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Russell James: The Raw Chef Home Study Course Review

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In my opinion people who don’t know how to make, cook or prepare food in the kitchen are not going to be able to experience the best health possible.

If you’re on the path to truly becoming healthy, spending time in the kitchen is a must. It’s essential there’s no getting around it. Personally I’d rather take the time to prepare and eat good food than watch mind numbing T.V.

This website is all about personal responsibility and taking care of yourself. One place you must learn how to take care of yourself is the kitchen. This goes for cooking or not cooking your food. I doubt any of you will be following a 100% raw food diet your entire lives. So it’s important to know how to cook foods in healthy ways as well. But I’ll save the cooking topic for another review.

In this review I’ll be talking about Russell James and his Raw Chef Home Study Course. Actually all of Russell James’ products are a part of what’s called The Raw Chef Academy.

  • The Raw Chef’s HomeStudy DVD Course
  • Raw Desserts Home Study
  • The Raw Chef Academy Online Courses
  • The Complete Raw Chef’s Recipe eBook Series
  • An online forum / community

Just so you know, I have a number of raw food cook books. I own Raw Food/Real World, Living on Live Food,Raw Basics,Ani’s Raw Food Kitchenand last but not least Raw: The Uncook Book.

Now I love Sarma Menengalis, Juliano, Alissa Cohen, Ani Phyo and Jenny Ross. In fact I eat at 118 degrees all the time. But none of these pale in comparason to this online course by “The Raw Chef” Russell James. He’s on another level in all categories.

In the video below I have access to The Raw Chef Home Study Course as well as the Raw Chef Academy monthly program which I believe is around $4.95 per month. What you get access to depends on which product you purchase. With the 2 products I have there are…

  • 25 hours and 18 minutes of video lessons
  • 138 different recipe videos
  • 34 PDF Recipe & Direction Guides

The Raw Chef Homestudy Course is a 10 module course designed to take you to another level in terms of food preparation.

Why You Should Consider Buying This The Raw Chef Home Study Course

If you were to pay a one on one consulting fee to get this much information and spend this much time with Russell it would cost a small fortune. You can go out and buy a bunch of books on raw food like I did, but they’re not going to motivate and inspire you like Russell does in his course. Plus what if you have a question about some of the recipes? What if you want to use an ingredient like stevia instead of Xylitol or maple syrup? Will that ruin the recipe? You can’t email the author of the book can you? And if you do, you may or may not get a response.

Not only does Russell appear to be VERY active in responding to all the questions by the students, there is also a pretty vibrant online forum/community where people are talking about raw food preparation. The video combined with fully detailed instructions in PDF format along with the interaction with Russell and others makes this Raw Food Home Study Course a worthy purchase.

Why go buy a bunch of lifeless books or pay thousands of dollars in a raw culinary school when you can pay a fraction of that to have Russell James the Raw Chef in your kitchen with you every step of the way?

To me it makes so much more sense to learn online. The internet is paving the way for learning in many different ways then we were used to growing up. Now you can learn through online education how to do just about anything.

Even if you’re not 100% raw or 100% vegan, you can still benefit from this course. I’m no longer 100% raw or 100% vegan but I’m SO GLAD I have access to this course. I use it all the time and am constantly inspired to come up with new recipes after watching the videos.

There are amazing raw desserts, smoothies, elixirs and so much more. You even learn what kitchen appliances you’ll need and advanced knife skills and knife upkeep.

Here are some details about this course:

Module 1

In the Kitchen

  • Special equipment and what I recommend
  • Knives & other essential items
  • Kitchen work-flow & your work area

Module 2

Special Ingredients and How to Use Them

  • Irish Moss
  • Sprouts
  • Young Coconuts
  • Other Ingredients

Module 3

How to develop your own raw food recipes

  • The Chef’s Table method for developing recipes
  • Russells first ever recipe
  • Herb and spice combining
  • Meal planning

Module 4

Super Sexy Salads

  • Using the Chef’s Table? method to create a salad dressing
  • Seasonal salad-dressings
  • Making salads sexy…extras to make ahead of time to make your salads sing!
  • kale & Tahini Salad
  • Alfalfa sprout salad

Module 5

Nut cheeses and sauerkraut

  • Making sauerkraut in a glass jar
  • Making sauerkraut in a crock
  • Aged cashew nut cheese

Module 6

Milkshakes & Elixirs

  • Making nut-milk easy
  • Dairy-free milkshakes
  • Superfood smoothie
  • Crafting your own turbo-charged smoothie

Module 7

Vegetable Pasta

  • Your vegetable pasta options
  • Purple pasta
  • Tomato & ginger sauce
  • Pad Thai with kelp noodles

Module 8


  • Cheesecake for every season
  • Chocolate torte
  • Dairy-free ice-cream

Module 9

Truly Raw Sushi

  • Preserved lemons
  • Parsnip Rice
  • Other filling ingredients
  • Sushi-rolling
  • Sauces and presentation

Module 10

Snacks, breads & wraps

  • Chocolate Cookies
  • Chocolate Macaroons
  • Stuffed mushrooms
  • Bread & Sandwich-making
  • Tortilla Wraps with Falafel and Macadamia Hummus

Russell has left no stone unturned. I highly recommend you at least learn more about what this course can offer you. Watch the video below and then click on the link below if if you’re interested.

If you buy it through my link I will receive a small commission and will be greatly honored if you would help support us by doing so. If you end up making any of the delicious mouth watering recipes, invite me over for some dinner! ;P

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=JwK9qbiWj_Y width=950 height=650 anchor=]

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