery, courage and most importantly their impact on the world. I didn’t choose these 10 inspirational natural cancer survivors lightly.

These are all people that have had an impact on my life and for that, I’d like to spotlight their most important and inspiring work in this blog post.

Drum roll please…..

#1) Suzanne Somers


We all remember Chrissy Snow who was the fictional character on the TV show Three’s Company right? But in 2001 Suzanne shocked everybody when she announced she had breast cancer. She ended up having a lumpectomy to remove her tumor along with radiation but opted for alternative cancer treatments instead of chemotherapy. As a result of this bold move and talking about it publicly, she’s received her fair share of abuse from the American Cancer Society. God bless them. When you know you have a losing hand, all you can do is hassle those you know are beating you.

She’s the author of groundbreaking books such as Knockout: Interviews with Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer–And How to Prevent Getting It in the First Place as well as I’m Too Young for This!: The Natural Hormone Solution to Enjoy Perimenopause. She’s also the author of many other great books as well.

Suzanne inspires women and men world wide and because of her platform, courage and strength to stand up for the truth, I had to put her first on this list. But I’m not gonna lie, her role as Chrissy might have helped a bit also. 😉

Suzanne if you’re reading this, we’re your biggest supporters!

Please follow her —> Website | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube



#2) Kris Carr


If you don’t already know Kris Carr, she’s the star behind the documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer along with the book and many other products as well. On Valentines Day, 2003, Kris Carr was diagnosed with an extremely rare and incurable stage IV cancer called epithelioid hemangioendothelioma (easy for you to say) that dramatically had an effect on her liver and lungs.

With a brand new death sentence in hand and not many options, did she roll over and die? Nope! She decided to go on the greatest journey of her life, to love her cancer. What? How could a person love the very thing that’s kiling her? But she decided to see cancer as the greatest tool a human could be given. She decided to look to cancer as a teacher and a messenger. She was given no more than 10 years to live and she’s still living with cancer!

She’s incredibly inspirational and somebody I would highly suggest you follow. Her story is incredible and very motivating. Whether you have cancer or not, do me and yourself a favor and follow her to keep up to date with what she’s up to.

Please follow her —> Website | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube



#3) Jessica Ainscough


Jessica Ainscough was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of cancer (much like Kris Carr) in her arm called epithelioid sarcoma. The only option she had was basically full amputation of her arm along with chemotherapy and radiation. Not something you want to hear if you’re 22 years old and an aspiring magazine writer trying to build your career right?

Inside herself she knew there had to be a way. She knew she had to go deeper than the medical world if she wanted to improve her health. In fact the conventional medical world didn’t give her many options so she had no choice. So she got on a plane with her mom and flew thousands of miles away to Mexico to undergo the Gerson Therapy.

Tell me this isn’t inspirational….for the next 2 + years she followed a strict diet that included 16 freshly made vegetable juices per day along with about 4 coffee enemas per day. Anybody who has worked with a Norwalk Juicer and has done coffee enemas will understand just how incredible this was. To undergo a complete mental, physical and spiritual transformation at such a young age has to be one of the most inspiring stories ever. As a result of her incredible transformation she’s put together a course called The Lifestyle Transoformation Guide that you can check out by clicking here.

Jess is amazing and you’d better off for it, to follow her and continue to receive her daily inspirations either from her newsletter or her Facebook account!

Please follow her —> Website | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube



#4) Elaine Gibson


Imagine the day before Thanksgiving being diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Fortunately for Elaine she caught it early and decided to do a treatment plan in Mexico to take care of it. About 6 months later she had beat it! Amazing. So life continued on as usual…or seemed to at least.

6 years later the Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma returned with a vengeance. This time it wasn’t small and localized it was stage 4. That’s one stage before you’re a gonner. So at this point she went back to the drawing board of her life and started re-learning how to take care of herself. Thank God she did because as a result she’s been able to change the world.

Elaine is now a certified raw food chef and counselor and is changing the world through her website and her work.

I highly recommend learning more about her below!

Please follow her –> | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube



#5) Cortney Campbell


Can you imagine getting married and 3 months later being diagnosed with hodgkins lymphoma? As they do with most cancer patients they try to scare people into thinking they don’t have much time to do any research. Ahh the ol scare tactic, salesman have been using them for years. And aren’t medical doctors glorified pharmaceutical salesmen?

Anyway her new husband Kevin just didn’t have a peace about the chemotherapy or radiation treatment plan. During the time when they were getting the walk through of the facilities (seems like a new home walk through sales job doesn’t it?) Chris thought there were better options. Can you imagine not having a background in alternative cancer treatments on the tail end of a diagnosis like this, and having a level head like that?

