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The Tables Were Turned: Today I Was In The Hot Seat!


Feel Good Project day 66


Like any true journeyer, day to day is never the same.

This is true with digestion as well. Weeks and months on can go by seemingly smooth sailing, to be followed only by more confusion when all of a sudden thing stake a turn.

Well, I continue to ride day three of feeling pretty darn decent again. No real rhyme or reason to it. BUT I am super grateful and continue with my clean diet, because ‘cheating’ sometimes I know never really affects me in a positive way, and I am attempting to assist my body as it feels okay in any way I can to possibly make things even better.

Today Justin and I were asked to be on Inspired Conversations podcast with our lovely friend Amy Schuber, who has a BOUNTY to offer the world.

She has become SUCH a source of inspiration in both of our lives and it is a honor to call her friend.

We mixed things up a bit and she was able to come down to our home studio to do the interview in person, which is always so much more fun and dynamic than over the phone!

Talk about a TREAT. My soul is fed every time I am blessed to be in her presence.

It was interesting to have the tables turned and be asked the questions instead of doing the asking.

I/we LOVED it. We had an absolute blast.

Seeing as we always share our lives and the journey we are on weekly on Extreme Health Radio, I had to wonder if being in the hot seat would be at all different.

It was!

What struck me was being asked questions that had me piecing together my life in a time table of sorts, starting out with how our individual as well as joined paths started with seeking better health, and eventually leading to a radio show focused on encouraging others to do the same.

It’s so funny to actually find inspiration in your OWN story.

That was what stood out to me today. It was an amazing opportunity to relive the story that has brought me to this point and I found myself shaking my head in disbelief of where I have come and how the heck I have arrived here.

Even far stranger is knowing that this is just the BEGINNING.

On a different note, as far as my continued adventures in the land of digestive challenges, as of today FOUR people have affirmed that they believe that when I leave the salon that I will find more healing in that area of my life.

I am banking on it. The ego in me wants to talk myself out of this being a legitimate possibility as I fear that getting my hopes up about more healing might leave me devastated if this does not pan out, OR even that I might feel a big let down if I don’t see desired results I am looking for in a short amount of time after walking out the salon door for the last time.

All I can say is that all I can do is have faith, let go of the attachment to the outcome, but stay firm in my belief that healing of new kinds WILL be finding me as this new season takes flight.

THAT I am sure of.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Basking in the feeling of someone RESPECTING me and my opinions so much that they ask me to be a guest on their podcast. HUMBLING times.

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