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Without Impossibilities There Are No Miracles



Feel Good Project day 96

‘Without impossibilities there are no miracles.’

Robin told me this today over a cup of tea and it has stuck with me ALL the day long.

Miracles are a theme and word that have been rolling around in my head for months now, as I see them happening much more than ever before in my life.

I know one when I FEEL and SEE one, as years of lacking them throughout my life and now having them happen all around me have made them very apparent.

It’s kind of like a car you want. You never even paid attention before, but the minute you decide you love it or want to own one, they are EVERYWHERE! They surround you as if there is no escape…and that’s how miracles have been stalking me lately!

I love how well Robin put it this morning though. It’s kept me thinking about how everything has to have a polar opposite, or nothing would be extraordinary, as is true with miracles. Miraculous living only comes from the LACK of living this way prior.

Life in the past was always full of possibility to me and I always had a DEEP longing for more. Always a journal junkie since the age of 6 (yes, you read correctly-I wrote in my first diary at the age of 6…cute little book with a lock and miniature key in which I wrote about all of my neighborhood friends and adventures:) I have always held on to the hope that there might be MORE life waiting for me than the lives most settled for.

Somewhere along the way like most, life got more busy, less sweet and more raw…and dreams and miracles took the back burner as a natural progression. Things that seemed impossible to dream for became just that.

WHAT a reminder today that without this impossibility there would be no sweetness, AWE and wonder of watching it unfold.

I have NO idea how it ends or where it goes. I have a feeling it climbs hills and ascends valleys. I sense tears of both elation AND frustration. Images of dark and light, blue skies and grey ominous cloudy ones take their turn in line as well.

ALL I know with complete certainty is that I have WITNESSED and received miracles SO personal that I am not afraid to move forward, one foot in front of the other into the unknown.

For this adventure I find myself in, I say a giant THANK YOU to ‘impossibility’…

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: smiling SO large at one point about a project I am working on behind the scenes and just KNOWING that it’s what I am supposed to be doing, and not giving a second thought about money or lack thereof!!!!! Talk about miracle.

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