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My Experience Getting Live Blood Cell Analysis


Do you know how healthy your blood is?

There’s a great quote by Peter Drucker that says,

“What gets measured, gets managed.”

If you think about it, you could apply this quote to just about any area of your life. It could be finances, health, fitness, career success, goals, relationships and the list goes on.

How do you know what kind of progress you’re making if you don’t measure it along the way? Gathering information and tracking progress over time is how we get results.

When I go to the gym the people who I see getting results are the ones who write every rep and set down in a workout log after they get done lifting the weights.

This way if they lifted 125lbs this week, next week they’ll know that and lift 130lbs and progress over time.

Like I said you could apply this to investing, buying gold or anything in life where you’re trying to reach goals.

So my question to you is, what’s your goal with your health? Do you want to have more energy, be more flexible or maybe you want to avoid getting sick.

I’ve heard David Wolfe’s written goal is to live to 3,000 years old. I know that sounds absurd but let’s say he’s able to live for one tenth of that. That will mean he’ll live to 300 years old. You never know, if you have a lot of work to do on the planet you just might need 300 years to get it all done!

As you already know there are lots of ways to determine your health. There’s blood tests, blood sugar tests, fitness tests, heart rate variability tests and the list goes on.

For this article I’m going to focus on the importance of getting a regular blood test once per year. You want to know your cholesterol, trigliceride levels, CMP14, FE & IBC, Lipid panel, Cardiac-CRP, TSH, PSA, Testosterone, CBC, Urinalysis and more. There are so many things you could check but these are some basics.

You can also do a dry blood cell analysis or a live blood cell analysis to compliment sending in a sample and getting back a report. I recommend any and all avenues. Do as many as you can.

The name of the game is prevention and the best way to prevent the onset of disease is to know how healthy your blood is.

Remember the quote from Leviticus 17:11:

“For the life of a creature is in the blood…” see full quote >>

The blood will tell everything so it’s really important to understand what’s going on at a cellular level.

Take my example, Kate and I recently went to Restoration Ranch and had a 3 hour consultation with Mike Casey about our blood. He showed me I have a few parasites living in my blood, as well as having issues with digestion and my joints (which related to my torn ACL in my right knee). He also mentioned Kate was low in iron and B-vitamins.

The other issues of concern were her fibroid and he mentioned some things for her that would really help to shrink that fibroid. It was iodine. He metioned ioderal as the brand of choice. I don’t know why I never thought about that as the thyroid glands runs on iodine and is responsible for hormones which in turn control the growth of tissues in the body. Duh I don’t know why I never put that together.

He also mentioned black strap molasses for iron as well as brewers yeast for B-Vitmains.

Another thing he mentioned for both of us to clean heavy metals out of the body was zeolite. He kept stressing the entire time how important it was to take zeolite. I’m glad there’s a brand we take that is one we can trust.

Our blood was very telling. He was able to identify everything from red and white blood cells, to the size of them and what that means along with the shapes of other objects and so much more.

I have to say it was very educational and highly motivating to see your own blood like that. It makes me want to keep doing what I can to increase anti oxidants and improve my diet and lifestyle on a daily basis to keep my blood clean.

I strongly suggest you get your blood tested on at least a yearly basis.

If you don’t have access to somebody who can do live or dry blood cell analysis you can always do this program here. It’s put together by Kevin Gianni and Dr. J.E. Williams and I highly recommend it. There’s a link to an entire program they put together as well as places to get your blood taken.

If you’re interested in something like this you can check out the link below to learn more about how you can do this also. 🙂

>> Get your blood tested here



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