Courtney ended up doing the Budwig Protocol, essiac tea, rebounding and many other treatments for her cancer and now has her own website (see below) where she shares her journey. Since my wife and co-host Kate has a background in working at salons for the past 15 years I especially enjoyed this post by Courtney.

I love what she’s doing and highly recommend following her story!

Please follow her –> | Website | Facebook | Twitter



#6) Tamara St. John


What a story Tamara St. John has. We were lucky enough to get her on the show back on episode #75 if you’d like to hear that. As a result of her harrowing journey, being on death’s door, and beating breast cancer twice she wrote a book called, Defeat Cancer Now.

At the time of her diagnosis she had no health insurance, was single and had no way of paying for expensive medical treatments like chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. On top of that she barely had any money to pay out of her pocket for alternative cancer treatments. Most of the time these can be extremely costly since insurance is not involved.

Not only is her story amazing but the work she’s going now is incredible. I’m a huge fan of Tamara and what she’s doing to help other people heal themselves of cancer. I highly recommend getting her book, reading her website and following her journey!

Please follow her –> Website | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube



#7) Burton Goldberg


I originally heard about Burton’s work from Dr. Richard Massey some time ago. What I love about Burton Goldberg’s work is that he’s teaching people to focus on the immune system of the body rather than the cancer. We’re always taught about how effective some medication might be for cancer but we’re not taught about how strong we can get our immune system to be.

At 85 years young and having survived bladder cancer and kidney cancer using natural cancer remedies, he comes from a place of experience not just head knowledge. He’s also the author of a book called Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer and documentary called Cancer Conquest.

The other great thing I like about Burton’s work is that he’s exposing the medical industry for what it is, a for profit business that centers around profit instead of people. You’re never going to get honest advice from an industry that focuses on increased revenue as its highest value.

Keep going Burton we love you!

Please follow him –> Website | Facebook | Youtube



#8) Christina Pirello


Christina Pirello was diagnosed with late stage acute leukemia and the doctors told her there’s really nothing they could do. Can you imagine being diagnosed with terminal cancer and have the doctors throw up their hands and tell you you’re going to die? 6 months after her mother died of colon cancer she herself was diagnosed with stage 4 acute myeloid leukemia. She got introduced to the macrobiotic diet through her eventual husband.

After two months on the macrobiotic diet she was in remission. Her doctors assured her she would die and that the remission was just temporary. Don’t you just love doctors like that?

In total she was able to become cancer free in 14 months through a complete diet and lifestyle change. Now she’s on a mission to change the world of food and nutrition so that we no longer get that cancer diagnosis.

Please follow her –> Website | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube



#9) Rev. George Malkmus


I love cancer survival stories and especially this one. In 1976 Rev. George Malkmus was diagnosed with colon cancer. Can you imagine how limited your natural treatment options were back then compared to today? Scary right?

At that time he was a pastor of a large church and had just gone through his own mother dying from colon cancer. Chemotherapy and radiation were not an option. He knew it wasn’t right for him. So a friend told him to start eating more raw fruits and vegetables, fresh carrot juices and follow a dietary program that ultimately within 1 year shrunk a baseball sized tumor to nothing.

Now George has created the Hallelujah Diet based on biblical principles of how we should be eating. He went on to write Why Christians Get Sick and has a host of health products on his website.

What I love about George Malkmus is how much he cares about people and the influence he’s had in the world promoting the message of health and healing. His story is remarkable and one that I really think you should pay attention to.

Please follow him –> Website | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube



#10) Meg Wolff


Meg Wolff had her left leg amputated due to bone cancer at 33 years old. Then at 41 it came back as invasive lobular and ductal carcinoma, stage 3B or aka breast cancer. What resulted were mastectomies. After chemotherapy and radiation she embraced macrobiotics and now teaches others. She also had ulcerative colitis, anxiety, insomnia and other health issues to deal with along with the cancer.

Can you imagine having that type of prognosis at 33 years old? The fact that Meg has beat her cancer is such a great sign for others. Meg is truly an inspiration. Since this time she got heavily into the macrobiotic diet and has written a number of books including Breast Cancer Exposed: The Connection Between Food and Survival as well as A Life in Balance: Delicious Plant-based Recipes for Optimal Health.

Please follow her –> Website | Website | Facebook | Youtube



Well there ya have it. These are some very inspiring people who have stared cancer in the face and decided to go for alternative and natural remedies for cancer instead of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

If you’d love to hear any of our interviews of people who talk about cancer you can check out the entire cancer section on our website. I recorded a radio show about what I would do if I were diagnosed with cancer and you can listen to that by clicking here.

I would highly recommend the book by Ty Bollinger called Cancer Step Outside the Box for some other information along with all the resources of amazing people on this page.

As you all know, I cannot give medical advice or tell people what to do. I can simply share information. Obviously your journey to health is your individual decision.

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