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The Full Moon Seems To Be Affecting Me In Strange Ways Lately



Feel Good Project day 119

Funny how the things we KNOW we forget that we know.

For example: no holds bar, these past 2 days have been royally SUCKO. I am talking about the quicksand eating you alive and you almost can’t breathe kind of hard, where tears run easily and the world feels like it’s resting on your shoulders.

I walked in tonight from a walk and much needed juice and conversation with my dear pal Robin, when Justin reminded me about the Full Moon and how we both seem to be really affected by that EVERY TIME and yet we go rushing about in this horrible, angry and depressed way without even acknowledging the role that nature often plays in our moods and psyche.

The moon and it’s presence in my life never meant squat to me until I hit my 30’s, when it almost SCREAMED out to me to be noticed. Been an extremely empathic person my whole life is most certainly true, but I would never ever say ‘moody.’ UNTIL…the moon.

I started to notice a giant shift in how I felt about the world, myself, my level of hope and motivation in general about one time every month, and it it did not seem to be around ‘that time of the month’, so I began to pay attention.

Sure enough, the more I seemed to track this whole full moon business, the more I noticed it’s impact on my emotional status.

I would’ve called this all a bunch of fluff and woo woo stuff even a few years prior, BUT, I am beginning think there usually are bits of truth to most things and sayings that we hear throughout our whole lives and don’t give much thought or credence to.

When I’d hear people say, “aww, it’s because of the full moon” or this “mercury in retrograde thing”, I thought how silly! I MYSELF have control over how I feel and no celestial body can have control over ME….

BUT…I am learning just how much we can be impacted and affected by the earth and it’s funkiness. I just need to learn a heck of a lot more about how to harness the energy and use it for my good….

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: For certain it was my nice, long and unhurried chat with Robin over a most lovely juice this late afternoon. Best friends are amazing for the soul…

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