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Self Examinations For Cancer: Why They Do More Harm Than Good


Self-Examination-forcancersHow many times have you heard people say that you women should be checking for lumps in your breasts for breast cancer? And men, you’re not off the hook either because you should be doing self examinations for testicular cancers!

Go get your prostates checked and get your mammograms ladies. Nobody says that perhaps women should stop wearing bras do they? Noooo that would cause financial repercussions to large corporations wouldn’t it? Victoria, you know what I’m talkin about 😉

I pose the question, if you keep looking for something aren’t you eventually going to find it?


But only if you’ve previously had possession of it right? If we had our car keys in our bag and they dropped somewhere in our car that we also own we’ll find it. Last I checked we own our bodies (or at least have possession of) so anything we “lose” as far as the body is concerned remains. My contention is that if we keep looking at our bodies waiting for the shoe to drop, it will.

For those of you that are familiar with quantum physics you probably know the story of Schrodinger Cat. The story goes something like this, there’s a cat inside a box. Inside that box there’s a liquid gas that will kill him and there’s a 50% chance that the door will fall shut, setting off the gas and then the gas killing the cat.

Flip a coin as to whether or not the cat will be alive or dead when you look.

The cat is either alive or it’s dead. It has to have a state right? Maybe there’s a third option as in Yes, No, Maybe?

Maybe the cat is in a superposition (according to quantum mechanics it is) and it’s neither alive nor dead until you look. The act of looking actually changes the state of the cat. Now that’s odd isn’t it? When you turn around and look at the wall behind you, does it exist if you’re not looking at it? Does a tree in the forest make noise when it falls if nobody is around?

In the quantum world the fact that we observe things changes the reality. Read any book on quantum mechanics and you’ll read about experiments they’ve done where photons will turn from a wave to a particle based upon whether or not you’re observing them. It’s as if photons have some kind of self image and consciousness. How crazy is that?

So how does all this tie into checking your breasts for lumps, feeling your testicles for bumps or getting your yearly prostate check or colonoscopy?

Here’s what I think.

I think you should get those tests if you feel comfortable with them. But the question I’m proposing is that, is it possible for life to affirm that which we’re looking for by the fact that we’re searching for places on our broken bodies where cancer can be found?

Seek and you shall find as the scriptures say.

If we keep looking with emotions of stress, worry and fear (perhaps with the programming that we have some kind of family gene with breast cancer) life finally says, if you want something bad enough damnit, fine I’ll give it to you!

How you look is important.

What energy are you feeling during the time that you’re doing your checks? That’s very important. What you feel and think you will bring into your life.

How Can I Affirm Life Everyday?

What can we do instead to support life and health? Louise Hay has her affirmations she talks about and then there’s meditation and prayer. One tip I like is actually talking to your body. I know it sounds strange but I believe on a quantum level there’s something to this. What if you talked to your body as you were giving yourself a massage with coconut oil or talked to your body with positive affirmations as you were dry skin brushing? Imagine how much that would change how your body responds on a sub atomic and cellular level?

Instead of looking for cancers on my body, watching the tell-a-vision or reading the obituaries, I prefer, drinking a life affirming green juice, sitting in my sauna to sweat out toxins, jumping on my rebounder to cleanse my lymphatic system and living in the vibration of positivity and health as much as I can.

I know it’s not always easy but I try to the best of my ability to remain positive, motivated and inspired about life and doing lots of life affirming activities each day, even if it’s just getting a good sleep. 😉

Remember, seek and you shall (eventually) find.

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