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All The Reasons Why My Heart Is Overflowing With Gratitude



Feel Good Project day 23

Mixing it up today.

Today was so good feeling I have decided to just write a list of all the things that brought my mind and body joy and yumminess today.

Warm Maggie puppy kisses upon waking. Giant pot of homemade chicken and vegetable soup simmering on the stove all day, making our home smell amazing. Handful of perfectly ripe medjool dates. Phone catch up with my sister. A conversation with my friend Robin, where she told me that a vision I had had about her awhile ago actually came to be today. Played Christmas music loud in the kitchen while preparing dinner for my parents to come over to celebrate my dad’s birthday. Serving my parents grain free rosemary baguettes with the soup and having them LOVE it (nothing makes me feel better than serving people the very best and healthiest food for their bodies!) Spraying my all natural pumpkin spice room spray around the house, filling it with the smell of Thanksgiving. The feel of the warm sun on my back while walking Maggie in the park. Having enough money this week to be able to donate to a homeless man with cancer who reminded me of HOW fortunate I am and how GOOD I have it. Telling the homeless man named that I would be praying for him (he told me his name was Ron and that he needed it), and then actually spending the next five minutes doing so (that gave me even MORE to be thankful for as I gained even more perspective.) Filling my cupboards and fridge with wholesome, fresh foods. Designing our annual Christmas card online, reflecting upon the past year and HOW much has changed for the better with my health. Hearing a neighbor play the violin outside right now as I write this. My parents telling me that the ukelele lessons they are taking are worth it, and encouraging me to actually start and commit to my dream of playing the banjo I got awhile back. Sleeping in. Eating raw, vegan raspberry cheesecake AGAIN and not being afraid of the nuts (I LOVE that stuff now-I am feeling so FREE!!!) Taking less and less supplements this week and STILL feeling great. Read my way through more of the Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte for inspiration. Watched tons of beautiful trees, flowers and foliage make their way to the landscape overhaul next door, creating such a beautiful out of our windows, where there used to be a run down dingy lot.

This week of Thanksgiving I am overflowing with gratitude. The above were just a glimpse into the feel good day I had…

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