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Why I No Longer Needed To Love People On Their Terms



Feel Good Project day 98

Strange thing today.

Had to go into salon this morning to show my replacement stylist/pal Kelly how to do a particular color on a client. When I walked in that door, two of my other former clients were already there as well seeing Kelly- one sitting in the chair getting her hair done and the other in the waiting area for the appointment after.

You think it would have been so weird for me to see them getting their hair done by someone other than me, as I have cared for these particular clients over the past 14 years. But it WASN’T!!!!!

I was oddly detached from the whole situation.

Actually, I was even a tad relieved. I was finally free to LOVE them and not resent them for the energy suckage that had happened over the years (although not these specific people, but my clients as a whole) as I originally started out purely LOVING people. Today, I was able to return to this.

It was a homecoming of sorts really.

I WANT to return to loving people.

Extreme Health Radio has been incredibly instrumental in showing me just this- that I still love love love and care about people and their well being beyond belief, just no longer withing the 4 walls of a salon environment. The NEW way of loving I have found is through sharing my story to wellness with others and have them share in return. An exchange of challenges, joys, tears and triumphs all rolled together.

The one main difference between loving my new tribe of people in the health and wellness world vs. the salon clientele is that I feel encouraged, uplifted, supported, and listened to in my new world. Whereas my old world ended up being full of negativity, gossip and discouragement. This is a generalization, as SO many wonderful friends have joined and supported me along the way from my old career for sure.

Going to the salon today though just solidified once more exactly where my heart and passions lay. I felt that my hour spent there was actually driving a wedge between me and my new found love. I was fascinated by the the yearning I had to be behind a computer or a microphone instead of behind a chair.

If someone would have told me that I’d feel this way or that this would be my journey I would have not believed.

Now I stand back and look at all that it has taken to get me to where I am today and I stand completely and one hundred percent AMAZED.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Receiving a few BEAUTIFUL texts today thanking me for my years of service. That makes me feel so super blessed and my heart feels happy.

Image: towhomitmayconcern411.blogspot.com

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