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5 Ways To Protect Yourself From Wifi, Holistic Doctor’s Deaths, Dangers Of Tattoo Ink, Aspartame, How To Make Black Salve For Skin Cancer, Listener Questions & Much More!


This was a fun episode to record. I recorded it late in the evening after I had a record day of self care. I spent most of the day making herbal medicinal tea, making green juice, coffee, almond milk, coconut milk, working out, doing dishes, jumping on the rebounder, sweating in my sauna, laying on my IMRS 2000 PEMF mat and walking dogs.

Whew that was a lot just to type!

I really wanted to get this episode to you though as I’ve been learning lots of new stuff lately. What I really like about being a radio show host is that it *forces* personal growth and personal development.

It would be a bad thing if I hated learning new things, trying new things and didn’t want to grow as an individual.

Because I love personal growth, becoming healthier, trying new things, reading books doing a show like this is almost necessary to share with you all of the information that’s coming in.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy recording them.

On this show Kate wasn’t able to be on as she was doing her own self care up the coast with a girlfriend for the weekend.

We covered so much information in this show like….

  • 5 ways to protect yourself from EMF and WiFi
  • My thoughts on the deaths of many natural doctors
  • The dangers of tattoo ink
  • Why aspartame isn’t healthy for you
  • Making black salve for skin cancers
  • A podcast you should listen to
  • 2 documentaries I liked recently
  • My experience using the IMRS 2000 PEMF mat so far
  • A book called The Alchemist (link below)
  • Some thoughts about healing cancer naturally
  • And a ton more!

This show was an hour and 40 minutes long and I barely scratched the surface of each of these topics.

I hope you enjoy the show and if you so make sure to pass it one to your friends and family on Facebook!

Love you all!



Hey Justin!It’s Dmitry from Cyprus we got RAPID RELEASE PRO-2 massage tool and happy with it my wife humming with it 2 times per day I do it too and try to learn more an information throw youtube.May be I wrote to you already that in Moscow I taught yoga to a lot of mortal arts guys World champions of Kyokushin karate ,kick boxing world champion and one of them was first owner Brasilian jiu-jitzu black belt gotten personally from Marcelo Garcia Leonid Gatovskiy so he run work shop in neighbor city and visited my house and brought his russian students for my yoga class now local russian mortal arts coaches on permanent base visit my place for lectures about health,inspiration and breathing exercises so don’t be surprise if you got some order from Cyprus for sauna.for me sauna is the best of all devices.Justin what about your academia of health? will be my English good enough for it? if so how much I should pay and what yet should I do for participating in this enterprise?Sincerely Yours Dmitry


I’m so sorry to hear about Ramiel. So young. He looked so healthy but I don’t know details so what can I say? I also heard that Dr. Andy Cutler died (chemist who has helped people heal sutism with DMSA and ALA which my son takes – we learned so much useful information from him). I wonder if you had him as a guest. They said he had an apparent heart attack – I hope it wasn’t something more grim – he obviously didn’t eat great with quite a stomach on him. In Dec. Dr. Bob Marshall Ph.D. died too – he was about 71 – I know you had him as a guest a long time ago. It seemed like he ate well in may ways, so who knows? He did help a lot of people too. The one thing I didn’t agree with him on was that he told a lot of people to avoid oils including coconut oil – I can never wrap my head around the avoidance of oils.

Cathy P

Hello Justin, I listen to your show and find it very encouraging. Last week my wife was diagnosed with cervical cancer. We do not know the stage of it but my wife and I believe that I gave it to her by her getting hpv from me. Our world has literally flipped up side down because we have 7 children who depend on us. My wife Sarah is going the natural way of curing herself of cervical cancer, hpv, and herpes.

My only concern is there are no test or screening for men who are carriers of hpv. She also is losing weight because she is mostly doing all greens and juicing. We both started doing high dosage of vitamin c back in May of this year. She has seen her lymph nodes sweeping go down in her arm pit. She is now making homemade lipsomal vitamin c but our recipe calls for grain alcohol.

My question is because I heard you and your wife make it at home. Is alcohol a Must? Can she still eat some meat because she is now 113 and she is about 5’4. She use to weigh 118. She also feels lost because she has no one to help guide her through this tough time on what to do. She is the center piece to this family and I would be lost if we were to lose her. Can you please share the knowledge or lead us in the right direction. 🙂 thank you for your time.


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