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Why Most People Won’t Take The Leap & Live Their Dream



Feel Good Project day 93

WHAT a week!

Exactly one week ago today I chopped my hair off!

Today it felt the most real, as I entered the float tank for a session between chiropractic appointments! It was the strangest thing to not have a bunch of long hair to rearrange upon entering the tank!

SO weird.

So FREE!!!!

I tell ya, this ‘light’ and easier way of living is really inspiring me. From de-cluttering my home space to freeing up the weight I carried around all of these years upon my head in a top knot is now moving on to bigger and MUCH better things!

I plan to free myself up in even more ways this week actually, which I will most definitely be writing about!

Today was a full day of self care-very different than most people’s Mondays I know. On the commute up to Dr. Bergman’s office Justin and I talked at length about how GLAD we are that we don’t have to commute every day to jobs we HATE. This thought made us so so sad for everyone on the road.

What is the point? To have to go to jobs where we are super unhappy, to make not enough money (usually) to pay all the bills, to eat and digest poorly because we are in a hurry, mostly sitting behind a desk all day, dealing with highly stressful situations, to sit BACK in traffic coming home, to make a hurried dinner, watch TV and then go to bed and wake up to dream it up all over again.

Does this seem wrong to anybody else?

It just reminded me of why it’s so imperative to live your dreams. Because MOST people won’t.

As much as it just plain SUCKS at times to wonder where the rent money or money to pay the electric bill is going to come from-I tell you it’s FAR better to have that to deal with than the soul sucking, lack of passionate existence that most put with.

I am not judging-rather the complete opposite. I PRAY and wish MORE people joined me in the leap from the cliff into the unknown. It’s quite an extraordinary experience. I am sure most would have just as many doubts, resistance, and hang ups as I have had BUT once they mustered up enough strength to actually make the leap, I know they would side with me that they’d never go back tot the way life was before…

[spp-tweet “It takes COURAGE I tell you. Bravery and guts to BELIEVE in the vision of your dream when it’s dark around you.”]

I am nobody exceptional. I am an everyday typical gal who got SO bored and frustrated with the current set of circumstances I’d been working out of for so long that the thought of NOT changing something was almost worth than physical death. The death of a soul might be worse…

So here I am a week and two days into my ‘new’ adventure and I am just flowing. Trusting abundance will show up because of all the clues that have shown me that it is bound to. Living in this new state of gratitude and magic is life altering.

What’s crazy is I know this journey is JUST beginning!

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Thank you Dr. John DeWitt for giving me a new neck today!!! I tell you-chiropractic is changing my life. Justin and I have seen SIGNIFICANT changes in our digestion with gas and gurgling since we started with Bergman Family Chiropractic back in the Fall. I am pumped to see where this takes me.

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