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Why Every Relationship You Have Is Based On Lies & What You Can Do About It



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I don’t know about you but I find it completely fascinating that people get upset and angry with other people when they no longer act according to how they’ve always acted.

Have you ever had somebody in your life tell you they’re gay. Or have you ever had somebody tell you their getting divorced or changing religion? Maybe they’ve decided to change political parties.

It doesn’t really matter. Because our thoughts, ideas, opinions and our emotions are not us. We think they are but they are not. Did you have a spirit and a soul before and after you changed your mind about something?

Of course you did, yet the soul is still there.

In the same way that cutting off an arm or leg doesn’t make somebody less human, changing your mind about a topic doesn’t make you have any less of a soul.

I guess we get used to people acting a certain way around us. But did you know that all your relationships are built on lies?

The deepest of human pursuits involves “knowing ourselves”. Some have argued that to “know thyself” is almost impossible.

How can we completely know our conscious mind as well as our unconscious mind? On top of that you have the mental, emotional and spiritual sides of ourselves as deeper layers.

To truly know thyself, is a life long endeavor.

If we can’t even know the depths of our own soul, how the heck can we expect to know others?

We think we know other people. But do we really?

How many sides of a person can another person really know and understand? How many layers thick is each slice of the pie that makes up their personality?

I often think that it’s strange when we try to make people into the characters that we want them to be in our lives.

It’s almost as if we’ve declared that we are a certain “character” in our lives and the other people we love like family and friends are just background characters to our characters in our story.

But what if we can redefine our character? What if we can go from being the victim in our lives to being the hero?

That’s completely possible so why can’t we accept that for others?

It’s because when other people change that messes up the story we’ve created about them in our own heads. You see, they aren’t the story we created about them and we aren’t the story we’ve told ourselves that we are.

Stories are just that, stories. They aren’t the real thing.

The real thing (that is the living human being) is constantly changing. We change every second of every day on a physical level.

So if we change that much on a physical level why can’t we change our ideas about things?

Here’s the real problem. The idea and story we’ve created in our own mind about us, interacts with the story we’ve created about other people.

Neither of the stories are true. Both the story we’ve believed about ourselves and the story we believe about the other person are both half truths and therefore lies.

How can we expect to know anybody when all of our relationships are based on lies and half truths?

Do you think your mom or grandma acts the same around you as they did around their best friends when they were 25 or 30? You’re getting one small slice of who they are.

So when they do something that’s “out of character” ask yourself whose character are we talking about?

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