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Lloyd Burrell – The Dangers of Smart Meters, Cell Phones, Wireless Technology & How To Protect Yourself

Lloyd Burrell was a great guest to have on. Recently Kate and I have been really putting intention into our home. We’ve been changing the feng shui, getting rid of items we don’t need and doing our best to make our home the healthiest place possible.

Your home is like the womb of your life. You should come to it to heal, laugh and be restored. With this in mind we recently bought some items from LessEMF like an special apron that helps block emf as well as a Trifiled Meter to measure exactly what we’re being exposed to along with some grounded bed sheets.

Because of what we’ve found recently (which only gives us motivation because we have been wanting to leave our current location for quite some time) we are going to be moving homes.

When you see the kind of levels we’ve seen here you can’t continue living in a place that’s environmentally toxic.

Lloyd runs a great website called Electric Sense where he helps people create a more healthy living environment, whether at home or work.

As Daniel Vitalis (who is the owner and operator of Surthrival) has said, we need to “rewild” our living environments. That means bringing more fresh air into our homes and bringing nature into our homes as much as possible. Part of doing that is eliminating or doing the best we can to minimize EMF exposure.

During this show with Lloyd we discussed such topics as…

Why smart meters are dangerous
The one test you can do to determine EMF safety levels
The latest researching on grounding technology
Why faraday cages might not be ideal
What room of your home to focus on improving
Cell phone dangers & how to mitigate them
and much more!

We thank you all for listening and sharing your lives with us. We cannot thank you enough for being a part of what we do and helping us spread the word of natural health!

If you would like to help us spread the word even more (we’ve got a lot of work to do!), you can bookmark our Amazon link, share our shows on Facebook or even consider a donation on Patreon (link is right below!).

We love you all and thank you for listening!


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Show Notes For This Episode:

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Show Date:

Friday 1/29/2016

Show Guest:

Lloyd Burrell

Guest Info:

Lloyd is just a regular guy who knows a ton about EMF radiation and how to protect yourself.

Show Topic:

Smart meters, cell phones, EMF radiation

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Radio Show Transcript:

  • Karen says:

    I can’t figure out how to contact you. I absolutely am addicted to your show. I do find your web site a little difficult to navigate sometimes. I have never been able to find the free e book something about the Miracle Doctors….I have searched my mail and nada…..can you resend that to me by any chance. Thank you in advance and keep up your awesome work

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