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The Healthy Baby Code Review By Chris Kresser


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Good nutrition is the basis for living a long, productive and valuable life. What mothers and fathers eat, directly influences the health of a growing baby (or fetus) in the womb.

Our health is under siege at the moment. Sperm rates and fertility rates amongh males is at an all time low. Women and men are dealing with fertlity issues, hormone issues, early menopause, not being able to breastfeed, premature death of babies in utero and so much more. Being healthy doesn’t just mean the absence of disease. To me it means eating clean, pooping well, sleeping great, being able to conceive easily and have enough energy and life force left over to live your dream. To be able to give back to the world through your life’s work with passion, energy and vitality is in my opinion what true health is all about.

Unfortunately today we’re putting the next generation behind the proverbial 8 ball.

This current generation is the first generation to have a lower life expectency than their parents. Why is this? Perhaps it has something to do with lifestyle habits, toxins, electomagnetic radiation from cell phones, houshold poisons and chemicals in our foods, not to mention vaccines and a lack of medicines in our diets.

The next generation of kids don’t have a fighting chance, unless we do something about it.

Until now…

Enter The Healthy Baby Code by Chris Kresser. Chris Kresser is a licensed acupuncturist and practitioner of integrative medicine and put together The Healthy Baby Code when he and his wife were trying to conceive with their first child.

If your knowledge of healthy foods comes from the USDA food pyramid or from Dr. Oz, then prepare to have everything you know about health and nutrition be turned upside down. What you learn might be a complete paradigm shift for you.

I think mothers and fathers are starting to wake up and realize how synthetic and sterile it was in the past to drink baby formula instead of breast milk. I think we’re starting to get back to more natural ways of birthing babies. Gone is the last generation where mothers didn’t breast feed and had cesarean sections (c-sections) for convenience. You don’t want the doctor to change his summer vacation plans do you?

It’s time to take control of our fertility by taking control of our own pregnancies.

With The Healthy Baby Code you’ll learn…

  • The 6 super foods that nearly every culture throughout history has sworn by for boosting fertility and encouraging a safe delivery of a healthy baby?
  • The 9 nutrients modern science has revealed are essential – and where to find them in foods?
  • The 4 commonly eaten foods that promote infertility and should be avoided during pregnancy?
  • Exactly how long to breastfeed your baby to promote lifelong health and resistance to disease?
  • The 8 key principles of how to introduce solid foods to your baby and avoid food reactions and allergies?
  • How to manage stress while trying to get pregnant and during pregnancy?

There are almost 4 hours of audio and video instruction coming from one of the most highly regarded integrative medicine practicioners of our time Chris Kresser L.AC.

If you purchase The Healthy Baby Code you’ll get…

  • Almost 4 hours of video and audio instruction including slideshow presentations
  • 14 video presentations
  • 14 ebooks and bonus content that will blow you away
  • complete transcripts
  • Audio versions of all video presentations for listening on the go

Here is a breakdown of all 6 modules in The Healthy Baby Code program:

Module 1


Discover how proper nutrition contributes to the lifelong health of your baby (the “developmental origins theory”), the sacred fertility foods used by traditional cultures around the world, and how to avoid the alarming increase in infertility and birth complications in the modern world.

Module 2

Macronutrients: fat, carbohydrates and protein

Learn how much protein, fat and carbohydrate your baby needs and why the type of each macronutrient may be even more important than the amount. Find out which fats are best for you and your baby (you might be surprised!), why too much fructose can be harmful, and why women naturally crave less protein during pregnancy.

Module 3

Micronutrients: essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids

Understand exactly which vitamins and minerals are critical for your health and the health of your baby (and which are potentially harmful), where to find them in foods, when it’s necessary to supplement and what dosage of each you need.

Module 4

Food toxins: cereal grains, seed oils, sugar/fructose & soy

Learn how four commonly eaten classes of foods contribute to infertility and poor health during and after pregnancy for both mothers and their babies, and how to replace these foods with nourishing, nutrient-dense alternatives.

Module 5

Breastfeeding & first foods: how long to breastfeed and how and when to introduce solid foods

Learn how long you should breastfeed, the key guidelines for introducing foods, which foods to introduce when, and how to minimize the risk of allergies, food reactions and autoimmunity.

Module 6

Putting it together: from fertility through the first year

Combine everything you’ve learned into a clear, focused strategy for supercharging your fertility, promoting a healthy pregnancy and raising a vibrant, beautiful baby.

Final Thoughts On The Healthy Baby Code

The cost of The Healthy Baby Code program is $197 dollars. In my opinion this is 100% worth it. Imagine if you eat a really poor diet during pregnancy, you expose your child to ultrasounds, don’t give them colostrum or even breast feed, then you vaccinate them? You are GUARANTEED to have multiple doctors visits that require medications, antibiotics and possible surgeries. On top of that you are setting your child up for long term dependence on the pharmecutical industry.

This is going to cost you thousands in medical bills.

But if you pay just a little bit for a crash course in pregnancy and proper nutrition, your child will probably never get sick. They’ll have a healthy immune system with proper intestinal flora and and will be much more behaved than other kids.

Autism and learning disabilities are skyrocketing these days and it’s because of improper nero biological connection between gut flora and the brain in children, especially boys.

In my opinion I wouldn’t take a chance at having an unhealthy pregnancy and risking your child’s long term health and vitality.

If you want to learn how to prepare for having a child or what to eat to ensure the healthiest baby possible, you should really consider The Healthy Baby Code by Chris Kresser L.AC.

Pure Narcissism

On a more selfish level, if you know what to eat, you’ll regain your figure like you had before you conceived. Wouldn’t you like to get rid of stretch marks and the excess fat right after you deliver? It’s all possible through proper diet and nutrition my friends.

Just to make it known I do recieve a small commission if you purchase The Healthy Baby Code through my link. But trust me, I’m not promoting The Healthy Baby Code because I make a commission.

I’ve been following Chris Kresser’s work for years and highly respect him. I own the course myself and have gone through it. I recommend The Healthy Baby Code to family and friends.

If you are not able to help support Extreme Health Radio through donations, and you’re interested in purchasing The Healthy Baby Code, then by doing so through my link it will help us continue our work, you’ll benefit tremendously and we’ll both be supporting the great work of Chris Kresser L.AC.

It’s really a win win for everybody.

You can watch the video below where I give a brief overview of the members area inside The Healthy Baby Code so you can see if it resonates with you at this moment. If it does, please support us by purchasing it. If not pass this page on to somebody who you know that’s currently pregnant and might be interested in having the healthiest child ever.

Thanks guys and checkout the video below to get a sneak peek inside the members area of The Healthy Baby Code by Chris Kresser…

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