First I Quit My Job, Now I’m Hugging Trees…I’m A Certified Weirdo! – Extreme Health Radio

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First I Quit My Job, Now I’m Hugging Trees…I’m A Certified Weirdo!


Feel Good Project day 90

So today gave new meaning to the phrase ‘Tree Hugger’.

I actually went to a park and hugged some trees.


Well, because I simply felt led to.

I read an article in a magazine last night (while doing a castor oil pack!) about rituals to help start your day off in the right direction. One suggestion was upon waking up, before your feet hit the ground, speaking GRATITUDE into the day and thanking God for being alive so all that you have to become, see and accomplish according to your purpose can easily find you.

Another idea was to ground yourself by wrapping your arms around a tree.

So I did both today because I thought they’d feel SO great!

And they DID.

Today was the first day since quitting my job that I allowed myself to sleep in a bit longer than I usually do. I hit the ground running on my new projects here with EHR and all we have in the works, that I have not really paused in the mornings before I jump right into the day.

So when I sleepily blinked my eyes open I remembered to start my day with the intention of gratitude and thankfulness as I listed off things in my head I am utmost appreciative of-people, opportunities, health restoration, blessings, growth. I ended my soul’s prayer with asking for the day to be filled with magical situations and miracles that would be revealed in very personal ways that I would know were for ME.

Then I took my sweet time this morning with my chia seed, banana and cinnamon bowl and lingered with it longer than I usually do while I read a bit of a magazine.

I then leashed up Maggie to head outdoors to the park, where there was nobody around but one city gardener in the distance, so I thought there’s no time like the present! So, I decided to hug a tree to ground myself.

I have never hugged a tree before.

At first, it felt a bit awkward and foreign, but after a few seconds, it was as if a wave of new appreciation washed over me as I felt it’s strong connection to this amazing planet we live on.

Then I felt ashamed that I had never before seen this beautiful and living blessing for what it was. With my arms circling it’s rough trunk, I tried to imagine a world without trees. I simply couldn’t! It would be so incredibly ugly and desolate looking and feeling that it sent shivers down my spine.

All of a sudden this very tiny little act turned into a GIANT lesson in appreciation.

In fact, it touched me so deep that I couldn’t stop at just one. So, I didn’t.

This is what quitting my job is all about right? A bit of time to do out of the ordinary things that I have never made time for or recognized as important before.

So I found two more perfectly huggable trees and gave them a quick squeeze and whispered thank you.

During tree #3 I caught a strange look from the gardener who had moved closer with his leaf blower by this time, but i didn’t care!

I have decided that every day that I make it to a park, I will do my best to not leave without hugging one tree.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: while taking my evening bath tonight, my liver starting to ache a tad. I decided to apply the idea that author and healer Ahlea Khadro mentioned in a guided meditation I heard her lead. I placed my hands lovingly over my liver and asked what it might want to tell me. I got very still and tried to be open. What I heard back was that I am supposed to continue to wring out any last drop of bitterness or anger I may be holding onto. EVEN one last drop if it’s in there! Even upon finishing that prayerful conversation, the pain had left and since I have felt just fine. Talking to my body sounds like a strange concept, but I am learning how to navigate through a bit and listen.


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