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How One Book Has Made Me Grow In Every Area Of My Life Unlike Any Other



Today I made the time to finish the wonderful book ‘Infinite Self‘ by Stuart Wilde, which I have been reading on and off for over two months now. That’s something that has always bothered me-how little time I make for amazing books that add so very much to my life and evolutionary processes.

I let life get too busy and get in the way of my own self and what FEEDS my soul.

Growing up in a family of readers, I find it odd that as a young adult I didn’t make that much time for reading for some reason. I am pleased to say that at this point in time, I now read more than ever before in my life, and I find myself absolutely ravenous for any and all information involving health, detoxing, spiritual growth, self improvement, and freedom issues.

Sometimes a good novel sounds appealing, just to get out of my own head for awhile, but I often find them dull, lifeless and a waste of time compared to the life changing info I glean from ‘my other world’ of books and beyond. If a book (or magazine for that matter) does not add something of value to help me live a better life , show me a new perspective, or suggest thoughts and ideas of hope, change or enlightenment, I get bored rather quickly, and crave information that I notice shifts or leave me feeling different after reading than before I started.

Completing a book of any sorts just feels so amazing. Journeying back to health from a very compromised state often leaves me feeling like the journey is never ending, which might actually be the case.

There is no ‘there’ there on the journey to health right?

Can’t we always be improving some area of our body. mind and spirit? That is why something like the act of completing a book or a to do list is very huge to me right now, as it’s small things that make me feel accomplished and completed in some area of my life that I have a tad bit more say in:)

A most powerful line from Infinite Self struck me today, which reads…

‘It’s that sacred moment when you agree to abandon the fight, the struggle, the emotion, the world of the ego-personality, and you step away. And as you do so, there is an absolute power that joins you from within, that assists you. It isn’t going to lay out the path for you for the next 20 years, minute by minute, day by day. But it shines a light in front of you.’

From moment to moment, day to day, I have no guarantees or idea even of what this continual journey will hold for me. All I DO know is that like Wilde said, that a light goes in front of me, lighting up the next step.

Learning the slow process of letting go and being alright with the only the next tiny step illuminated is QUITE an art. I do like to think though that I end each day as I travel down this adventurous path, that I am changing, adding more to the world and becoming more of the person I was intended to be.

It takes courage and bravery, and when I get glimpses of what those look like in myself, I am overcome with adoration and complete love of this side of myself. Although I am nowhere near where I believe I am going, the glimpses keep me charging forward, with the promises of what is to come.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Receiving the MOST lovely surprise gift in the mail from a new friend Christine from Germany (if you are reading this Christine-THANK YOU with my whole heart!) that was completely unexpected, and changed the tone of my entire day, which to be honest started out feeling quite joyless and majorly overwhelming. Knowing friends not only near but from afar, friends I have not yet met, are rooting for me, us and the EHR continuation makes all the difference…

The Metal Diaries:

As far as the mercury/heavy metal journey goes, I am still putting the pieces of my plan moving forward. Right now I have a test coming my way in the mail from Quiksilver Scientific (the amazing creator Dr Christopher Shade was on our show!) that is called the mercury tri-test, which from all I have researched and watched videos on, might be the most reliable and accurate test for mercury to date! It tests mercury from 3 different sources, being hair, blood and urine.

I cannot tell you how excited this makes me. Having spent a lot of money on testing so far (which I knew going into it was most probably not going to show much of anything helpful in assessing the actual mercury or heavy metal loads or ratios), this test (although expensive as well) looks like it could be of great help in determining my situation.

Have been throwing around so many ideas of how to safely, effectively and as quickly as possible get this stuff out of my system, which can be such information overload. Although I am keen to get a move on, I also feel like I am needing to make educated choices on what is best given my exact situation.

There is the Dr Andrew Cutler protocol, the Klinghardt heavy metal plan, oral and IV chelation options, IV phosphatidylcholine, numerous different natural as well as synthetic materials, supplements and natural tinctures and pills. I will go over those and my findings more in the near future as I rule out which ones and why I decide to go those specific ways. There are pros and cons to all in my opinion so far, but some seem to call out to me stronger than others.

Right now, I am eagerly awaiting my Quiksilver tri-test in the mail, and will go from there! It’s living out what I wrote about above-one step at a time…

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