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My Green Juice Update & Show Recaps!

Click play below to hear our lively interview with juice feasting expert Philip McCluskey.
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Are you like me where you go through phases of making green juices? I’d love to make at least 1 green juice every single day if possible but hey, sometimes life happens right?

We do our best.

But recently my wife and I have been pretty consistent making a green juice every day. We have an amazing juicer that I really love called The Breville 800JEXL model. I like it a lot. Typically we make juice about 3 times a week and sometimes less if we’re lazy. But for the past month we’ve been making them each day. Sometimes we’ll buy them from the store. Maybe a couple times a month we’ll do that.

I have to say I’ve been feeling really really good on the green juicing lately. It’s a practice Jay Kordich taught me through his writings back in the day and I think it’s vital for health. It gives you energy, cleans you out and nourishes your body in a way not much else can do. Powders, supplements and smoothies still have to be broken down by the body.

Not juices.

Make a goal to juice 5 days a week. Do this for a month and see how you feel. We’ve been going very light on the sweets too. 1 green apple and maybe 2 carrots and the rest greens. We’ll do carrot, apple, celery, romaine lettuce, kale, parsley, cucumber, ginger, lemon, zucchini and tomato.

I’ve been feeling really good drinking this every day. The list of benefits of daily vegetable juicing goes on and on. I highly recommend adding this into your daily practice.

Show Recaps

As you can tell I’ve added some new intro music. I like the old song better but I didn’t want to run into copyright issues. I hope you like it. 🙂 What do you think of it so far?

Dr. Gerald Smith

I just loved him. I love all our guests! After we stopped recording we spoke for about a half hour. He’s truly a fascinating individual. I think that his work on making the connection between your dental pathology and your level of health is just fascinating. I’m also fascinating by the rife machine he uses and how frequency generators like the GB-4000 can help the body heal using vibrations and sound.

Next time I find myself in Pennsylvania I’m going to go visit his clinic.

In case you missed it you can…

Listen here >>

Dr. Bob Marshall

He is truly cutting edge. He is the only guy I’ve heard of that talks about the plasma energy field of the body and how our DNA interacts with this field to produce health and healing. It was interesting his response to rheumatoid arthritis. He also talked about how to create more breast milk for women having a problem lactating as well as getting rid of fibroids. You’ll have to check that out. He trains doctors all over the world to do QRA which is Quantum Reflex Analysis.

Healthline has a clinic in Santa Monica which I plan to visit. I was hoping to get a better connection for the interview but we had to use his cell phone. That’s okay, next time we’ll get better quality sound.

What do you think about QRA and the plasma energy field? Do you agree with it?

In case you missed it you can…

Listen here >>

Dr. Charles Partito

He’s fascinating to say the least. He is way more studied and learned than I but it seems like some of what he was saying just doesn’t feel right. But I’m not attached to any beliefs to be honest. I don’t care if they feel right, I care if what he’s saying is true. The salt issue I can see what he’s talking about. The herbs I don’t know. I’d like to sit at a table with him and someone like Susun Weed or The Barefoot Herbalist. But I’m not really into ego and fighting for sides to win an argument. I’m still going to take herbs, tinctures, and herbal infusions and hope for the best.

The spring water thing really threw me off. I can’t imagine a better water to drink can you? I wonder what he would recommend in place of fresh spring water?

In case you missed it you can…

Listen here >>

We’re always searching for the truth, never bound by dogma or ego. What do you think of what Dr. Charles Partito said??

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