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When Life Throws You Lemons…



Feel Good Project day 91


I don’t know if I have ever mentioned this in previous posts but lemons (the fruit!) are STALKING me!!!

It started about three or so weeks ago.

Within two days, not kidding FOUR separate people I know (friends and neighbors) offered me lemons! The first was our neighbor Robert who caught me when walking Maggie and yelled out asking if I’d like some lemons from his tree? HECK yes I would. The way us Stellmans juice those suckers…what a BLESSING!

A bit later Robin called me to see if I was interested in some lemons from their rental property that has trees. Umm, once again YES please.

Later that day I found three perfectly ripe and beautiful lemons in the alley when walking to downtown and stuck them in my walking bag.

That’s when I noticed things starting to get weird.

The Very next morning I had an ultrasound of the uterine fibroid I have been dealing with, where the ultrasound tech compared it to the size of a: You guessed it! A lemon.

Drove straight up to Dr. Bergman’s for our chiropractic adjustments that same day after my scan only to be greeted by a giant box of local, organic backyard lemons from a patient’s tree, to which we helped ourselves while laughing about how bizarre this was getting.

By the way, we were at this point going to be SET on lemons for a VERY long while. Now my hope was that we could keep them from spoiling.

SO…a week went by and now BAM! back to lemonville.

MORE in the alley today, perfectly sitting and waiting. When I laughed and took a photo and sent it to Robin (who thinks there is more to this whole story/symbolism when I shared with her what has been going on) she then offered me more lemons from her sister’s tree, where she happened to be today for a family wedding.

When things start happening like this it just makes you wonder right?

I looked up some symbolic meanings for lemons, to which none really resonated with me. There were things like ‘pure’ or ‘virginal’ or ‘cleansing’.

The cleansing meaning stuck out the most, but I still have no idea if that is what I am supposed to be getting from this experience?

What I DO feel like is happening at the very least on one level is the energies and flow of life that have been boxed up and stagnant for so long now have cracked open. Some days it’s feeling more like floodgates!

Yes, of course I wish that were true with money flowing to me in this way rather than lemon symbols, but I will take it THANKFULLY, knowing that this is a symbol of provision, and that whether it’s money or lemons I need, it will find me.

So, Justin just called this second from his work out time at the gym telling me he’s wrapping up his time there and is going to get produce on his way home to juice. I asked him to grab parsley as well as other produce, to which he replied, “well, I guess we have lemons right?”

I laughed.

Of course he said that. I LOVE this crazy, amazing journey:)

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: watching my ugly naked wall in the living room transform thanks to the help of my dad! He spent the majority of his day working on my project with me that I have been wanting to do for a very long time now! THANKFUL. He also spent extra time out on the patio with me tearing down an old rickety patio table that was cluttering up my life and I wanted GONE! Feels AMAZING to simplify!!!

Image: bbcgoodfood.com

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