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The Top 5 Anti Cancer Supplements That Are Affordable & Easily Available

anti-cancer-supplementsFor the lack of a better title, I had to go with the term Anti-Cancer for this article. Be that as it may, personally I don’t think it best serves us if we’re “anti cancer”. We shouldn’t be “anti cancer” as much as we should move towards “pro health”.

When you’re anti something you immediately create conflict and resistance which creates stress. You fail to see it as a teacher and create a situation where you think whatever you’re against isn’t part of you and should be considered the enemy. This is how our entire medical paradigm is these days. We’re fighting disease, we’re waging the war on cancer, we’re anti this and working at eradicating that. It’s pure lunacy to be in complete opposition to the things in life that are there to be our teachers.

Before we kill things we ought to further understand their role and their place in the biological ecosystem of our lives.

And since we know how much stress plays a role in cancer, what good does it do us to be anti cancer? Look at the “War on Cancer” that President Nixon declared in 1971 and look at how much good that has done us.

Even when asked to join an anti war rally, Mother Theresa said (Paraphrased here) “Sorry but I’m unable to attend your anti war rally. But when you have a pro peace rally let me know.”

There is so much noise out there on the internet these days especially when it comes to cancer. What I will say at the outset of this post is that only you will know what’s good for your body.

I can’t write something that will resonate with your body. We’re all different and require different herbs, minerals, vitamins and enzymes at different times in life as well as different times of the day. For more on that listen to our shows with Atom Bergstrom who’s the author of the book Yes, No Maybe, Chronobiotic Nutrition.

He’ll blow you away with his information on time based eating.

The 5 anti cancer supplements I’m going to be highlighting come from my favorite book on the subject called Cancer Step Outside the Box by Ty Bollinger who is a semi-regular guest on our show who we really love.

I realize that this list of natural anti cancer supplements is by no means exhaustive, but I wanted to highlight 5 of the more powerful ones that are also affordable. There are literally thousands of substances and compounds you could take to treat cancer but in order to put that all down on paper I’d have to write a book about it.

And why write a book when it has already been done!

The goal of this list is to talk about some of the more powerful anti cancer supplements as well as discuss the ones that people can actually afford. Not everybody can afford hyperbaric oxygen chambers or even oxygen tanks.

Not everybody can afford a FAR Infrared sauna or a Bellicon rebounder for their health. But people can afford $50 here or $50 there.

Plus saunas and rebounders are more lifestyle additions that would fit into an entire anti cancer lifestyle protocol. I discuss many more options in this podcast episode.

But if you’re newly diagnosed with cancer and want to run out to the health food store and pick up a few anti cancer supplements, here’s what I would buy.

Vitamin B-17

Vitamin B-17 aka laetrile, or amygdalin has been known for a long time to help the body in times of crisis. I would immediately run out and get some B-17 if I were diagnosed with any type of cancer.

In fact I would highly suggest getting on this supplement as part of your anti cancer protocol even if you’ve never been diagnosed. We’ve done a show with G Edward Griffin on B-17 ad well as Dr. Carl O’helvie who used this as part of his anti cancer go to supplement. People that have cancer have taken 1000mg of it per day and if you’re just trying to prevent cancer some people do anywhere from 100 to 500 mg per day.


Otto Warburg won The Nobel Peace Prize in the 1930’s for his discovery about how a cell that’s deprived of 35% of its oxygen will develop cancer immediately. Everybody knows that oxygen kills cancer.

There are man different ways to use oxygen to improve your health which are described in detail in the book Flood Your Body with Oxygen by one of our most recent guests Ed McCabe.

You can bubble ozone through an oxygen tank or through olive oil and even rebound using oxygen. But who has time to learn that when you need something quick? This is why I like these products to deliver the oxygen to you fast.

Proteolitic Enzymes

The idea behind pancreatic or proteolytic enzymes is that they’re very effective in eating away at the protein outer membrane of cancer cells. Cancer cells like to hide out and go undetected by your immune system. Once this protein coating is eaten away by these enzymes, your immune system can finally recognize them for what they are and start going after these cancer cells.

There’s been many studies and lots of research done by Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez about this. Visit his site for more information. We like the enzymes from Dr. William Wong called Zymessence if that helps.


Selenium happens to be the main component used to treat prostate cancer by our guest Keith Pendlebury.

It’s very powerful for turning back and reversing cancer so think about how much more so, to prevent cancer from happening in the first place. If you listen to the show we did you’ll quickly learn why it’s so powerful!

Iodine, Baking Soda & Magnesium

Dr. Mark Sircus who we work with selling our Biomats, is one of the most prolific alternative cancer doctors in the world. His 3 tier approach to cancer uses iodine, baking soda and magnesium. You can’t get much cheaper than these 3 substances.

He’s got an entire protocol for beating cancer and shows you exactly how to use these three supplements to help your body regain its health and vitality.

Essiac Tea

Essiac tea is an amazing substance for helping to cleanse and heal the body. Kate and I talked about it extensively during this episode if you’d like to learn more.

Essiac tea was originally developed as a natural remedy for cancer and it has amazing results. If I were diagnosed I would run out and get some immediately.

Now I realize there are things that are more powerful than these substances like 714x, LifeOne and hemp oil. But I wanted to keep this list simple, easy and affordable. Not everybody can get these higher end supplements for cancer at their local health food store.

If I were diagnosed the first thing I’d do is order the B-17 and take 1,000mg per day along with the selenium. Then I would order the rest of the products listed on this page.

And while I was waiting for them to arrive I’d buy the book Cancer Step Outside the Box by Ty Bollinger and listen to this show I did to learn as much as you can before the products arrive!

We spoke with Ty Bollinger about 5 other substances that he recommends for all people with cancer in this episode in case you’d like to learn even more.

I hope that helps! 🙂

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