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This 1 Device Is Making Me Actually Like My Skin For The First Time In 17 Years!



Feel Good Project day 65

The return to self care today was necessary.

Wrapping up ends with my leaving my job, I have neglected the things that matter most to me and my well being and it has become apparent only this week.

First of all, I forgot HOW important good sleep is. I love sleeping, and I usually sleep really sound most nights which is a giant blessing as I know so many people with sleep problems. That is seriously a torturous problem.

I had every intention of having a yard sale at the crack of dawn this morning but decided late last night that I have been slacking in the sleep department a lot more lately and decided to push it off until next weekend. Sleep is just too important to me to give up.

And I am so thankful I did as my decision proved to be the best, as I slept in late (for me!) until 8:15 and felt SO refreshed. It would have been so great to get rid of all the stuff I have my car loaded up with and have it out of my life instead of having to use my car as a storage unit for the next week until my yard sale, but I valued rest more today.

Also, I don’t know if i mentioned (I think I did?) in a previous blog that Justin bought me the Mia 2 Clarisonic for Christmas and it has literally visibly changed my skin in the one week I have used it.

WOW. The many reviews I read that sing its praise are true, it is the best step I have ever taken in caring for my skin.

It’s weird, it’s like how I think I am never going to actually get or be old one day (does anyone ACTUALLY think this will happen to them!?) and that will somehow be the miracle exception to the rule, I bought into that lie about taking care of my skin as well.

I thought up until this past year I was immune to wrinkles and sun spots. Well I stand corrected.

I never valued taking care of my face, which is so strange to me as our face is the thing most people judge us by right? I’ve never had great skin and had pretty bad skin quite honestly when I was a young teenager. I have been content with it though as it has evened out quite a bit in my twenties.

But- I have never LOVED my skin.

I feel like even though I never loved it, things were what they were and that was that.

Well, when I first heard Justin mention the “You Can Heal Your Face” product, I thought he was speaking a different language. How could this even be possible to HEAL years and years and layers upon layers of topical and internal abuse and neglect?

I have not yet myself embarked on the program yet (although it’s been on my to-do list for a couple of years now) but I plan to this year. Until then-this Clarisonic has changed my face and I am feeling GREAT about my skin for what might honestly be the first time in my entire life.

THAT is what feeling good is all about. From head to toe, I believe there is always something I can tweak or change to continually heal and change.

Great sleep and recovering, glowing skin. i’d say this day was a successful self love kind of day.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Because I am getting a bit of a break with my digestion the past couple of days (random it seems) I actually ate CHOCOLATE for breakfast today without judging myself or making up a reason why I shouldn’t. And you know what? I felt pretty darn amazing all day. However they make these magic ‘Hail Mary‘ chocolate mint tartes is beyond me. They must have crack in them I swear:)


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