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What My Wiener Dog Taught Me Today Was More Profound Than Years Of Therapy



Feel Good Project day 125

Might sound silly.

But-turns out silly things are often true.

The cute/annoying (at times) things dachshunds and some other dogs as well seem to do is follow their owners room to room.

With our Maggie Brown, it’s more like inch to inch. We have learned we cannot step without looking for fear of squashing her and having her overly dramatic little self shriek out in surprise!

Loyal and glued to our side, especially mine (seems to be a girl thing), she is with me and right up in my space wherever I go throughout my day. Today, this brought her to the bed next to my desk in our bedroom, as this is where I have been spending most of the afternoon working and emailing.

Sacked out completely on her side, hearing her breathe in and out (and often SO relax that she begins to snore like an old man:), reminded me to stop to take a breather and SLOW down.

I did just that.

Felt amazing.

Even though I know HOW important the breath is, I rarely still prioritize it in my daily schedule. Even if it’s just a minute or two, even if I wish it were longer, it’s like I wrote in yesterday’s blog-it’s just about showing up, Making the habit. Consistency.

I got up from my desk to go to the kitchen and took a moment to giver her a good belly rub and kisses.

While rolling onto her back to get a better massage session, she stretched her entire body from head to toe in SUCH a FULL way that her entire doggie body shook with the shedding off of stagnant, trapped energy being released and then settled in to this gorgeous, fulfilling, deep relaxed state.

I literally found myself jealous of my dog.

It was so beautiful to get to observe my dog and how she deals with life.

Never apologetic of the way she acts or FEELS. A stretch is a FULL stretch, bringing back life giving energy. A yawn in completely uninhibited and deeply satisfying. The whole body shake off after a stressful situation and how she’s able to leave the past as just that-in the past.

Unconditional love not withholding kisses or grudges after she feels she’s been wronged. Barking when she’s threatened so her voice is heard so she can move on and not hold in resentment. Protecting her boundaries and spaces by letting others know she needs some alone time here and there.


Today I think my dog just taught and showed me how to better live life.

And all the money I spent on therapy in the past…

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Having a select few true soul friends and a husband with whom there is ZERO need to sensor myself with and tuck the crazy back in…

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