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Morley Robbins – How 3 Minerals Turn On Cancer – Part 1


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Morley Robbins aka the Magnesium man is joining us today to talk about minerals and cancer.

In recent years he’s been spending the bulk of his time on iron and how iron causes cancer. It’s interesting because most people have no idea why this is the case.

One of the main reasons is iron oxidizes in the body and prevents the mitochondria from generating oxygen and therefore ATP. It starves the cells of oxygen and with no energy cancer cells begin to proliferate.

Although there are over 90 minerals there are only a few that Morley focuses on which are copper, iron and magnesium and the interplay between the 3 is MASSIVE.

Obviously calcium is at play here too but to a lesser extent.

I hope you enjoy this show with Morley Robbins.

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