My Friend Taught Me Why I Need To Ask For What I Want Instead of Living Timidly


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My Friend Taught Me Why I Need To Ask For What I Want Instead of Living Timidly



Feel Good Project day 80

Living in easy world today was never easier.

Everything all conspired to make life a pleasurable experience in which nothing that came my way was the least bit frustrating.

AHHHHH deep breath. Feels SO good to be living in such a state of gratitude at this moment.

So I mention my friend Robin often as she is such a gigantic part of my life and journey. She again graced my life with her luminous presence as we met up for a tea by a cozy fireplace on a freezing day. (I know. I know. California cannot be freezing right? Believe me though, today was as close as it gets! Brrrrrrr!!!!)

Among the many things Robin has taught me and encouraged me in for this year in particular is to dream BIG and expect MORE.

I recall telling her about how a month or so ago I was feeling like I needed to pay off a few lingering debts, buy a few items I have been needing, as well as have some extra stash of cash put away as I was acting out of LACK and FEAR that once I walked away from my job there wouldn’t be enough to do these very things.

We talked through it and processed together like we often do, and came to the conclusion that the fear and the lack are just another set of LIES we buy (and I had been buying) into.

What we believe and think about our reality often becomes our reality by power of imagination and suggestion. Where we focus our energy it goes there. Reminds me of the work of one of my favs Dr. Bruce Lipton (who we were blessed to have on our show!) and how he talks about the power we have within us that we are so often unaware of.

Walking Maggie, I had a few visions of ideals in my life that I want and dream about often. I prayed as I walked and I heard God gently nudge me to start ASKING for the things I really want in life as NOTHING is too great for Him to do.

I felt him telling me that often all that stands in the way is ME. Either I don’t ask, I don’t trust that it’ll happen when I DO ask, and I flatten my requests to smaller than they start out as, as if I feel selfish or discontent in my asking for things.

In the Bible it says to CONFIDENTLY approach the throne. I have not been doing that one bit. In fact, I have been shirking away from it as if I don’t deserve anything because there are WAY more people suffering and have MUCH more legitimate requests than I.

Again, another LIE.

I feel that now in this phase I am in, my desires have changed so much and aligned with what my soul is really and truly about. So the requests I have now versus the list I had 5 years ago even are extremely different. The things high on my priority and values list are things I know I should boldly ask for.

Don’t get me wrong, not ALL desires are of a spiritual and growth nature-I AM human remember:)

What I really desire in all honesty today is a bathtub large enough to fit my outstretched body instead of having to roll up into a ball to get the water covering me somewhat! That is truly what I desire and want. I will put that out there and watch what happens.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Having a friend who GETS me. Unconditionally and judgement free zone when I am with her. To feel 100% myself around a select few (and I mean FEW) is a priceless gift. Thank you Robin for sharing life with me (and a name, as that’s my middle!:) I know that is not a coincidence in the slightest, and I know God smiled at that one.


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