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This Unexpected Blessing That Came My Way After Walking A Different Path Blew My Mind



Feel Good Project day 100

Award for having the most fortune cookie messages find her without actually ever ingesting these products goes to: ME!!!!

It’s genuinely bizarre.

The past few years or so, I seriously have fortune cookie message after fortune cookie message come my way while walking through the park or down neighborhood streets. It’s become something that I pay close attention to now because it’s happening so often.

Rarely are they of the silly, generic versions that I always got when I used to eat cookies back in the day. All the fortune cookie messages I get now, actually APPLY to exactly what situation I happen to be in at that moment.

Yesterday was another fortune cookie day.

Walking Maggie out of the front door and downstairs, I was first greeted by a GIANT monarch butterfly-the biggest one I have ever seen. I LOVE monarchs, and the symbol they represent of the transformation process.

I couldn’t shake this particular beauty-it FOLLOWED me a block, just fluttering around my head and then circles my body a few times even before it went on it’s merry way. truly an incredible few moments.

Continuing down the street, giant gusts of wind picked up and were blowing the neighborhood trees in all different directions, while kicking up dust and leaves everywhere. I thought about turning down another, less windy road, but Maggie pulled me forward, clearly not wanting to go that direction.

I thank her for that, because it became a gift less than 30 seconds later, when I came across a message relayed to me via fortune cookie just sitting peacefully in the middle of my path, the only object apparently unaffected by the wind storm.

Let’s back up to earlier that morning, when I was supposed to be picking up Robin to go to yoga in the park, to which she had to reschedule because she sadly had gotten a sore throat. Robin and I have been encouraging each other to learn how to RECEIVE these days, as we are both givers and LOVE the act of giving…so much so that it can be hard to be on the receiving end often.

Been journaling a ton about this very subject of becoming a joyful receiver throughout the past month. I felt the strong desire to take Robin some homemade chicken bone broth soup and a juice to help aid in her recovery. Of course being the giver she is, she tried to fight me and wanted to pay me for this. I reminded her (as she VERY often these days has to remind me) that she will take away part of the joy of giving if she wouldn’t be the happy receiver of my gift.

I was given a text in return with a blessing to receive back ten fold what I had given.

THAT alone was the gift to me.

A blessing like that makes me see what I have ALREADY and WAY over ten times been the receiver of lately.

Fast forward to the fortune cookie. Staring up at me in the middle of the street it read:

[spp-tweet “Be prepared to RECEIVE something special within the week”]

First off I thought HOW cool-something is coming my way! I thought, ‘wow-the blessing she gave me really must be kicking in’! Ha! Silly, I know…but it made me think that!

What I came to value in that situation more than anything, was the word RECEIVE in that note to me, as that was what i believe it was all about at it’s essence..another reminder to learn how to let go and be grateful for ALL blessings that come my way.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Knowing that I am a part of the master plan that God has- no matter HOW that looks day to day…..just rolling with it…whether it’s fortune cookie messages or people that are clearly put in my path to help out in THEIR journey and way I feel led to.

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