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Tony Pantalleresco – The Dangers Of Nano Particles, Chemtrails, Fukushima, & Many Health Myths!

tony-pantalleresco-bio-picTony Pantalleresco has been somebody that has been on our radar for a long time. I’ve been familiar with his Youtube video for a long time and have learned a lot of interesting health tips from them.

After many listeners emailed me asking to have Tony on I had to invite him on and have a good conversation. You’ll notice that during the show we got cut off from Skype a couple of times but we managed to stick with it and hopefully provide you some health tips that can help you in your life.

We talked about geo-engineering and how that’s affecting the worldwide weather patterns that we see going on today. We also talked about HARP and and lots of interesting ideas surrounding his thoughts about geo-engineering.

Part of the geo-engineering plan and weather modification as it’s also called are chemtrails. I’ve heard both sides of the chemtrail debate for many years so I asked Tony what he thought about a popular argument from people who “debunk” (I hate that word) the idea of chemtrails.

Their claim is that the only reason there is what they just call “smoke” coming from the back of airplanes is because the plane changes altitude and this effects air pressure causing what we see as lines in the sky. You’ll want to hear Tony’s thoughts about that.

We discussed nano particles in depth. If you aren’t familiar with nano particles you’ll learn all about what they are, where they come from and most importantly how the affect our health in a negative way.

We also discussed Fukushima and the idea of the West coast of Northern America being exposed to higher amounts of toxic radiation.

You’ll also love what he has to say about organic food and what you should do to treat the food you do buy. Should you eat the skins of fruits? Is that dangerous? Do skins contain fluoride, chlorine or nanoparticles?

Find out what our new friend Tony Pantalleresco has to say about all these subjects and much more.

Do you like him? Should we invite him back on? Comment down below!

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Thank you all. We love you and enjoy this show with Tony Pantalleresco! 🙂


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Show Date:

Friday 12/28/2015

Show Guest:

Tony Pantalleresco

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He’s Just a Guy who knows Some stuff

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Nano particles, chemtrails and more

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