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Ken Rohla – Using Scalar Energy To Grow Food, The Benefits of Ormus, The Future of Free Energy & Much More!


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  • ken-rohla-bio-picMr. Ken Rohla is a wealth of information. He’s into raw foods and living foods but also very much into energetic healing devices to enhance our health.

    He’s also the creator of The Rest Shield which we talk about during the show.

    This interview is not for the faint of heart. We talk about a lot of technologies that you might be new to you. At the beginning of the show we talked about how he uses scalar energy to grow his food.

    Many people don’t know but you can use all kinds of interesting devices to grow better food. There are items like rock dust, ormus, compost tea, compost itself, ocean water and even sound if you can believe that.

    Plants are alive and sentient. They can sense when harm is approaching. They can sense when danger is lurking and even develop complex strategies for eliminating enemies that might cause them harm.

    Just because their roots are in the soil and they are stationary don’t think for a second that they don’t possess some kind of conscious awareness. They most certainly do.

    There is a living conscious awareness in all living things that we eat and interact with. Life begets life and feeds off life. There’s no way around it. The question is what level of comfort do we have consuming certain foods? Where you are on that spectrum determines what foods you’re comfortable consuming.

    But we talked about how putting intention into your garden when you grown your own food is incredibly healthy and helpful to the plants.

    He’s using scalar energy from a Rest Shield which we discuss in depth during this show.

    It was really fascinating hearing about all the different things he’s into.

    We also discussed ormus and how what’s referred to as “spirit matter” can affect how food grows as well. What happens when you eat the food you grow this way?

    Can it turn you into a superhero? An immortal? Who knows but it’s fascinating to learn about!

    Then we talked about the future of free energy and where implosion technology is going. I hope you enjoy this show and please pass it on to your friends!

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    Show Date:

    Friday 1/8/2016

    Show Guest:

    Ken Rohla

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    He’s Just a Guy who knows Some stuff

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    Scalar energy, ormus, free energy

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